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  1. Darvel... the most talked about team in Scottish football this summer. And for all the right reasons. Bring on this year
  2. Barry Phinn collects the 10ers and books breakfast every saturday scott duncan is an ex Motherwell ball boy brings bags of experiance biscuits and stewart are basically the top dogs of junior football and look like sisters kevin macdonald aka quiff has the record for the most hamlets smoked in a junior game ( 65 hamlet ) mick the gaffer Kennedy is the main man who has a securicor guy walk around with him to keep safe his medals! The dream team one by one nosey arse. Mind your own business next time milk and 2 scuddy
  3. You seem to be on every thread give yourself a rest! We will see then if it’s a lie or not 👍🏼
  4. Took in the game the other day. Wasn’t impressed. Heard from a good source the boys don’t want the gaffer in anymore and are ready to down tools at any point! Not great.
  5. Took in the game the other night, quite impressed by Cambuslang! Done my homework and found there keeper was only 17!!!?? Young boy Miller will go far in the game! Top keeper
  6. Well well well were do I start with the candy this season? Watched the game against Clydebank through the week! Absolutely honking! Striker is the size of a skip and his 2 left feet! Keeper? That is not a keeper! Looks like a janitor! Boy in the middle was decent but noticed him giving the lines man a 2’s on a joint at a corner! The candy’s time is up and Clydebanks future is worse believe me. Yoker the team to beat. Hope both teams catch the plague, cheers
  7. Yeah I remember I was in the Medda half the first leg aswell.. hurlford took the lead then 2 spectacular free kicks brought Medda on top. 2nd leg early penalty to Medda I was buzzing, hurlford then took the lead I was also buzzing. Was a roasting day took my hoody off and watched the celebrations in my Cumnock top! What a day
  8. It’s not about the away team. Why would Darvel give the away team a top class changing room? Seen Albion rovers away? They have a working shower and toilet that flushes so they can go pap shite at the moon
  9. Yeah I am, getting my eyes fixed from what I saw the other night!
  10. Stevie? Were you impressed? See the ball went to hospital right after the game!! Great turn out for a friendly but terrible football. Young boy In the middle was an amputee
  11. Would let my dog piss down there mate. Absolutely barking cuppa tea yous make and committee are honking of gammon
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