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  1. Not a betting person, but if any bookmaker is still offering those odds for the Cumbernauld Colts v BSC Glasgow game tomorrow, I might be tempted to chance my arm, once I know tonight’s score, of course.
  2. Think it was honours even between them last season, with both sides winning at home. I’m setting my sights lower and just hoping Edinburgh University can break their scoring duck this weekend.
  3. Thanks for posting. Claiming ‘definitely in the top four’ can work as an incentive for the players, but it will also be jumped on by everyone else if they fail to secure one of those spots. Quite an honest and brave approach.
  4. Edinburgh University has lost quite a few experienced players this season and others are still not back; it’s also a few weeks until term time and new blood, so the next few weeks will probably see a patched up team and, alas, painful defeats.
  5. Agree with your Kelty prediction. Caledonian Braves have quite a young team, so three games in a week might be tough for them, and Kelty should prove a stiffer test than Gretna 2008 and Edinburgh University, respectively. I think the Strollers v Rose game is harder to predict.
  6. Friday 2nd Cumbernauld Colts v BSC Glasgow Saturday 3rd Berwick Rangers v Stirling University Caledonian Braves v Kelty Hearts Civil Service Strollers v Bonnyrigg Rose Dalbeattie Star v Gala Fairydean East Stirlingshire v Gretna 2008 The Spartans v Edinburgh University Vale of Leithen v East Kilbride Some interesting fixtures this weekend. Who will lose their 100% record, who will get their first point(s)? How many teams will be at the bottom on 0 points by Saturday evening?
  7. How does a side go from losing 8-0 at the weekend to almost holding the defending champions to a draw?
  8. Ouch. Don’t think the University keeper could do anything about either.
  9. Just seen the East Stirlingshire opener, cracking strike.
  10. Looks as if they have worked hard to get things done. Sure they would have preferred a Saturday for their first new home game, but hey ho. Perhaps this thread could now be renamed, too.
  11. Good highlights. Bonnyrigg appeared to make hay in the space around the Berwick left back and the channel between him and the central defender.
  12. Good points but still not much clearer on why it is that others write them off so blithely. If they were a flash in the pan, then that would perhaps be understandable, but they seem to have been consistently rising over the seasons, so you would perhaps expect them to be considered as potential winners. However, when I see people predict their challengers, they rarely get a mention.
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