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  1. But are you really surprised given Neilsons blind faith in Pawlett and Sow?! He clearly feels having these two back in January has been like two new signings.
  2. Mcmullan has been playing with a torn groin for the last month and has been playing with painkillers every week since around the Dundee game.
  3. So strange and confirmed now. He should have a signed a new deal in the summer and would have got a lot more game time with us and then made the step.
  4. Scott banks due to join Alloa on loan for the rest of the season https://mobile.twitter.com/CThomse/status/1223194399733112832/photo/1
  5. Stanton away to the states before the end of the Window
  6. They did manage to beat Hibs in a league cup final....
  7. Stats don’t bode well for someone we would want to bring in
  8. Spot on. If Neilson is bringing on Sporle ahead of Smith when we needed a goal, it tells you Smith has no chance of getting a game.
  9. That is the weekend of challenge cup so don’t think he will miss any games.
  10. He was all smiles and hugs with the manager on Friday night in the players family area after the game. Personally feel Robson has stepped up this season and has kept him out the team. Not sure Neilson wants to have a player that can only play one position on the bench hence him not making match day squads just now.
  11. I think it’s a bit inaccurate to say without the handout Dunfermline had. The money a league two team receives through the TV money will be nothing short of 6 figures far more than Dunfermline will get equivalent.
  12. Reading in the express this morning that the club are trying to tie banks and other youngsters down with new deals. Good news if we can get them on longer contracts.
  13. This. None of this would be happening if we had gone out and put 3/4 past this part time team.
  14. Connolly is going to miss half the season if he keeps his booking record up.
  15. Craig Conway training with Bolton with a view to moving.
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