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  1. The thing for me Clive isn't so much the beer ban but the fact they've went back on their commitment so close to kick off. Like that commitment that gay fans would be "welcome", or that it's OK, for anyone, to hold hands in public.
  2. Thank you, lovely to hear. As I am an exuberant gentleman I do butter the toast before adding beans.
  3. No, no, no I cannot agree with this. I refuse the beleive there is an accurate metaphor involving a puppet where Truss is not the dummy.
  4. Would he be any worse? He'd have the pound playing some lovely, if ineffective, stuff.
  5. I feel Number 10 needs to get the experts at The Rangers in to draft a sensible statement to clear up this mess. Releasing a letter sacking himself man. How has nobody had a quick once over of that before sharing it? If this was in The Thick of It you'd think they'd have taken it too far.
  6. A fair point. I'm not sure if it is a conference or just a statement. Still, would you bet on her reading a statement out correctly? Whatever form it takes will be enjoyable viewing. I look forward to hearing about her plan to get this country back on track after she and her government has taken it off the tracks and set fire to it.
  7. I cannot wait to hear her excuses for firing Kwasi and continuing as PM. "He did exactly as I asked him to, but it caused absolute mayhem the likes of which this country had never seen, so I'll find someone else to... do the opposite of what I ask? To do as I ask and then fire them next month..." The mental gymnastics from noted public speaker Lizz Truss will be a joy to watch.
  8. I have very little sympathy for Kwasi, but imagine being in a situation where you are sacked for literally doing what your boss told you to. Mental. What an absolute rabble they are.
  9. A pie tree obviously. I am delighted Liz is going to lead us to produce bigger pie trees, which I will claim a share of. This anti growth coalition wants smaller pie trees and. That. Is. A. Disgrace.
  10. Ah I see, I did not focus on that part of the sentence, but you are correct then. I humbly offer my apologies.
  11. Well I'm glad some idiot didn't spent 10mins with calculator, an abacus and a notebook trying to suggest otherwise.
  12. I may be outting myself as an idiot here but... is it? If you have 4 people paying £500, £6,000, £6,500, and £7,000 a year (obviously extreme examples) the average is £5,000. However more than half of these 4 people will be paying more than the average. Is that not what this sentence means? I'm not commenting on whether it's accurate, just that it seems possible.
  13. And I thought you'd be the type to be able to deal with such a situation. Disappointing.
  14. I agree with all of that my friend, and it's put far more eloquently than I could. Now, tell me more about your whale semen economic plan.
  15. We could put a relatively intelligent horse in charge and we'd still be less of an embarrassment. I like to think I'm a balanced person. I try and understand why people wouldn't want independence, but the longer it goes on the less and less I can understand it. If you don't vote for independence you're effectively voting to be governed by the Tories.
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