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  1. Was down at castle Douglas watching threave v nithsdale and what a game it was end to end stuff, for me threave edged the game first half and should have had a penalty. Second half nithsdale were much better Mckenzie getting the service and doing what he does best, as I have said this season nithsdale are the fittest team av Seen this year. Credit to there management team for that! The Mckenzie sending off tho, come on! nithsdale beat abbey vale now threave does that make them the team to beat?
  2. What are people’s thoughts on this weekends game coming abbey vale v nithsdale has potential to be a cracker both teams scoring for fun
  3. Nithsdale 6-1 Wigtown abbey vale-1-1 edu creetown 2-2 lochmaben Heston 1-1 uppers mids 0-5 threave Newton 1-4 bonnyton saints 3-1 YM reserves 2-1 lochar
  4. Has the boy from Wigtown no signed now aswell? nithadale will score no doubt with Mckenzie but the games a watched them last year they will leak a few at the other end, if that’s not sorted they won’t challenge in my opinion
  5. That’s for the 20th there looking for a game not this weekend!
  6. Saints have pulled out a friendly on Saturday a see!
  7. I think threave, bonnyton, abbey vale (if they keep goss) and nithsdale (if they have Mckenzie). All challenging at the top!
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