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  1. This really is a non story. Nothing new here at all. We have known for months that sim is listening to people. someone has been looking at this thread and went and written some words about it. Not the first time and it won’t be the last time.
  2. Fair fuchs lads. Thought after the first 15/20 mins yous would get horsed. Pulled it right back tho. Well in
  3. We advertised for season ticket holders that they could only buy two tickets. But when I went on Tuesday someone in front of me bought seven tickets, no one asked to see my season ticket or anything either. The guy could have been getting all them for season ticket holders but he certainly wasn’t the only one buying bulk tickets. Anyway, really pleased we have sold out. shame there isn’t a fourth stand, FFS Falkirk!!
  4. Less than 100 tickets left for the final. Pleasantly surprised, well done
  5. Do you think we will get a discount on conservatory’s if we are season ticket holders ?
  6. Supposed to be in hospitality for this one however I am quite unwell, gutted. Was really looking forward to this as a neutral. Can’t seem to get into the ParsTV website just now tho. I hope it hadn’t crashed and won’t crash tonight. I’d imagine quite a high viewing figure
  7. Worth a scroll through this on Twitter if you’re into that kind of stuff
  8. This is where RaithTV come into things with replays etc. i take them for granted a lot and it’s times like this I miss them
  9. Those certain websites are showing the link to the game, fingers crossed it goes live
  10. Yogi has a lot of friends at the BBC, every time a managers job is available he’s touting himself on the radio/TV telling everyone how great he is and how much he’s learned. Pile of utter sh*te. No one can be seriously thinking about taking him on surly. Madness if they do.
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