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  1. Have you got it in for me or something lol? Can you read that knowing very few and say it fills you with hope? Doubt it!
  2. 1 Josh Rae 2 Cameron Ballantyne 3 Euan Devenny A Dean McMaster 5 Marco Vata 16 Callum Fordyce 7 Justin Devenny 8 Adam Frizzell 9 Gabriel McGill 10 Josh Jack 11 Dylan Ruiz-Diaz 12 Rhys McCabe 14 Jay Riley 15 Cole Gibson 16 Pat Pyott 17 Joshua Tran 18 Alex Henderson 20 Robbie Scullion 21 Kieran Wilson 22 Bright Okosun this doesn’t fill me with hope at all…
  3. As was said above, imagine this was Falkirk, we’d be slaughtering it! I’m excited and intrigued to see how it works out but if you’re a player I don’t imagine it would seem very appealing to be a part of compared to other teams in our league with genuine managers. how many player/managers have lasted more than 6 months these days? They either get sacked or commit to being a player or a manager it never seems to work out..
  4. Let’s be honest, if you’re a player would you want to sign for a player manager on his first job at 29, player assistant, player goalie coach… whole thing looks a shambles from the outside and most I’d say wouldn’t want to be involved. I’m excited for the new season but not confident in the slightest.
  5. If we’re trying to get excited over Mendy and Niang coming in then we could be in big bother! People in the stand were actually laughing at how bad mendy was at the home game
  6. Surely you don’t think Donaldson is a good signing, absolutely honkin
  7. I can’t see Murray being with us for next season therefore can’t see many of the players being there either, dreading it…
  8. Was Kerr the last to score from a corner at falkirk? Can’t think of another off the top of my head
  9. That was our best chance in years, mass exodus expected! manger could be one of them but if he’s not I hope that Agnew is no where near a team, felt sorry for him today he looked lost!
  10. Was having this chat with a few on Thursday, what would your “Airdrie pub” be
  11. I’d have fancied Allan and afolabi to fight it out against their 2 cb’s, was far too easy for them playing against Gallagher
  12. Hoping he drops Agnew but can’t see that happening.. also, how can McGill be the first sub on after being hooked at 25 minutes the other day, baffled
  13. Well some of it was true some difference when Agnew went off also! At 2-0 on the day I seen no way of a comeback but this team just has that something special that I hope will get us over the line..
  14. Not got a feeling about tomorrow but hoping it’s just pre match nerves, 1-1 on the day for me.
  15. Just watched the highlights from last nights other semi final and I must say that this has to be our best chance in years of going up if we get a result on Saturday! Now or never moment with the league being even stronger next season.
  16. Flat is how I would describe our performance… Need Watson back for Saturday as I’m just not seeing it with Macdonald. thought the game just passed Agnew by in there any fair to say Montrose won the midfield battle. if only we had a keeper that wasn’t petrified to come for crosses we’d maybe get out this league.
  17. Think Agnew does alright in there but think McCabe can actually control the full game from there which I don’t think Agnew does.
  18. Currie Macdonald Kerr Fordyce Paterson Mccabe Frizzell Easton G.McGill Gallagher Smith this would be my line up assuming there’s no surprise injuries
  19. From what I seen it didn’t look in the box
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