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  1. Gal's had a good season for us, he's just not a target man. He's shown to be a fairly reliable goalscorer over the past 3 seasons and is involved in build up play and gets assists too. He struggled today and mistimed his jump for almost every long ball but his hold up play is actually good when the ball is played into his feet or body.
  2. Delighted to see Quitongo starting and hopefully it means we're getting closer to a full strength squad but a bit surprised to see Lyons neither starting nor on the bench after making a brief cameo last week. Hopefully nothing too serious
  3. I wasn't too bothered as I was fairly busy and would only really have been able to watch some of the game in passing but thanks for the response. I'll catch the highlights tomorrow.
  4. I can't make this game so I was planning to watch on DTV. I thought it would work automatically since I have a season ticket but I still need a code which I haven't received in any emails. Anyone know how to watch?
  5. Looks to me like it'll be either Agnew or McInroy at left back today with Watson shifting to centre back
  6. It definitely does come down to trust and so far Murray hasn't trusted Walker to play centre back once, instead preferring to play a 5ft 9 centre mid there. It might be his preferred position but I can't see Walker playing centre back any time soon.
  7. With McGill noticeably struggling at left back in the first half at Alloa I wondered if a reshuffle would help the team. I was thinking McInroy (who is actually left footed) at left back, McGill across to right back, Watson playing next to Dycey at centre back and McCabe stepping up into his preferred deeper midfield role. Seems to leave less players out of position without actually changing any personnel.
  8. Having watched the highlights MacLean's red was definitely for something said to the linesman. He turns and starts screaming at the linesman as soon as the penalty is awarded.
  9. Their next game is East Fife so I'm sure they'll cope just fine
  10. Buchanan literally hauled a man who had passed him to the ground with his hands. It was only not a straight red because he had a teammate quite near him.
  11. If the ref's sent MacLean off for calling him a clown then you do wonder what Geggan and Buchanan called him in the first half that wasn't as bad as 'clown' but still worthy of a booking. Laughably bad decision if that's really all that was said. Surely MacLean has said something a bit fiercer than that? Or at least the ref has misheard something fiercer? The linesman flagged during the period of argument after the penalty was awarded and I assumed MacLean's red was due to something he had spotted or heard but I can't actually recall the two of them having a discussion at any point in that moment.
  12. How can any of us know whether the bookings for dissent were fair or unfair? It's not like we can hear what's said from the stands. What I can say is that the two second yellows looked pretty obvious to me. Buchanan's pulled Allan down to stop an attack which is a yellow all day long and Geggan's been really silly with his needless foul on Currie. As for the penalties the first one was a stonewaller and I thought the second one was a penalty at the time but it was quite far away from me so I'll reserve judgement 'til I get another look since there's a few saying it was soft. Both teams could have had a penalty for handball as well imo. We don't win that game without Dumbarton's indiscipline imo. We were really poor and very lucky.
  13. Only Airdrie player I remember actually booting the ball away was Currie after Easton's goal and he was booked for it. We had no reason to waste any time other than the four minute spell when the game was 2-1.
  14. Quite surprised at the sheer amount of Dumbarton fans on this thread using the excuse of 'no robust or dangerous challenge in the game' to question the three red cards. I don't really know what happened with MacLean's red so can't comment on it, but when two players already booked for dissent commit fouls that are very clearly worthy of second bookings there's not much to argue with. We were garbage and lucky to get the win but I enjoyed it anyway.
  15. Paul Watson released by Dunfermline. Wouldn't mind us taking a look at him since our current third choice centre back is Rhys McCabe.
  16. If a racist comment has been made then the person making the comment should be banned, regardless of who it was aimed at or whether it was made in a private conversation or was shouted from the rooftops.
  17. Difficult to understand what exactly has went on as someone that is entirely not "in the know", but from what I can see Rico's statement doesn't actually specifically mention that he heard what was said himself, and given that most fans including those I'd trust on these matters (I wasn't actually at this game) have said they never heard anything I'd say the story that the racist remark was made in relatively quiet conversation and was overheard and reported by another spectator (the parent of another player) seems extremely plausible. Rico released a solid statement after the Alloa game explaining what had happened and the next morning the club announced that they would be investigating the incident. At this point everything seems to working fine. Rico had said that the club were supporting him and we had no reason to believe that the club would fail to conduct a solid investigation. A few weeks on and the club announce that due to lack of evidence and only one witness they have been unable to take further action. On its own this would be disappointing but fine as we all know that dishing out a punishment without proper evidence could leave you in a difficult position from a legal standpoint. The issue with the statement is the comment, "It was also important to ensure that our club and supporters as a whole, were not unfairly accused of using racist language. We believe that this process has been a vindication." That sentence is at best poorly worded and at worst throwing Rico under the bus. The comments from Rico's brother and his agent, as well as Rico's absence from the squad at the weekend make things look even worse. These comments claim that the investigation was basically a farce and that Rico has been poorly treated by the club. These claims should be taken as seriously as the initial allegations of racism. The club wrongly stated that the investigation process was a "vindication". You can't use "lack of evidence" as a vindication on behalf of an entire football club and its fanbase. However, what would be a vindicating process would be if the club could prove that they acted properly and ethically in their investigation process. If they can't prove this and one of our players claims they did not act properly or ethically then it looks very bad indeed, whether that be by mistake or design. I hope to see Rico back in the team soon, but after reading some comments from certain fans on here and on other social medias I'm worried about what kind of reception he could receive.
  18. Well to be fair we actually haven't conceded a single goal with Kerr and Fordyce as a centre back pairing in a back 4. First game of the season we used a hopeless back 3 then since then every game except two we've had one of them unavailable. Both of those games were 3-0 wins too.
  19. With that in mind aptly named diamond formation could be the way forward. Currie Watson Kerr Fordyce Quitongo McCabe Frizzell McInroy Easton Smith Gallagher Could make an argument for McInroy playing the deeper role with McCabe pushed up a bit more but I thought McInroy seemed to have plenty of energy and looked good going forward yesterday and McCabe has definitely looked better in the deeper midfield role than he did on the right of the midfield three when Agnew was playing there. We'd still have two McGills and Salim fighting for a place in that lineup as well.
  20. That's what I was thinking as well. Would most likely mean a change to 4231.
  21. Been thinking about this as well. I'd have McCabe as one of our best players but if McInroy's going to be as good as he was yesterday he has to play. Can both play in the same midfield without a formation change?
  22. 2-1 flattered Clyde. Apart from the last 15 minutes or so of the first half we were utterly dominant. Easton and Gallagher superb again and a really strong debut from McInroy who started well and improved as the game went on. Two lovely goals as well.
  23. Stream's stopped on 57:06 as if it's finished. Refreshing the page restarts the stream from before kick off and when I skip ahead it just reaches 57:06 again and stops. Anyone else watching the stream experiencing this?
  24. No Dycey is unexpected, don't think he's missed a game since signing at the start of the 19/20 season. Presumably Watson will move into centre back and McGill will play right back which is fine but I'm looking forward to a game where we're not forced to play players out of position, especially considering how good Watson's been at right back recently.
  25. On the subject of that, I've been getting emails from Queen's Park advertising their hospitality since I bought tickets for the League Cup game at Firhill and it really looks like they put in a decent effort to make it a good day out. At £50 per person it is a bit steep but I suppose so is £18 for a matchday ticket
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