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  1. Not sure you are correct there. Lower relative humidity allows faster evaporation, and causes you to feel cooler…higher relative humidity makes you feel warmer (and stickier). My smart thermostat has an option to cool the house up to 3F below set temperature to reduce humidity, if it exceeds 70% inside. While it does take a small amount of extra energy to heat a humid room, the humid air holds the heat more efficiently, and often feels more comfortable.
  2. Or perhaps your average gangster uses hydraulic cement?
  3. Outside of South America and Africa, honestly, no.
  4. Better call them up, as they’ve intervened today to support the Pound…
  5. Thanks, Jacksgranda…one toward catching you! I’d like to thank all the little thoughts and doubts that helped me achieve my goal!
  6. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/tickets-raith-rovers/ Seem to be, but not explicitly said.
  7. No answer at the website, but here what they have: https://queensparkfc.co.uk/tickets-raith-rovers/ Guess you could stand outside and buy a ticket on the website…however, at the start of the season, Queen’s did list a PATG price…
  8. Not sold on that. It’s to Putin’s advantage to inhibit Nordstream, to prevent any opponents from having an easy out should they oust him. Location suggests Russian “attack”, as getting U.S. assets into the area undiscovered would be extremely difficult. Certainly the Danish and Swedes would be aware of U.S. activity in the area due to the impossibility of submerged transit through the Skaggerak and the radar coverage in the air/surface.
  9. They now lose the ability to supply a large portion of Northern Europe, while Southern Europe, which has been somewhat less vehement in opposition to Russia still can receive gas (Yamal to Poland/Germany to tease with; BlueStream and Turkstream to Turkey and export facilities there; and TANAP to Bulgaria…plus Brotherhood/Soyuz which transit Ukraine to Hungary and Italy). Blowing up Nordstream hurts all the players you named EXCEPT Russia…Occam’s Razor applies.
  10. Here’s Wednesday…http://quizoftheday.co.uk/2016 8/10 for me, not too bad…especially as I haven’t seen a tanner in years!
  11. If they were signed elsewhere as a palyer, correct...otherwise...
  12. Fair enough, but it does make you think. What level of pain is the BoE willing/able to inflict to try to defend the Pound? U.S. rates are 3.25-3.5%, and forecast to be hiking to 4.6%, which would suggest the current 2.25% BoE rate would need to be up to at least 4%, if not 5%, for any hope of keeping the Pound level with the Dollar. The crushing impact on GDP of such a rise, combined with the stagnating economy post-BREXIT and the energy cost crisis is a foreboding combination, the likes of which haven’t been seen since at least 1978-1979. It is genuinely conceivable that a new Depression will settle in, rather than the expected Recession.
  13. If you want the bad news, the best guess is the Fed will punt at least another 1%-1.5% onto current rates before they stop. Looking historically, I was thinking how shocked most people will be by current rates because they’ve only known these rates, but the BoE chart shows I’m mistaken. As recently as mid 2007, the rate was 5.75%, and it was over 10% just 31 years ago. The biggest hit is likely to be home values, as the increased rates make homes unaffordable at their inflated values, with the resulting deflation placing a number of borrowers upside-down, and trapped in their homes. Unfortunately, unlike the previous version of this game 15 years ago, there isn’t likely to be a nice friendly recovery over the hill, instead it’ll be an articulated lorry in their traffic lane as they crest the hill unless Liz gets her policies to f**k. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/boeapps/database/Bank-Rate.asp Not to be entirely cynical, but if Liz gets her way, what makes you think the Pound could make a stand at 90 cents? I remember the shock when the Pound broke below 1:2 with the dollar, and it was widely assumed it was a temporary thing, time has showed otherwise.
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