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  1. To have a DoF and still be faced with this wreckage is unforgivable. With no continuity within the team, there is no “Falkirk way”, or whatever you wish to call it, there is simply whatever the current bozo in charge directs. The fan base is alienated, the Board flails for answers, and the team founders. The fans here have been calling for a complete rebuild for a couple of seasons plus now, and it’s looking increasingly like that may occur…next year or the year after…in League Two. It seems incomprehensible.
  2. Yes, in a couple of weeks, it’s the Raith way… #waitingfortheotherGrant
  3. MacKay to open the scoring, with Zanatta and Poplatnik hitting back to win it for Raith, 2-1. Ross and Poplatnik as 65’ subs for the more tired or less effective of Zanatta or Connolly and Varian. Duku as a desperate 80th minute sub.
  4. There is something terribly wrong in the management when you can shift Dowds on loan to a team a league above, and he scores to match 50% of last years output at Falkirk in less than 7% of the time. It just suggests that the use made of Dowds by the managers at Falkirk last year was sub-optimal…as you all well know seems the case with a lot of the players. It’s truly perplexing to see that absolute shitshow that FFC has become, plumbing new depths almost weekly. It’s almost like it’s deliberate, but I really can’t find any conceivable reason for it to be so…I guess that means, by Occum’s Razor, the BoD and management staff at FFC are simply morons. It’s not something any fans deserve, and is truly saddening to fans of other teams as well. Get well soon, lads…surely it has to.
  5. Right, agree there, but is he offering any distraction, holding play, distribution or anything else?
  6. Just wondering how involved/useful Keatings looked versus Clyde? I know he was playing during all the goals, but is he showing any signs of adding anything to the team?
  7. I guess the question on ParsTV then is if they use the same volunteers to do the same job on a regular basis (I.e. gaining experience) when they show themselves capable, or is it a helter skelter “I want to film this week” mess? The quality of camera work is, well, baleful to the average viewer…shaky, jumpy and perplexing. Surely there is a person or two that can do a decent job and be assigned to that role consistently…and any person who can’t do it should be taken off that role permanently.
  8. Raith Rovers, first quarter results 5-2-2, second place. After a shocking collapse versus the Accies on opening day, and a shaky first month of play, the ship seems to have been steadied. The lost of Lewis Vaughan was a crushing blow to many Rovers fans, but the recent recruitment of Ethan Ross has put the wind back in the fans sails. With a solid defence, and a knack for playing a sweet passing game, the thing the Rovers have missed the most is a premier scoring threat. Other than a nasty habit for allowing late goals, the overall play this quarter has been mostly solid, but concerns remain about the departure of Dylan Tait in January, and a lack of depth in the midfield. As it stands, not certain the Rovers are a true challenger for the top spot, especially if ICT keep up the unreal rate of points earning, but certainly look good for the money to nick a playoff spot.
  9. Disagree. They made good work out of a high press game, and were unlucky in a couple of cases. Not sure how their play changes with Low back and Nouble gone after Christmas, but they'll be in the mix.
  10. Nine games played by all, and things aren't entirely as we expected. Team of the Quarter - Inverness Caledonian Thistle Surprise of the Quarter - Dunfermline, with Hamilton a close second Team Riding Its Luck - Kilmarnock Revised Final Placement Prediction: ICT Partick Raith Arbroath Killie Ayr Dunfermline (assuming a management change by Nov 1...if not, move to ninth) Queens Hamilton Morton
  11. Or what… Varian is underrated for the pest he provides and how much he bothers the opponent.
  12. Agree…and at the same time I suggested that in RaithTV chat
  13. Probably still trying to figure out which Partick player didn’t have any shots on target, and gonna name him.
  14. We backed a truck of money up to the b*****d and his partner and bought them out...cheap at the price, and we're still trying to recover.
  15. Just exactly how in the f**k did we ship 4 goals in 15 minutes to the s**t that is the Accies?
  16. Not in one go, he’s 284 on top and that’s only 280…now, if it was December…
  17. The choice of left wing was also my thought, but Zanatta certainly appears the more capable of taking on Vaughan’s type of role, especially when Tait is gone. We could see one up top with Ross and Connolly flanking and Zanatta freelancing across the pitch just behind them, supported by Matthews and Spencer,
  18. An ugly reality, especially at this level, that many don’t want to face is our squad is going to be comprised of (hopefully) a few stars in the making, a few youngish players who have topped/are topping out, a few experienced old hands nearing the end, a few young potential talents and a levening of solid, middle of the road, squad players. That being said, we have Ross, Musonda and Tumilty who all have shown ability to play at a higher level…Zanatta, Varian and Dick all have potential to grow into similar types…that’s pretty good for our squad size.
  19. Predicting Arnott on loan when Coulson comes back in Jan, probably to a League One side.
  20. Off the argument for a minute, any talk from the club if Tait is coming back from the loan back in January, or if they might be extending the loan through May, given the good performance so far this year?
  21. Boom, Ethan Ross signed, and given the limited changes in style and tactics from last year, might well put in an appearance Saturday. That’ll do, Board, that’ll do!
  22. …but I did also say Ross was a pipe dream! Never been happier to be wrong, that’s an amazing commitment from the club. Wonder if the compensation might be tied to playing time?
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