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  1. Johnson - not a lot to do but made one very decent save. Cracking long throw to start the attack that led to the fourth goal. Ballantyne - skint a man by headering the ball on the deck. Enough said. Watson - colossal. Fordyce - very good game. Wasn’t troubled. Deveney - his best game so far. Worked his socks off. McCabe - I’m sure at one point I noticed him wearing his slippers and smoking a cigar. Devenny - really tidy player. Played very well again and is doing everything to hold onto that starting spot. Frizzell - potentially the best player in the league this season. Doing well to make us forget Easton. Jamieson - really impressed. Still think he needs to gel with the rest of the team and can be even more effective when he does, but clearly a very talented and skilful dribbler. Gallagher - did what he does very well. Smith - alongside Frizzell potentially the best player in the team/league. Didn’t get a goal today but clearly enjoyed himself and never seems to lose the ball (even when he does he usually wins it back). Playing with a lot of confidence. Salim and Gabby done everything you can expect from substitute strikers. Wylie looked decent but it probably is easier to come on against a team that’s getting scudded and only has 10 men.
  2. Mochrie, who ourselves and Falkirk were supposedly in for, is Dunfermline-bound. Still think our starting 11 is pretty much as good as any other 11 in this league, but I think most neutrals would look at that Dunfermline squad and see it as the strongest in the league.
  3. I’ve been waiting until this day to make this point but absolutely yes. Our only losses in 2022 have came against Partick Thistle (Scottish Cup), Montrose (Playoff semi first leg), Queen’s Park (playoff final extra time, didn’t actually lose in 90 minutes) and Arbroath (League Cup). FC Edinburgh we lost to on penalties but the group table shows it as a draw so definitely not counting that as a loss. Last league loss came against Montrose on the 7th of December. We’re going for 21 today and no once can tell me any different.
  4. Another left footed midfielder! Makes a change from a few seasons ago when our only left footed player was Leon McCann. Sounds like he’s an attacking midfielder so I’d guess if we stick to 433 it’ll be one of McCabe or McMaster sitting and two of Frizzell, Wylie and Devenny in front of them. Looks like Wylie’s getting the number 8 shirt so hopefully that’s a sign that he’s expected to be an improvement on what we already have.
  5. Would have McGill back and Connor Smith in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I suspect Smith will have Championship suitors but maybe his big brother could have a wee word in his ear to talk him into joining us. McGill we’ve all seen and we know he gives us good cover across several midfield roles and even (though perhaps not in an ideal situation) at full back. McGill I’d expect probably would still be looking at a League One loan as I’m not sure he’d be quite ready for the Championship but you never know.
  6. Great to get another player in. Can’t pretend to know much about Jamieson but if he done well at Clyde last season then it’s probably a good signing, and I do remember him scoring that cracker against us. The squad balance is a bit strange just now, with 5 forwards in such a light squad but hopefully more to be added before the Peterhead game. Don’t expect Jamieson to start on Saturday since we’ll probably go with a front 3 of Smith, Gallagher and McGill but I’m sure he’ll come on as a sub given there aren’t many to choose from. Here’s hoping he can cover the wider forward areas that Smith and McGill play because I’m not convinced Gal or Salim should ever be out there.
  7. Well we were linked to a Celtic goalie (Oluwayemi) before Rae joined so I wonder if that’s back on. I just assumed it wouldn’t happen when Rae signed.
  8. Are you implying it’s the same parent club for all three players? Given another poster hinted at one of the signings, should we expect three youngsters swapping hoops for diamonds?
  9. Obviously we still need five or six players in. I wouldn't panic if we haven't brought five or six players in by Saturday's game (in fact I'd maybe even be worried we've rushed signings at the last minute if we do that) but surely we need at least one in, and preferably two or three, before the Peterhead game. Overall I'd say we need another centre back, left back, a couple of midfielders and a couple of forwards (although these could be wide players rather than centre forwards). Would be nice to get one announced today or tonight.
  10. Was this the entire rumour you heard or were specific names mentioned?
  11. Tend to agree, although I wouldn’t mind just one player if he was capable of playing left back and centre back (like a left sided Watson) as that would probably give us enough cover across the back 4. Ideally though both positions need additional cover.
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