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  1. Kick in the stones ,,conceedi ng last min , losing 3 players 1 long term is a major blow , on to next week now
  2. Not seen anything on players leaving so hopefully Muir and Frood are still there , if a make it ill see but regardless am hoping for a win tomorrow
  3. Did Muir play a game ? Froode scored plenty pre season surprised if he has left ,not surprised McQueeny gone not easy with a big squad and no game time , few more to follow I would guess , on a positive note can't wait to make Saturday as long as ma shifts don't change again
  4. A win is all that mattered Newky hope we have a full squad available for Saturday though
  5. Good luck to the welfare today , hopefully Meeks can put a team out to take us through
  6. Manager reflects on defeat to Linlithgow “As far as bad days at the office go, yesterday was right up there. Linlithgow is not the place to be when you choose to have an off day because their team is full of players that will punish every mistake you make and we certainly made plenty. It’s a difficult game to talk about without being negative or overly critical of the team’s performance, or more to the point, individual performances and quite frankly, I don’t want to be negative. Is a defeat away to Linlithgow the end of the world? Certainly not. There won’t be many teams coming away from Linlithgow this season with points. In the first half, I thought we competed well, both before and after we lost the first goal. As the first half drew to a close I actually felt we were getting stronger and coming more into the game. Speaking at half time, I emphasised just how important the next goal would be and, unfortunately for us, it was Linlithgow that extended their lead, shortly followed by two more. The third goal seemed to suck the life out of us and player’s heads went down, and after that Linlithgow had a field day. I’m not going to dwell on this result. Sometimes these things happen in football, just look at the Celtic v St Johnstone score yesterday as well. Hopefully the players learn from it and it makes them better players. Next week we start again, clean slates for everyone, as we get our Scottish Cup campaign off and running.” SHARE
  7. CHANGE OF VENUE Sunday’s match moved to New Tinto Park Following discussions with Colville Park and the SFA, Sunday’s Scottish Cup First Preliminary Round tie has been moved to New Tinto Park, home of Benburb FC, in Glasgow. Given the recent rainfall and Blantyre Vics using KG Stadium on Saturday, it was felt that there was a real risk of another postponement, which everyone is keen to avoid. Kick off remains the same at 2pm, with the bus leaving Ferguson Park at 11:15 sharp. Can everyone who had booked a space on the bus last week let us know as soon as possible if they are needing one this week please. Good Luck on Sunday for the Welfare
  8. Why not just move to a suitable venue then ? plenty astros around ffs
  9. From the highlights all goals were soft or errors hopefully all in 1 game though
  10. Watch the highlights and ,Agreed , straight at him bad keeper error , all the goals were soft or errors ,fullback had a tuff day but better to get them errors all in 1 game ,I hope
  11. Manager has some decent comments here and accurate on the game as well ,best game ive seen devs play and ross was excellent at the back as well Manager gives his thoughts on draw with Tranent “It was great to finally get our season under way last night and what a cracking game to kick it off with too. First of all, we must give credit to all the guys at Tranent. It’s a great set up at Foresters Park and the pitch is looking terrific. With our game on Saturday postponed, I took the opportunity to watch Tranent play Newtongrange, so I knew we were in for a tough game. Tranent have many tidy players who are good at keeping the ball, so we asked our players to let them keep the ball as much as they like, as long as they did it in front of us. Unfortunately in the first half the plan didn’t work. Tranent got far too much time down our right hand side, something that ultimately cost us two points. I’m so frustrated with myself for waiting till half time before I made the tactical change. Had I done it when we were 2-0 up, we would have won the game. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I apologised to the players after the game as those dropped points were my fault. Once we made the tactical change at half time, we looked much more comfortable in the second half. Defensively we looked solid and Tranent didn’t trouble us at all meaning big Yossie had nothing to do. There were many positives to take from the game, non-more than the effort and fighting spirit shown by the team. Lesser men would have felt sorry for themselves having given up a two goal lead and would have ended up losing the game. However, it was us that should have won the game right at the end, but unfortunately our goal at the death was ruled offside, which was very frustrating. I’d like to give special mention to Daryl Devlin and Kevin Keane. Both of them were excellent for the whole game and Dev’s finish for our third was right out the top drawer. They have set the standard for themselves and the rest of the lads going forward. It’s onward to Linlithgow this weekend and hopefully my new found knowledge of my players and team after this game will stand us in good stead moving forward.” Updated 10:59 - 1 Aug 2019 by James Stout
  12. Cant argue , not sure how Welfare got 2 up but all Tranents attacks were down the left and WW did nothing about it , at 3-2 always looked with all their keeping of the ball ww would never get back in it but 2 nd half as it went on they got there both teams will be unhappy WW were 2-0 up but Tranent should have killed it at 3-2 ,,so a good point for both word for the official s- Useless
  13. No chance ,any game on grass on its swamp city in this area , rosewell will be a pond by now, nightmare
  14. 2 Excellent players and will lead by example im sure
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