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  1. Aaaaand it's appeared. Semifinals and Final have been in the offers during the last half hour if anyone interested in CAT1 and CAT2 prices (or restricted view).
  2. Almost! Looking for semi final match #49. But it will appear one day.
  3. Portal is back open for another round of ticket ballot applications. It closes on December 18th! https://euro2020.tickets.uefa.com/lottery/welcome_en.html
  4. https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/competitions/General/02/63/56/69/2635669_DOWNLOAD.pdf EURO 2020 Schedule.pdf
  5. Yes but it was largely accepted within the community that this was going to be the case. In this example it used the term "qualify directly" to differentiate over qualify which may have been ambiguous but you 90% knew exactly what they meant. The only one I had never heard before was the rule about was that if one host qualifies through playoff and the other paired host is already eliminated then the playoff team will still get three group matches at home, although this is unlikely at the moment for most groups apart from maybe at a stretch Group C/F if Holland/Germany played in the playoff and Romania/Hungary missed out directly and then also were pushed out of playoff contention by teams ranked lower than them qualifying directly (for example Slovenia).
  6. No just a small allocation (supposedly just half of what they originally allocate to public fans) . There will still be federation sales in December, resales from March onwards, and the other tickets that are given back through various means (VIP, sponsors, restricted view etc.). It is also rumoured that there will be another ticket ballot for everyone in December after the group draw (the help desk has written this to a few people) although there is no official word on it but it makes sense for them to not mention it until much later to get people to apply for tickets before the group stage draw is made.
  7. 100 percent sure. For hosts it is either two or three at home. If both paired hosts qualify directly (ie. Through conventional qualifying groups) it is a toss between the two for the match between them. If one paired host qualifies directly and the other through playoff the one who qualified directly gets the three home matches (therefore England in this scenario over Scotland). These documents below from last week explain it all although it's been mentioned for awhile among the many forums. https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/competitions/EURO/02/62/53/02/2625302_DOWNLOAD.pdf https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/competitions/EURO/02/62/53/04/2625304_DOWNLOAD.pdf
  8. Correct, I should have quoted specifically that I was respoding to "Also, if we'd been playing England at Hampden then it would have meant playing one of our other games at Wembley. The other games would likely be more winnable, so it's better to have them at Hampden." but I thought that was obvious.
  9. No, Scotland would play all three at Hampden in that scenario.
  10. My offers changed once or twice in the last few days. Two Rome matches were added yesterday and then today the opener sold out so the other Rome group match was now available from the afternoon. In my friend's account there were also various Bilbao, Dublin and London matches. I'd be interested to see how long this goes on for, but man I feel so terrible for those who have no emails/links - I'd be upset in that situation, and those who are pressured into buying matches by staring at what is left over (at mainly higher categories) when they can wait and eventually all have what they want anyway (99% of the time).
  11. I think the England vs. Scotland match up would only go to a coin toss if both qualified directly. They will draw as much as they possibly can. The only possible question marks left for a later draw would be if there are multiple host countries in the same playoff league but it will be minimal and should affect two groups at most (if at all).
  12. If it's Sunday the 21st of June you are thinking about, the 2020 schedules aren't out yet but this summer it looks like Easyjet has a direct flight Bilbao to Edinburgh so it could be an option later (September according to their website).
  13. I hope for your sake that group turns out to be Italy, Belgium, Finland and Wales! You'll get that Munich quarter no problems judging by how enthusiastic you already are. Anyone who spends enough time around the forums will get any match they want (with a small asterisk next to the final, a little tougher to get without overpaying a higher category).
  14. Edel blimmin Keneally! Got the email while at the pub and managed to eventually buy a Rome QF and a London Group match. Turned down a few matches in Baku. Hopefully there are more rounds of these emails!
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