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  1. Surely, it depends on what the money has been spent on though. If it’s been spent on mitigating the costs of the lack of paying fans at games and other lost revenues mainly due to Covid then isn’t that what the loan was given for in the first place? Even if the full lot wasn’t spent on Covid related problems, if it’s helped finance the upgrading of the clubs infrastructure ie; Ralston, then the fact we’ve been able to do this via an interest free loan is surely a good thing, no?
  2. Hopefully my iptv will have the usual SMTV international feed!! As will mine, hopefully.
  3. Would I be correct in thinking that there is no such things as Ross County TV for games no more? So, unless St Mirren are streaming this there is no chance of watching it at home? Paid for, of course!
  4. Fair play to Hearts here, clearly wanting to make their Protestant brothers feel better about themselves by going all out for an 8 nil pumping.
  5. A nice and respectful 45 minute silence from the Celtic fans there in honour of the late queen.
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