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  1. Kevin Thomson is about as exciting as the talking clock
  2. Worth remembering we’re only one game into a new season with only 2 pre season friendlies and a short pre season behind us. We can hardly except everyone to hit the ground running .
  3. Mines is but it’s buffering every ten seconds
  4. Yeah that’s what I’m using, no idea what I’m doing wrong I’ll give it another bash . Cheers
  5. Not working on mine. What app you using to get onto the website ?
  6. Celtic Rangers Hibs Aberdeen Motherwell St Mirren St Johnstone Kilmarnock Livingston Dundee Utd Ross County Hamilton
  7. You forgot to add Scottish cup winners and European qualification.
  8. Could we be about to sign Aidan Fitzpatrick of Norwich City. Seems to be with Richard Tait and Ethan Erhahon for Lunch today.
  9. I think everyone is missing the point that the real victims here are the St Mirren fans. Don’t get me wrong that night in Paisley when big Jon Obika scored the goal to keep Hearts at the bottom of the table was some night but............ Imagine how good a night it could have been had we known he had actually just relegated the c***s.
  10. f**k Hearts, f**k Ann Budge and f**k her reconstruction plans.
  11. Well everyone else is talking pish so I thought I would have a wee go.
  12. Premiership of 16 teams all playing each other home and away gives us 30 games. League then splits in to 2 x8 and teams play each other once takes us to 37 games. Home and away being decided by ‘luck of the draw’ League then splits into 4x4 and all play each other once taking us to 40 games. Fixtures reversed from previous split. Top 4 fighting for league/Europe 2nd and 3rd group of 4 pretty much playing for prize money and places. Bottom 4 fighting it out for automatic relegation/ playoffs Bottom 2 automatically relegated with third bottom in the play offs. Keeps the 4 OF games. Potentially gives you final 3 games in top and bottom groups that would have a lot riding on them. Adds 2 games to the season but reverting back to a knockout bet Fred could compensate for that.
  13. St Mirren do aye , will cost you 7 quid I think , unless you have a fire stick it works fine on there.
  14. Aberdeen fans doing Saturday night football right. Some atmosphere they created. The big fat guy slipping on his arse after going on the pitch was class as well. Unfortunately we were pish and never looked like scoring all night. All about avoiding the bottom 2 spots now.
  15. Ah that explains the van load of inflatable sheep then
  16. Passed by the ground at 1.30pm and the Aberdeen team bus was already there. They do know the kick off time don’t they?
  17. Hopefully JG has learned his lesson from the Hamilton game where he changed our system to 1 up front and dropped Obika. We were pretty hopeless that night until Jakubiak and Obika came on the park. It’s got to be all our attack for me and hopefully we out score the jambos. Its another chance to put a wee bit of daylight between ourselves and bottom spot , no shitting the bed again please lads.
  18. Hamilton also play hearts at the weekend so tomorrow night and Saturdays games are massive opportunities for us to put a bit of distance between ourselves and the bottom spot.
  19. Lee Hodsons injury not as bad as first feared and not expected to be out for long , although weds night against Livi May just be too soon.
  20. Chap as many doors as you need to until you find who stole your wheels then buy them back.
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