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  1. 3 at the back should allow us to maximise the space between the opposition midfield and defence but yesterday dunfermline were first to every ball in the middle of the park we were absolutely bossed in that 1st half. They played with one up top and 2 wide and it just didn't suit our system, it nullified our extra man in midfield and left us exposed to a quick break. It shouldn't have taken Mcpake 45mins to change that system. I'm glad he had the balls to change it and take off his captain who looked really suspect. You could see that centre half's and the wingbacks were unsure who was supposed to be going wide and when to sit in. Even in the second half we strolled it and dunfermline ran out of steam but it was dissapointing not to get clear cut chances. I mean even that second penalty Johnson had already ran past the point of any kind of scoring chance. New signings are a must this week.
  2. I think a left winger is a must, which frees up mcdaid and Todd to play in their more suited positions. We are a bit bare on wing cover and have been for seasons. Another centre half or lb cover is essential. Ideally one more signing after that but I think we may only get 1/2 more signings this window. I personally really like Keillor-Dunn at County, still only 21 but highly unlikely for us or anyone to be in for him.
  3. Being linked with Danny Johnson at motherwell now. That's a rumour I like anyway.
  4. Depends on the signings coming in. It's not an entirely bad way to play. It encourages opposition attackers to close, creating space in behind the midfield. I do however agree the current ability to play this way is lacking. Watching today we tried it, didn't work and ended up with some big punts upto to nelson which will never work. We also don't have the width or classic wingers to counter attack. We seem a small team, so patient possession is key to us. Just needs to be slicker and more purpose at the top end of the park.
  5. Desperately need left and right wingers. Mcdaid looks like he will be a frustrating figure most games. We need someone who has ability and vision, when we reach the top of the park. Possibly todd played in his favoured position of behind the striker might just give us that but I highly doubt it. Striker is a must. Nelson is still a raw player and needs to develop. However I think back to middle there is a solid team, who will work hard and keep the ball. Its just unlocking that final door. Credit to Peterhead today they were organised and soaked up what little pressure we gave them and we just couldn't figure out how to break them down. Bit of a let off with the Hamilton save, really switched off letting them. More composure from the striker and we were well beaten but well saved and a poor 2 points gained.
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