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  1. I'm sorry good man, which part of my original post are we debating here? It seems to me we might be agreeing? I certainly hope so.
  2. They sure are friend. They are also quite high today, or so I am led to believe from these so called "experts" at the Met office.
  3. Met office - There's a 50% chance of 40degrees, watch out for vulnerable people as it'll be a really hot day. Red tops - it's going to be 40degrees wheey. It's 38 degrees. Yer da - well that's the met office made yet another mistake, 2 degrees off what they said would 100% happen. And in my day we just said go out enjoy the heat. Skin cancer hadn't been invented yet by the libtards yet.
  4. About time. The old dick waffle cafe really isn't as good as it once was.
  5. To be fair to him, there must barely be a day goes by when he isn't told about one of his party doing something ranging from illegal to unpleasant. It would be hard to keep track of all the sex pests. I hate them all so much.
  6. This is just shite isn't it though? You can inadvertently speed. You can inadvertently park in the wrong spot, not put enough money in the machine or whatever. It's pretty hard to inadvertently allow a party to happen and then attend the party. I have no confidence in him going though. And even if he does he'll just be replaced by some other shade of c**t. And then the tories will win the next election anyway.
  7. Criticising people of a country for trying to defend themselves from an invading country is a pretty wild take. If a big boy at school pushes you over should you just let him to avoid further injury? And then criticse yourself for getting in his way apparently.
  8. What would people expect of Scotland finest centre back here? He is out with friends. His friend(s) have done something at best daft. To me he then only really has two choices, tell they guy he's a fanny and walk away, which he seems to have done, or physically make his friend put it back. Is the second option better? I'm no big city lawyer but I don't think physically assaulting his friend/accomplice is legal. So, what should he have done? Never got himself in that situation? Easy to say with hindsight as I doubt this theft was planned in advance. Tell his friend he'll report it to the police? Maybe he did. The guy who took the wreath is a fanny, Porteous isn't. On this occasion at least.
  9. What about this guy? Getting on a bit now but international experience, played in Spain and Italy. Couldn't play every week but is a lb/lwb so would allow Doig a rest. Known as the Brazilian Pa Kujabi which can only be a good thing.
  10. I hope these aren't the same players I've seen elsewhere on this forum. I want them all for Hibs.
  11. Horrible news for you and your family. Best wishes and hopefully things improve soon.
  12. Horrible news. Thoughts are with his family, such a tragic thing to happen.
  13. Almost hope we lose after this shite. Nerves have now kicked in for me. Sure it won't be as good as last time, but its still a massive opportunity.
  14. Now counting has started are they going through the night if required to finish, or will everyone be stopping at 9pm or what have you and starting back tomorrow?
  15. Comedic relief surely? It's tense watching the counts come in, you need a wee break and he'll pop up with something mental like "the people of Scotland have spoken" after 1 seat has been declared.
  16. Beans on Toast

    FIFA 21

    Fired some dups into the prem upgrade sbc for 12 players, 3 rares. Got 1 rare and 11 commons. Dunno why I bother anymore.
  17. Beans on Toast

    FIFA 21

    Tots Ederson for me. To go with the Fulham keeper I pulled a couple of days ago and the two tots Krul's and the Neur I got from the 86x2 pack. The ratio of keepers is broken.
  18. Beans on Toast

    FIFA 21

    Odd. I packed 2 untreatable Oblack's tonight, except mine where both gold ones so I'll fire at least 1 into Dalglish. 4 ToTS for me, all championship players. One was Aarons who looks OK and links to Rooney, but isn't better than Tav so meh.
  19. Beans on Toast

    FIFA 21

    I've not played in about a week. Done the SBC, will open the packs I've saved later, will likely not get anything. Might do Dalglish, but I have little motivation to actually play.
  20. Beans on Toast

    FIFA 21

    ...but I might get Ronaldo.... Thats a shite pull, unlucky. His face sums it up. I have enough fodder in my club to do it, and even though I know I'll likely get someone unusable it's still so tempting...
  21. I'm about to go downstairs, if my cartoons are cancelled like they where for Diana I'm going to be raging.
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