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  1. Strong performance yesterday and if we have a natural finisher the score kind would’ve been a bit more comfortable. Felt the standouts were Hutton Kerr anc McKay who I think will have a massive day in how our season goes.
  2. Who would you drop across defence and midfield to fit both Eckersley and Mccann
  3. Never thought about that, will be interesting to see how we set up then
  4. Still early days with regards to the season, positive performance today though, night and day compared to last week!! we’re desperately needing an experienced striker
  5. Agree with that feel like that will happen as soon as Gallagher is fit. Feel like we’ll set up very defensive tomorrow to stop them playing, not like us eh...
  6. Genuinely think Kerr might be the answer, 3 goals in 2 games for the reserves aswell so obviously got an eye for goal
  7. Utter pish mckay, Fordyce, Hutton and Millar miles off it! Clocks ticking for Murray
  8. Anyone at the game last night see any stand out performances?
  9. Was more defensively I was meaning, accies had a lot of the ball but never really cut open our back four. Seems to be the only option tor defence on the ball is to go long.
  10. My god that was tough to watch, back 4 done well, the rest... no comment
  11. For us to play any better we’re needing a new park, every time there’s a decent pitch or it’s wet we play well... other teams seem to adapt to our pitch better than we do which is confusing
  12. Have a feeling Kerr is actually the midfielder we’ve been crying out for
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