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  1. Why we assuming Ritchie is gods gift he played with Cumbernauld colts and is 19😂 most people on here where preaching experience >Kerr/McKay...
  2. I’m thinking there’s no way Kerr would have re-signed without promises of playing. At his age with being in the bench as much as he was why would he agree to that...?
  3. Expect the assistant manager to have two roles at the club that’s all I’m saying!
  4. Well I heard it would be announced a few days ago but haven’t heard anything since so the deal might be off
  5. Seen him play a few times, he’s young and most won’t have heard of him but wouldn’t expect him to play much if I’m honest
  6. If we’re thinking of the same one, all I’m going to say it’s like hitting a ball off a kerb.... honkin
  7. I’ve got a feeling they’ll play Kerr in midfield, I seen SM comment on the fact the we’re looking to explore him in there further in one of the interviews...
  8. For me... McKay and Roy I wasn’t their biggest fan but I don’t see what better we would get in this situation and to be fair mckay and Roy did chip in with a few goals and assists, not sure if either will earn a starting place imo As for Kerr I feel like he’s got huge potential as a few have said on here and the Facebook page, really come into his own before this happened so will be interesting to see where he’ll fit in next season considering he had a place pretty much cemented towards the end..
  9. Seen the boy Kerr had tweeted a link to his game clips, take what you will from that..
  10. Think we might be the only club that hasn’t confirmed who’s been released yet...
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