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  1. Miami is hell, it even manages to make LaGuardia look like a decent place (nothing can make JFK look OK, not even Miami). Miami is nasty, crowded, understaffed and decrepit. Now, if you want an nice way into the Florida panhandle and those beaches at Destin and Fort Walton Beach (quite nice, and outside of Spring Break not too crowded, look at Northwest Florida Beaches International. Small airport, well staffed.
  2. Just wondering, so I poked around…Matej is playing for ND Ilirija 1911 in the Slovenian Second Division…13 games with 11 starts, 14 goals and two assists…the first two games he scored one goal and then three goals and an assist. Wid have him over Little John/Connell/McBride (hell, even all three, bundle their wages) in an instant.
  3. This Saudi Mexico match is turning very spicy…end to end.
  4. Got to listen to all the whining…and will eventually impact a trip…course, Congress is about to fix our train issues, not that you can use them for travel.
  5. Agree, but there seemed a clear push as well. On a related note, Fox’s graphic on the group result still shows France getting a point from Tunisia because they can’t wrap their heads around the idea France lost.
  6. And France sticks it to Tunisia again, even when unnecessary…
  7. I’m a wee bit let down to see no Aussie players are named Bruce.
  8. And how do your neighbors and your actual wifey feel about this use?
  9. Back in the late 70’s/early 80’s my dad was designing oil rigs for them.
  10. The basic problem here is that obvious apparently isn’t to the majority of our fellow travelers.
  11. Reading taxes over Except that tax rates are not completely indexed, and therefore the boundaries of tax rates are flexible points that move over time (effectively increasing taxes).
  12. Put me in mind to dig this out… About 40 years old now.
  13. Possibly posted before…but we’ll worth it, one of the first viral internet hits:
  14. They paid for that fog light, they want it on, damn it! Personally, I’d have preferred the second truck plowed the moron over.
  15. Wordle 528 2/6 Worked out nicely.
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