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  1. He didn't. He complained that Jack had done an 11k training session. He went on to say that Jack had played in an Old Firm derby and then 48 hours later he did a double training session with the Scotland squad which exacerbated his knee injury. I doubt the double session was two 5.5k runs. It's more likely it was a ball work training session on the pitch where each players movement was measured. Absolutely but it's not really a surprise. Consider it this way. If my young Grandson was to become an aspiring footballer who was offered a place at the North Lanarkshire School my advice to his parents would be to knock it back. Braidhurst High School is academically one of the worst performing schools in Scotland (6th worst according to the league tables) never mind locally and a childs education is way too important to piss away in that way. I've said it earlier in the thread but the whole "performance school" pish needs dropped.
  2. This, obviously - allied with the inevitable business instability and uncertainty damaging the Scottish Economy for what would be up to 10 years in a row with referendums. The majority of Scots don't want Independence, don't want another referendum and aren't happy that the SNP keep agitating for a split.
  3. Freedom of Information requests apply to Westminster too. Maybe the SNP don't want to know the answer - after all most Nationalists on here seem scared of the real figures.
  4. That's the crux of the argument and one I've never heard a logical reason for. f**k me. I know nationalists don't like reading things that don't fit their agenda but if you look two pages back you'll see I've done it already! There are 14 regions in the ONS report. 3 are in surplus this year. Scotland get's it's grant through the Barnett Formula and as a result of this we get to share in the success of the South East of England, London and the East of England. If the UK Government decide to start offloading each region that was running at a deficit they'd land up in control of Canary Wharf in the end The fact is no unionist politician wants to see the break up of the most successful political union in history.
  5. Don't talk shite. The UK Government publishes a budget every single year which breaks down it's spending. You can see exactly how your money is being spent. Try getting that info from Glasgow City Council........
  6. Like Council Tax? The Council claims to spend money running services on my behalf. Then it bills me. I have to pay this bill. You mean like that? As I've said unless you have an alternative provider that you can prove would do it for less money your argument is completely null and void no matter how you try to muddy the water.
  7. You too are selectively quoting. I dealt with your assertion fully in my post. You are a propagandist.
  8. How can anyone say that this deal would be beneficial to Northern Ireland when you don't have the detail? Certainly the DUP don't seen to think it's beneficial to Northern Ireland at all.
  9. That isn't propaganda. The was the factual assessment of Scotlands fiscal position as confirmed by the Scottish Parliaments own actuaries, statisticians and financial experts. It was also confirmed by the Finance Minister Derek MacKay. What you are doing is nothing more than propaganda.
  10. It's not flawed - it's factual. The problem Nationalists like you have is that it doesn't fit their narrative. It's uncomfortable. It's also unfortunate that professional actuaries working to professional standards, working for the Scottish Government have found that the Scottish Government spends £12.6Bn more than we raise in revenue. The money that you want to make out is some how stolen and hidden from Scotland is anything but. Westminster runs non devolved public services on behalf of the whole of the UK. Services like defence, HMRC, the DWP, foreign aid, embassies, diplomatic services, contributions to the EU, etc, etc, etc. Those costs are then split 14 ways across the various parts of the UK, and Scotland pays its share. For these true figures to become less comfortable for the Nationalist narrative they would need to show where they could make £12.6Bn of savings from what the UK Government spends on those public services and the problem the SNP comes up again time and time again when doing so is that their White Paper of 2013 stated clearly that Scotland would continue to use the same services after Independence because Scotland owned them too. If you plan to use the same services after Independence, it's surely a massive stretch of the imagination to think that Westminister would provide those services to Scotland for less than it charges the rest of the UK. You'll keep attempting to spread your "Fake News" in the hope that those in your trube are too feeble minded to work it out for themselves. But 55% of Scots saw the propaganda for what it was last time round, and unless you can convince them your lies hold some credence Scottish Independence will NEVER happen!
  11. Right now I am watching a TV series on Discovery called "Why We Hate". It's an interesting look at human psychology and the way propaganda works in sowing division. Your post here and the post made last night playing the man rather than the story are very symptomatic of what one of the contributors identifies as "fascist" behaviour. In this post you have chosen to select a small part of what I said, used it out of context and derided it. It's pathetic.
  12. I agree with this in principle but if he's driving he could go anywhere. Motherwell to the centre of Glasgow off peak takes about 20 minutes. Bathgate to the centre of Glasgow is just under half an hour. Use the M74 rather than the M8 and the commutes a breeze. It's not like Edinburgh where the Bypass is a car park during rush hour. Rather than Blantyre I'd probably suggest Uddingston or Cambuslang and rather than Johnstone I'd probably suggest Renfrew or Braehead all for the same reasons you've outlined but because they probably have slightly better transport links to where he's looking to go. I've never seen the attraction of the West End. Shite accommodation at silly prices, really difficult to park, and your neighbours are all wanky student types who get pished on a lager shandy, who think avocado toast is top quality dining and don't get me started on those twats walking around wearing trousers that last fitted them in the leg when they were 8 years old! The Merchant City is slightly better if you don't mind living in a broom cupboard! And I used to love Shawlands, but then I turned 18 and was able to get into decent pubs. And as for Cessnock, why not go the full mental and just recommend Govanhill instead? Having said that I was talking to a lady last night who reckoned living in Wine Alley was the best place she ever stayed!
  13. Jeez, are you really excusing that assault? WOW!
  14. I'm a football fan from Glasgow - of course it does.
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