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  1. Streaming link working now, £14: https://tv.gmfc.net/product/morton-v-raith-rovers-18th-september-2021-kick-off-at-300pm/
  2. Started in the U.S. in the 1980’s because of some weird TV coverage rules. For instance, in order to televise an NFL match in its home market, the game had to be a sellout. So you had local businesses buying up blocks of tickets to allow the blackout to be lifted, because it was a sellout, in paper, via “paid attendance”. I’ve seen the term used on occasion since in various forms and version to pump up attendance numbers and such. For all practical purposes it would be counting all ST holders, attending or not, plus all PATG tickets sold, attending or not, plus all promotional tickets distributed, attending or not. You can see how that would significantly increase announced attendance, and thus why it would appeal to some commercial managers and such.
  3. You’ll see clubs in various sports talk about “paid attendance” in an effort to play that game, which is why it’s always important to read exactly what they said.
  4. I got a couple of books of Green Shield Stamps…and some Esso coins too.
  5. Because it was a response to his post having made me look at the video. Sorry if providing context confuses you, now away you go.
  6. So, perhaps just to get the fears up, what happens if PG gets a dead cat bounce Saturday and guides the Pats to a victory? Yes, I realize how unlikely that is, but has he burned so many bridges that he cannot effectively remain as Pars manager…or would an insane run of wins change the thinking? What would it take, if it’s even possible, for PG to ride this out?
  7. Should eventually show up here for £14: https://tv.gmfc.net Looks like no Raith TV audio available.
  8. Not a bad analysis. If Keatings is going to get a start, this may well be it. With Poplatnik out, our only choices are Varian (knocked about recently, and ineffective vs QoS), Mitchell (raw and pretty much an unknown quality), Zanatta (who is many things, but not an out and out striker) and Keatings… I suspect, given JMcG’s stubborn nature, he might toss Varian out there again anyway versus Morton, but I’d suggest it time to try Keatings for real. Put Fotheringham and Zanatta on the wings and Spencer/Tait/Matthews in the middle…and keep BRS and Arnott ready to replace Spencer, Matthews or Tait if they are ineffective. Beggars can’t be choosers.
  9. I’ll note my comment was not a jab at his appearance, but his need to hold his camera higher so we can’t see his sinuses while he complains.
  10. Exactly, expensive (these days) and prone to warping, splintering and delamination. Doesn’t look like marine grade either.
  11. Ouch, would never have bet on Bob Dole outlasting Norm’s impression of him!
  12. And, given supply issues, more costly than even 2000 thread-count Egyptian cotton, eh?
  13. That camera angle has me thinking I’m looking down the barrels of a shotgun with that huge snozz.
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