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  1. Support can appear with success, funding covers a multitude of sins, etc… There are any number of ways that Cove’s ascent can go off the rails, but for now they look the business as an up and comer.
  2. Cove look like a potential threat next year, they’ve got the financial backing and seem to be building it right. They won’t be a walkover in the Championship next year.
  3. Or a half-ass. More seriously, he’ll do well for you assisting possession and passing, happy to track back or shoot forward, but a tendency toward the occasional stupid yellow. He’s coming with 4 Championship yellows already, FYI.
  4. Obviously never eaten at a Mexican restaurant, eh?
  5. Sat in a cafe a couple of blocks away from the site of the hostage taking and listened to two old lads discussing it. One had to evacuate because his back fence was up against the site, but he was happy that “once those folk from Virginia” showed up (FBI), it got resolved quickly. The synagogue is located in a mostly residential area comprised of large lots (around an acre plus) with McMansions on them. There’s a Catholic Church less than a 1/4 mile up the road that would have allowed a lot more hostages, but…
  6. Not overly put out that Dylan is heading to Killie. He seems to have stalled in development with us for the first half of the season, so if he kicks on at Killie, he improves the eventual fee we’ll get selling on, and if he stagnates, it wastes money that could have been spent elsewhere by Killie. He really didn’t look a Premiership player the last few months, so this is the right level for him right now, and the exposure to different coaches, roles, styles and players will likely help his development.
  7. Ya, got me considering paying for a VPN with a Scottish IP…but I’m too tight for that (is that a stereotype or not?).
  8. https://fireworks.com/products/aerial/rockets-missiles/jumbo-rocket-bag
  9. Got me excited, then read no international! What are you basing this on? Be specific. My opinion.
  10. Gullan is never a one up top striker…he’s better suited as one of a pairing or as the second striker behind someone. With Vaughan, he could play up top because Vaughan behind was literally the same as a pairing because of his movement and gay abandon in the attack. Of all our signed forwards, Mitchell is likely the closest to a true #9. Gullan and Vaughan are both classic false 9’s, and Varian (at this stage) and Pops are more true 9’s who can’t/won’t shoot enough to score.
  11. It’s not a bad thought to try Mitchell up top with Gullan behind and Ross and Connolly wide. Certainly he’s likely to be as effectual as Varian or Pops have been recently. That leaves Varian, Pops and Zanatta as punch from the bench. Ah, but as a gadfly pundit I can freely suggest batshit insane stuff…as a manager, you can’t be nearly so off the wall. Either way, I’m not even qualified to coach a kiddie team.
  12. Not the case… ”UPDATE 17/1/22: The draw has now taken place. All those entering were successful, and tickets are currently reserved for you. If you entered the ballot, please enter your barcode on this page to receive important purchasing information. Tickets not purchased by 4pm on Wednesday will be released for other fans to purchase. Details to follow on additional tickets.”
  13. Shake them up a bit…maybe a little insane and certainly won’t be done, but you gotta get their attention somehow: Thomson Musonda McKay Lang Young Williamson Stanton Arnott Ross Mitchell Poplatnik
  14. Any in the know about where to park? It’s being debated on the Rover thread.
  15. It’s a bit of a nasty choice with the Cup game next, ideally you’d play several bench players to “send a message”, but the cash from the advancement and possible next cash spinning match is very much a consideration. Bank’s is no patsy, so a wholesale jumble and playing some youngsters is likely out, but I still like to see a bit of a shakeup.
  16. Yep, this version it pays to use something with bonus vowels as the first word as it seriously reduces the list it can choose from…but it’s kinda fun banging one’s head against the wall now and then.
  17. Very happy to hear it, and very glad the laddie is getting time and opportunity to help you and improve himself. Looks like he had more shots Saturday than Raith had.
  18. Seems Coulson looked OK for you lot versus Stenny. What’s the shape of his play these days, still very raw?
  19. On to some good news from Cowden…Coulson started as left wing: “The players gave everything especially the front 3 and created numerous chances. Could have been 4 auite easily. Motm for me quinn coulson. Worked like a trojan and good use of ball and positioning.” ”The boy Coulson was the best player on the park. Probably says a lot about Gal Bollan he barely featured under him.” “Quinn Coulston has really come on leaps and bounds since MR gave him a chance. He could have had a hat trick in the 2nd half. The front 3 none of them a forward done well with 2 good goals from Robbie and Bobby.”
  20. For those seeking a wee bit of challenge, Absurdle…it doesn’t pick a work, just keeps as many possible every guess…until you corner it. https://qntm.org/files/wordle/index.html
  21. Finally cooled off enough to watch JMcG’s interview. He’s clear that our formations are basically all needing something we don’t have, a target man. He refers to 3-5-2, 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1, and each of those demands a big scoring player up top, either alone, supported by a smaller, agile striker, or with a pair of nippy wingers. We have Varian (nope), Poplatnik (nope), Mitchell (IDK, how big is the lad) and Gullan (again, no) to fill that role, none (seemingly) with the build and skills we need in that role. Our forwards fall into the second striker, supporting striker mould, which is fine if you play that way AND they work well together (see Vaughan, Lewis and Gullan, Jamie previously). Our problem with 4-2-3-1 is we too often end up compressed as a 4-5-1 with Varian/Poplatnik isolated and ineffective. In our 3-5-2, Dick and Tumilty too often aren’t driving deep enough to provide consistent pressure and threats. I think 4-3-3 is probably the better formation for us overall, but both Dick and Tumilty seem less effective as deeper lying FB’s. Ideally JMcG would be seeking a big, nasty CF still…but with Varian, Pops and Gullan in house, it seems unlikely. Given this, I’d love us to try a 4-4-2…it still wants target men, but it provides the crossing we thrived on early and we’re missing now.
  22. I think the “it’s Spencer” is overrated. There is a deeper malaise right now, an almost unwillingness to thrust forward and a certain happiness to knock the ball about and wait for the “perfect” opportunity. Stanton and Spencer are functionally pretty close, and as Stanton gets more game time, that situation will improve. It’s our play to the forwards and wingers that seems lacking recently. Matthews seems a bit off it, Zanatta is cold as can be and even Connolly is less pesky. Ross has disappeared and Gullan needs a foil to aid his opportunities, too bad they aren’t clicking that way. In the back, I consider Bene the weak link right now, and would prefer Lang in his place with Berra. Dick and Tumilty haven’t provided the same width since November or so, so a good boot in the arse might be needed.
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