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  1. Agreed. On a basic level, recent transfer windows haven't worked. So credit for a new approach. A younger and more attack minded squad though. Next stop: the Scottish Premiership. [emoji41]
  2. Didn't think he was up to much in what I saw but would have been happy enough to have had him resign for some back up as can play on the right and in the middle.
  3. When they aren't being scammed, they are making an arse of season tickets. Some luck.
  4. I'd be surprised if any games this season now have fans at them. Pal works for Scottish Government and he's saying they are hopeful of crowds by March.
  5. I'd agree with that. Who knows what will come of the players. We've all seen players we've expected little of turning in a perfoance we never saw coming. I'd agree re Pybus. Hopefully first half of season Pybus and I'll be happy. AJ clearly not finished but I've been perfectly happy with the club's efforts so far.
  6. It's mental. I think our recruitment, on paper and all things considered, gives reason for optimism. Like the sound of the wingers and welcome strength in depth upfront. Heck we've even got a permanent goalie.
  7. No. I was welcoming the fact he's addressing it as quickly as he can.
  8. I ask more in hope than expectation, any word on who trialists were? Telling that the right and left back were both trialists that started. Least AJ aware of the gaps (am trying to be super positive ahead of season starting, lads).
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