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  1. We’ve scored 6 less than Cove in the league and conceded 7 more suggesting they’re pretty much equally better than us in both departments. We’re the second highest scorers in the league but only 4th best for not conceding. The difference with the goals scored is that the majority of their goals have came from McAllister and Megginson while ours are more spread throughout the team, they could be in trouble if one of them gets injured (especially Megginson who appears to lead the league in assists as well as being fourth top scorer). And Goodwillie’s the top scorer in our league btw rather than either of Cove’s pair. Don’t get me wrong, I think we need to bring in a forward. We’re light in the area due to injuries. But I just wouldn’t expect us to pick up anyone as good as Megginson or McAllister in January and I think the priority should be getting the best players we can in, regardless of what position they play. And I think we already miss McInroy. From boxing day until his last game we won 3-1, 1-0, 1-0, 3-0. We’ve played two in the league since he left and they’ve been 3-2 and 2-2 and in both of those games we’ve been on top and let our opponents get back into the game twice.
  2. 23 vs 7 isn’t a great comparison when the 23 have been scored by two players and the 7 by one, but I get what you’re saying. They have far more prolific strikers than us. The problem is that proven goalscorers like them tend not to be available in January unless you’re willing to pay a transfer fee, which we won’t. I don’t think as a team we’ve really lacked goals so the problem for me up front isn’t really the quality but the lack of options up top now that we’ve got a couple of injuries. I’m quite sure we’ll be looking to bring a forward in and I hope we do, I just feel that McInroy coming back would be bigger for us than any striker since we know he’s a game changer and since he’s already been here he’d fit right in. Doesn’t look like it will be happening now but I think a player like him or Turner that’s clearly too good for the league is the difference between us pushing Cove all the way or having to settle for the playoffs again, regardless of what position they play.
  3. Understand why folk are desperate for a striker and I want one in too, but if it’s McInroy or a striker I’m picking McInroy every time. The boy was a total game changer for us and could score a winner from nothing as seen against Queen’s Park. He’s got technique, energy, physique and confidence in abundance and I think I’d rather have him than even Kyle Turner, and that’s saying something. If we fail to get him in though I would agree it makes sense to redirect that energy towards bringing in a forward.
  4. The return of Ian Murray’s dreaded triple sub. This makes it even more important that we get more bodies in.
  5. MacDonald starts and Paterson on the bench. Would expect MacDonald to play left back tonight and Paterson to come on at some point for a run out, either replacing MacDonald or with MacDonald moving to right back to accommodate him. Good to see Gal back in the starting lineup. Allan done well but we’re looking closer to our strongest 11 tonight imo.
  6. Next tweet will be “ we are pleased to announce the signing of kitman Jimmy Bell from Rangers on a six month loan deal”
  7. Interesting to see MacDonald take the number 20 rather than his old number 2 which is now available following McInroy’s departure. Maybe reading into it too much but it does possibly suggest that we’re still hopeful of getting McInroy back.
  8. I’m happy enough with MacDonald coming back. I assume he’ll play left back where he looked absolutely fine for us. He might even benefit from playing in this more attacking team since he is very much an attacking full back. Would be interesting to look at how many transfers have went between us and Dunfermline since Murray joined. We sold Edwards to them then got Smith and Ryan on loan, then Turner on loan. MacDonald has went both ways now. Any more I’ve missed?
  9. Deleted it almost as soon as I posted it when I realised that so I’m surprised you managed to see it quick enough to reply haha. I suppose Falkirk would’ve been unlikely to release him if it meant him signing for League One rivals.
  10. Nobody mentioned union jacks or saltires so this is a very odd thing to say. The Trump flag on its own certainly can be seen as a joke but when there’s a clown next to it nazi saluting it seems much less of a joke. I’d personally rather there weren’t Airdrie fans nazi saluting because I’m an Airdrie fan that’s neither a fascist nor a fascist sympathiser. It should be condemned, not ignored.
  11. Picture going around social media of some wee dick nazi saluting next to the Trump flag. Hope the club identifies him and dishes out a lifetime ban because I’m sick of a few arseholes making us all look bad.
  12. I’m not itk and never claimed to be. I just had a look at squads and thought he could be someone that might be available in a position we need.
  13. Since we’ve heard very little on the signing front I’ve decided to take it upon myself to invent some speculation. Had a wee look at squad lists and recent lineups and noticed that Calum Waters (who would be a much needed left back) hasn’t kicked a ball for Kilmarnock since early December and likely won’t be dislodging Haunstrup from the starting lineup anytime soon. Could be worth enquiring about although him not playing is not necessarily an indication that Kilmarnock would be willing to let him leave on loan or otherwise.
  14. Currie Watson Kerr Fordyce McGill McCabe Frizzell Easton Agnew Smith Allan I’d expect something like this today considering injuries and departures. That only leaves us Cantley, Walker, McDonald, Ritchie, and a still recovering Gallagher on the bench (and maybe Pyott too but not entirely sure of his situation). Ideally with departures and injuries considered we should be trying to bring in a centre back, left back, centre mid, and a striker. Although if we get the rest in we don’t necessarily need another centre mid as that would allow McGill to move back in there.
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