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  1. I see Albion Rovers have appointed Sandy Clark as their new boss as they hope to avoid relegation.
  2. I enjoyed that tonight. Absolutely garbage view from the stands, usually I wouldn't grumble about such a thing. Very good second half and some tidy goals.
  3. He was away for ages too. Poor Dug had a tough lockdown. Too many treats.
  4. Can't disagree. Any manager who doesn't play best players is biting off their nose to spite their face. Suggestions that Gibson did it with Connelly. I'd be concerned if Marv was doing it with Wilson.
  5. Exactly. We are mostly realists about where we are. But you've got to be a special kind of stupid to either blame Bartley for it or hark for the return of Gibson.
  6. Yip. Plus hardly have loads of reinforcements upfront. Paton definitely looks isolated at times and a few times on Saturday it felt a bit like a lost cause lumping crosses in. But been impressed with him. He puts in some shift. Someone up front with him would be smashing but, I agree, would leave us exposed.
  7. Am in the same boat as you. I held faint hopes of play offs when Marvin got the job but last few games suggest it's done. This season is, without hyperbole, a disaster. There's no way we should be languishing in the position we are in. But we are. The signings gave me some optimism for what was left but you'd need a miracle to turn this shower of jobbers into a playoff team. Although Bartley got what Gibson didn't when he took over: a transfer window.
  8. He's not been good for years. Marv joined us and very quickly he's out the door.
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