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  1. If you type in 12ft.io/ into the address bar followed by the article link then you’ll. be able to read it
  2. This is quite normal, many transfer fees are spread over several payments and years. We signed the deal so surly he can’t be complaining about it. I’m not sure if sim was complaining or if he was just letting us know. I’d like to think he was just letting us know what was going on
  3. Well at least we wont be seeing that awful account on this thread anymore. Good luck on your own thread now accies fans!
  4. Where’s the Best place to park ? Thanks in advance
  5. Player Summary | Raith Rovers FC Musonda and Tumilty confirmed as away
  6. Absolutely this. it may be difficult in his first season as he will have to deal with the dross you already have signed up. But give him a season to build the squad a bit and you’ll be laughing to the title. The only thing I would be concerned about is your full time status. I am sure there was hints that this season coming may be the last season of full time? Maybe I picked it up wrong. McGlynn has done well with a hybrid squad so it’s not all that bad. With a fair few more teams full time now in league one, I do think full time is the way out of that league
  7. Kevin Thomsons could be if he is offered a full time contract he can go. Same goes for any other part time team manager, I’m sure ray McKinnon had this clause when we got him?
  8. If McGlynn did stay then he’d always have the DG thing hanging over his head. Whilst him moving on means that he’s not always going to be associated with that signing. A fresh start is probably what he wanted, a step out of the way and into the background. I don’t blame him for moving on but I would have liked him to stay for another season or two. but hey, football managers moving to different clubs happens almost weekly nowadays so it was going to happen to us at some point
  9. I’ve heard he’s off to st mirren, league one is way below his level. Bene is slowing up and league one would suit him, Spencer would be a cracking signing for them tho
  10. With such a competitive league next year, regardless of play off results, I’m not sure who is going to win your league but McGlynn will certainly have you there or there abouts with the play offs as a second chance of going up. I am sure we will pass each other come the end next season so all the best folks and if the pars do go down please make sure they stay there
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