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  1. Don’t question my allegiance because you don’t like what I say
  2. Aberdeen fan bud who lives in paisley so go to Glasgow based games as long as it’s not the old firm [emoji1360]
  3. Not at all bud [emoji23][emoji23] I am not saying hibs are a shining light, my point was they have took a gamble on a few managers in the past some have worked some havnt, unlike us who go for the same Scottish shite and also can’t see when things are looking a bit stale. But you obviously live your life by the commandment of “ though shall not question del” so I’ll leave it at that [emoji6]
  4. Just think we have gone a bit stale nothing wrong with wanting a bit of fresh impetus
  5. Also as well if Ryan jack was such the baller we all think he was why didn’t celtic sign him? Or teams from the championship or prem show any Interest?
  6. Not at all mate nothing to do with boredom. And I never mentioned sacking. I said let his contract run down and have a respectful mutual parting of the ways. Like I have said previous he has done a great job for us but there is an element of our fans who think he is untouchable, I’m saying otherwise. All I’m saying is it’s time for a change.
  7. Ryan jack was bang average. I’m not wearing my red tinted specs. Big love in for him cos he’s a local boy very ordinary not as much of a loss as other players have or will be
  8. Here come the “ but....but....but he’s won us a league cup about a million year ago. [emoji42]
  9. A manager who has managed at top level in Scotland in prem 3 league titles, Scottish cups, league cups, 2 last 16 of champions league. International manager. Aye your right gees mcinnes anyday[emoji23]
  10. Not always I’m not saying that. Heckinbottom looking good for them. But they have gave it a go unlike us, scared of change, scared to go a bit different. Let’s just play it safe that’s the Aberdeen mantra. Sick of it
  11. They do but going for someone a left field. Look at our last gaffers in the last 15 years - mcinnes, Mcghee, calderwood, Brown The same old guff regurgitated. Del has done us well but time for a change lads
  12. 4th*** even more so a decent killie best us to 3rd will be harder this year too with hibs
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