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  1. Resting Gullan and Matthews isn't rotation if they aren't fully well, it's trying to get the most when needed.
  2. That’s an interesting take/idea. If Vaughan was willing to bet upon himself being able to get a one year deal in the Premiership or England, what would the Rovers have to do to convince him to sign here? Is there an understanding that we’ll not impede a move up in competition if it is offered to him, that we would “happily” reach agreement on terms...or is this Lewis repaying the Rovers for sticking with him by giving them his help either on the field or possibly via transfer fees.
  3. JMac for PotY Ugwu’s nonchalant back heel for GotY for me...love Tumilty’s and Duku’s thunderbolts, and Hendry’s 1-2 is beautifully worked, but that back heel is just sooooooooo fun, and being against Hertz helps it out too.
  4. Gullan and Matthews need to be fit for Dundee. If playing before that would possibly make that impossible, I’d swaddle them in bubble wrap and rest them. Would I like them to play, he’ll yes...but not if there is any risk with the current injuries. Almost any way you slice results, the Dundee game is likely to be the pivotal one.
  5. Sounds like The Sun’s title for coverage of a trial about public lewdness.
  6. Absolutely this. Today PT player is generally at least 90% as fit and conditioned as a FT player, the difference, such as it is, is more in the depth of understanding that a PT player has of the other players intentions and reaction (Even this is minimal in the current environment).
  7. Don't really care as long as this gets the thread closer to page four and I don't have to see that stupid animated GIF giving me strange thoughts every time this thread loads!
  8. Apparently the Lord has high interest in this game, but if we’re lucky, when Jesus saves, Armstrong will pot the rebound! We need something up front, either Gullan or (perhaps) Smith to join Vaughan? Lewis alone isn’t working, much as Duku has vanished.
  9. Gullan and Vaughan, easy win. Vaughan and Matthews, comfortable win. Vaughan, a chance for a win. Davo, oh Jesus knows what happens.
  10. If we lose, and the Pars lose, we’re still a decent bet for third (or even second, if we beat Dundee).
  11. Tuesday will decide if it will be two teams fighting for second and one clear favorite for fourth...or...one leader for second (pending the head to head) and the competition for fourth between two clubs...or...two stumbling bums seeking the steam grate that is second while three teams club each other over the last spot. Should make for delicious painful watching for the Raith and Dundee fans, who will surely both expect the worst.
  12. Absolutely agree. Today’s results rendered that result about as likely as finishing ninth. Queens is nicely placed for a mid-table finish, something most of their fans would have killed for before Christmas!
  13. QoS lose all three... Arbroath beat Ayr and the Pars, lose to Morton Morton lose to Hearts, beat Alloa and Arbroath Ayr lose to Arbroath, beat QoS and ICT QoS drop to ninth...the only outlandish result there are Ayr beating ICT, except they cooled off today, and, well, that’s it.
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