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  1. Aye beyond Murray, there's no creativity in the middle of the park. Paton is absolutely guff, Prybus seems a trier but still not convinced and others seem all a bit, at best, meh.
  2. Below is the team that lined up against Ross County on 15 September 2018. I was wondering where we've regressed. Martin Mercer Doyle Semple Marshall Stirling Jacobs Todd Harkins Dobbie Dykes Obviously a few players remain. Whilst jury is out on McCrorie still, where Martin ended up when he left indicates the level he was at. Think Marshall is a much better left back than Holt. Our midfield is pish - I think Jacobs is better than Kidd. Think Dobbie is missing Dykes this year.
  3. Utterly pathetic. Was going to go along today, glad I didn't.
  4. Don't think it's an overreaction when you don't have a shot on target at home to Alloa.
  5. That was poor today. Can't really recall us having a shot on target. Once Prybus went off, that midfield looks rank. Paton looks wildly unfit as does Kidd. Not a clue what Holt did to get man of the match. El Bakhtaoui was I thought our best player and nearly grabbed an equiliser at the end. Need to get finger out soon.
  6. Good luck. Well worth the money the smartest Qos top i have ever owned and there have been some belters. Aye it's absolutely terrific. Not remotely sold on this year's away top.
  7. This likely to sell out? That week is a bit up in the air for me work wise but would like to get along to that.
  8. May have a look tomorrow. I tried to call. Kinda glad it rang out - £100 saved. Anyone know, and it's a long shot, if the club shop has any of last year's away tops left? Hoping so cause it's absolutely terrific.
  9. Heading down to Dumfries on Saturday for the Alloa game. Second competitive game of the season for me, after Motherwell Betfred cup game. Hoping for a significantly different result on Saturday...
  10. And if that had been a league game, a point away from home isn't a bad result at all (continuing your positive vibe)
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