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  1. What did aj say in his post match this time? Difficult global public health conditions?
  2. Some suggestion on twitter that following the announcement that English premiership is suspended that Scotland could do the same. Couple of weeks to teach our defence to deal with crosses?
  3. Even as must win matches go, this is a must win. Does AJ stick with the same team as of the last few days or does he switch things up? Dreading to see what the combination of piss poor form and it being on telly does to the attendance.
  4. I dunno when recovery starts. Had we beaten Partick and then Dunfermline then it's on but that's a total of three points since start of Feb.
  5. Thanks for coming in for an interview. We'll let you know.
  6. Barely a semi, mate. But it says so much more than we notice his absense
  7. It's really mad to think that earlier this year we horsed Dundee United 4-0. Seems years ago. Such a disappointing season. Had so much hope. Mind when our defence wasn't bad and we had a good goalie and Fass filled us with hope...
  8. This is the thing. Punting one thing but who do ww/can we tempt to take over
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