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  1. Don't stream live games anymore, want people in the ground
  2. Does the other comment count as a bite?... Asking for the lad with the fragile ego
  3. Thank you for your kind words and continued support
  4. Take it you're one of the Cowden keyboard warriors on said board aye? I'll tell Mr Romanav you said hello
  5. Not my problem I'm afraid... Just happy watching finger pointing meltdown of the Cowden faithful...
  6. Know plenty about business my friend... Also know they are making a complete arse of it
  7. Not at all... The people behind the scenes at Cowden have run them into the ground. Not hard to see.... And the ground is a whole other matter on its own
  8. Cowdenbeath are a club desperate for new ideas. Board is a shambles. Ground is a shambles.
  9. I think Gordon's just one of those narcissistic types that feels he has some sort of role in being outspoken against the club and takes it as some sort of civic duty... When in reality he is a scrubber who shuffles in at half time of home games, looking like nervous wreck, gathering crumbs and spouting nonsense online in forums as in person he wouldn't break breath incase of being challenged. A football man no doubt, but in reality no better than any other online attention junkie seeking his fix. #LetTheFansIn.... See you at 4pm Gogz.
  10. **News Flash** Club tries to make money when they can get gate from fixtures. Take a day off and get with the "Autmn Rhythm"
  11. Well.. On to next season and proving ourselves once again! Cmon the Kelty
  12. Good to see you ignored my scumbag rebuttle to your last slaver ya skidmark
  13. So if it goes back July 1st then what? Guaranteed them a play off they are not longer getting because 1 out of 4 decided it wasn't going ahead... Doesn't seem right does it?
  14. 2 months to play 4 games.... Away you go. Kelty were given the title, begrudgingly... You think raith would be happy to get a their title and not go up? Honest answers only please. If you think an entire football club runs on "super conservatory power" then you're needing to maybe get involved at your local and see what it takes.
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