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  1. I thought Simon Ferry did a good job of stopping Vaughan etc breaking from the middle of the park. Without him, it could have been more.
  2. Yeah the same can be said about Davo too. Puts in (IMO) a man of the match performance and the moment he’s slack with a pass there’s folk moaning at him. We look a completely different team with Anderson in it, calms the whole defence down. Also, Munro has looked very assured the last two games!
  3. We went 442 when he came on and went up front, dropping deep. Once Bowie went off, McKay came in at right back. Miller went to CM and Spencer went wide left.
  4. I’d keep the team roughly the same as Saturday but put Ando in for Davo assuming his hammy isn’t 100% or for Bene if it is. Gullan in for Bowie and keep Vaughan on the bench for now.
  5. Yeah pretty much. No point buying new ones when there’s thousands of spare ones that are never used. It looks horrible though. I’ve always thought that teams should be charged for any damaged carried out by its fans in a bid to stop that kind of thing happening.
  6. When is the draw for the next round? Would love an away day somewhere exotic like Wrexham!
  7. Watch the highlights to about 3:10, Macdonald hits a shot into the Falkirk fans and it hits a poor guy who’s presumably just come back from having a pish! Probably had to go back and wipe his arse after shiting himself!
  8. The lack of a right back? Is the former Scotland U18,19 and 20’s right back that we currently have playing there not getting considered?
  9. To be fair, East Fife were the better side and deserved their win. I wouldn’t be too quick to blame the defence today, even though we lost 4. I thought the front three were terrible!
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