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  1. Aye, its being blown way out of proportion. I could understand it if Stephen Robinson had came in and signed all 6 players straight from Motherwell this summer, but he hasn’t, he’s signed one. The rest were either signed by JG or came via 1 or 2 other clubs, after their time with Motherwell.
  2. Awk, that’s a real shame, the Motherwell fans will be gutted.
  3. I don’t know what’s so funny tbh, if someone if daft enough to pay £50k for Cammy McPherson when he was available for free, then 350k for Dunne, when he’s got a year left seems ok.
  4. I really hope that wee fanny that was about 12 years old and was belting out the Billy boys after the rangers goal is in absolute floods of tears. Get it up the wee p***k.
  5. Real, Real shame, to see another, God save the Queen singing fanbase, lose on penalties to the Germans.
  6. Get a wee swedger doon yi, that will be some night.
  7. Charlie Adam retired yesterday, maybe not officially, but he’ll know himself he’s miles away from where he was and he’s turning into a laughing stock. Ridiculed all over social media last week for a shocking dive and now again this week for his pass back.
  8. Poor man’s Callum Booth remember mate. What chance does he have of a bigger move when Mr Booth is a better player than him.
  9. How has Cammy McPherson managed to convince another team manager he’s some sort of dead ball expert? Boys hopeless!
  10. It’ll all be sound lads, Stephen Robinson actually has a 100% win record against teams who have finished in the bottom six. Every defeat he’s had as St Mirren manager has come against a team that’s finished in the top half of the table.
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