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  1. Don’t disagree, just calling what it looks like for now.
  2. Do we? We have Berra and a returning Lang. For short-term cover we have Brown, Dick and Masson. If the budget is a concern, as it seems to be, I suggest we will see one CB in, preferably one that can cover RB (Oh, why did we let Big Dave go, eh?) in a pinch, although Dick has ventured there too before…but would be less than ideal, especially as it leaves us with Young and no cover at LB. Ideally speaking, we would like 4 or 5 CB on the roster. Our current options cover 4, counting Lang and Brown, so I’d be surprised if we didn’t plan on possibly trying to find a loan CB over the next couple of months after we sign one more CB soon. However, with Berra and Lang clearing being the intended starting pair, it may be difficult to get a top quality loanee, as a starting wouldn’t be assured.
  3. This pretty much sums up what I expect too. With the dearth of proven talent available right now, I think Murray will look to get as proven a CB as possible in, and then trust Brown and Co. plus a couple of trialists for a few weeks until the loans sort out to cover the rest of it. For now, we have players to play ST/CF, but not what we really want, so a similar game of musical chairs and peeks at trialists is likely as well. With the increased number and play of “B” teams, we may well find some teams waiting longer before determining who will be loaned versus who will play B team ball. It may also adversely impact the quality of loans available, especially for the L1 and L2 teams, but probably for us too. Also, the thinness of the loan market may result in teams loaning desiring greater compensation or assurances.
  4. Young was on the player, and looked to lose footing when the scorer reversed on him. However, the reaction to the breakout pass was good, and he’s getting time and learning, so I don’t blame him that much, it was a lovely strike.
  5. Generally agree, except I don’t think Ugwu solves anything Pops wouldn’t, and offers less.
  6. Fair enough, but also note how many young players we’ve been getting time on the pitch. Since we have Mitchell, Masson and Young all on Modern Apprentice contracts that expire in 2023, it’s critical we get to see them.
  7. Honestly, Mitchell is pretty close to Pops in style and motor. Lacks experience, and is still very young, but I’d use him in that role before I’d sign Pops.
  8. Who can’t look good with this cantering alone beside him,
  9. Was that not only for 2/3 games? Granted one was the 5-1 demolition of the city folk but I can't really remember any other games where he's looked the part in that role either. Unfortunately, yes…2/3 games is all we seem to see of Vaughan these days. Let’s just hope that they’ve figured out a way he can play and not do it again! What I do recall about Jamie is him looking comfortable sweeping in from just wide of the D and shooting, while he often (not always, I know) simply seems to disappear in the goal mouth stramash.
  10. I think that's the problem with gullan. He obviously has talent but no one has figured out what his best position is or how to use him effectively. Teaming him with Vaughan would seem to be the best we’ve see, so that favors him in a two up top or ST/SS pairing…something Murray doesn’t seem enamored of based upon his time at Airdrie.
  11. I’d expect a small team to be landed to act as spotter/observers. Any ship in the vicinity could be targeted by Ukrainian missiles, with an observer likely able to see anything within 10-15+ miles, depending on the observers height above sea level and the height/size of the target. Putting a radar there would be useful, but would just act as a target to encourage strikes. The location of Snake Island is more important to Romanian sea traffic and Ukrainian air traffic than anything else. Since observers would exclude Russian surface forces from approaching the far Western Ukrainian coast without being spotted (Snake Island is about 22 miles offshore, allowing a healthy spotting overlap), it seems a no brainer to have a few people on the cliff tops around the island. Sited well, unless spotted, they would be near impossible to target. Establishment of a remote antenna(s) would protect against radio location of anything but the antenna…but I do wonder if they had subsea wire laid before this, and it it can be used/repaired. One note, the Moskva might have stood a much better chance against Harpoons than Neptunes, due to the older design of the Harpoons (Block I, and possibly Block II) that Ukraine has acquired. Since the IB and IC offered selectable terminal attack profiles, if the pop-up mode was selected, the Moskva would likely have downed the inbounds. Neptunes stay low, which may have kept it out of the main engagement window for the air defence and close-in missile systems on Moskva.
  12. We dragged Ugwu, Duku and Musonda out of level 5 and 6 in England. All three have performed acceptably, to one extent or another, for a couple of seasons up here, so it’s quite possible.
  13. Seems that some available players are being picked up in England, probably related to work regs since Brexit making it easier.
  14. Plus Ross and Connolly both have played midfield roles before, as additional cover.
  15. Hence suggesting we’ll perhapssee a winger or two bunged into the midfield role. Absolutely agree. That was my take on Young AND Mitchell before we started…but Young seems OK and has developed nicely behind Dick last year. Fair enough view of Dick, but I still believe he’s a fair or better LB when not required to push up. Brody is a crap shoot, but you don’t win by not betting. As it stands, we have 4 mids, so Arnott is getting his chance. Sure, why not. Who manufactures blood pressure meds, and has out BoD got an investment there?
  16. So far: Young is likely competent LB cover. Dick is questionable CB cover, but needs time to bed in with Berra if we’re gonna do that, before we decide. Tentatively, not seeing it working ideally. Arnott is ready to play, seems a natural follow on to Tait. Mitchell is a juicy looking morsel that needs starting time somewhere, and could easily be another Bowie. I think we’d hinder his development if we try to keep him at SP this year, but we need to offer the lad a full-time contract NOW. Murray is going to use a base 4-3-3 this season, so I’d guess any forward coming in would have to be a CF/ST rather than a winger. With Matthews and Spencer out for at least a couple of months, we will likely see some midfield assistance, but will it be a winger dropping back or a new loan/signing. Did anyone mention we need CB’s?
  17. If Mitchell looks that impressive for our forward role, we’re in a world of hurt. He was the darling at Bo’ness, but was getting goals on speed and poor defending in the LL…God help us if that’s the best we can roll out most weeks. He really needs some seasoning via constant play at L1/L2 level, and I fear we’ll use him sparingly and neglect his development this year if we keep him at SP. Did Big Dave play for QoS?
  18. Get the chappie who does such a brilliant 3-point turn in the wee boat in Raith TV’s intro videos?
  19. Early days, and comfortably leading the pack, @Ludo*1. We doubled our first month number last year, so you have hope.
  20. Certainly could be. When KMac was PT, he was working as an engineer with the family business, and that worked while he played PT at Airdrie, East Fife and Raith. The obvious top candidates in the right area would be Airdrie and the Pars, plus possibly Falkirk and Queen’s Park.
  21. Well, to equal the season before, we’d need 33,102 over 18 matches. Since we had 27,658, we were short by 5,444 attendees, which would mean we would have had to have 2,722 plus the 500 at those two matches. So 3,222 average attendance at those two matches, I doubt we’d have made it all up, but we’d likely have been reasonably close.
  22. Of course, we’re second or third in ST sales this season, so far…one of only three clubs over 1,000.
  23. Careful, that’s (“la clé à molette”)…use it or the Académie Française will be all over you!
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