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  1. Thomas Colins has signed a 2 year contract from bsc
  2. As the league looks to be finished would like to see everyone’s team of the season ?
  3. Never said they weren’t son ! Just rate Tom Orr very highly
  4. Don’t worry about it mate a Tam Orr hatrick and we will get down the road without the need to miss Sunday dinner
  5. Because Barry Ferguson doesn’t have a clue and he is over paying too win the league ?
  6. Bookings are subjective don’t tell the story of the game !
  7. Yous have the ability of a pub team physicality of a prison team
  8. Deserved win for BSC never heard a team claim for so much, booted our players all over the pitch number 4 punches Orr in the first half your fans them scream for a free against ! your number 8 a poor mans scott brown kicking people but no ability bsc brought down do your level
  9. Best striker in the league in Tom Orr and best midfielder in the league in Declan’s Hughes ?
  10. Notice at around 10:35 tam getting punched in the balls definitely a red card if ref sees it
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