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  1. In my opinion, the reality is that the majority of “fans” will prefer attending games, while a minority would prefer to watch on the sofa. So let’s see how we monetize this pie. There used to be local blackouts on NFL games that didn’t sellout before they figured out that the revenues from commercials during the broadcast were worthwhile in those markets. You want real money, sell a season pass to fitba over the air. Offer a commercial deal for pubs and such, and broadcast all the game through at least the Championship and, if able, League One. Offer a variety of packages to individuals, a Season Ticket (home games only), a Team Pass (all games), a League Pass and a Fitba pass. Small advertising banners and perhaps a score box/status box in the corner with a sponsors name could provide revenue and be accounted for by the Pixellot system. Then you simply have to have enforcement of the commercial sector, which might be easy if you make sure the fans know some of the money lost by cheating bars effectively comes out of their own teams paycheck. Until you could roll this out, a TV season pass for this year only could be offered at perhaps 60-75% the cost of a full season ticket. A few season ticket buyers would have a snit, but the majority wouldn’t mind, especially if it provides extra revenue to the team. The concern about fans staying home is, I think, overblown. I watched the majority of last season at £5 a home game and listened to most road games at £3 a go...would I have paid more, sure...would I have attended any of those games, not a hope because of distance, time and cost. The net was the Rovers pocketed about £100 from me they wouldn’t have received otherwise and there are plenty of domestic possibilities like this. With regard to a pass for watching all games, there will be arguments about less traveling support, but those that travel will anyway...those that can’t often are more constrained by time and money, two things a streaming service could address.
  2. Did he end up back in Australia after leaving the Fife? That was the report on the EF thread back in January. Retired Jan 1 to return to Oz.
  3. Latest Rovers Review had a couple of old Bayview shots on page 13, got me looking to find them and post over here for your enjoyment. Couldn't find them elsewhere easily, but a couple of recent (last two years) online articles on Bayview Park showed up. Probably already known to many of you, but figured I'd drop the links here, just in case: https://aftn.co.uk/bayview-park-a-pictorial-guide/ (Away from the Numbers, 6/2/2019) http://readtheleague.com/the-big-feature/gone-grounds-bayview-park (The League, 15/10/2018) The Rovers Review #20 has the 1970 Terracing picture that The League uses, and a 1956 view of the snow covered main stad I couldn't find elsewhere...yuo should be able to find the Review for download easily enough if you're that keen on seeing it. P.S. Maybe try seeing if Hearts would play again for £15 like the first game as EFFC, they're reportedly desperate for cash?
  4. The actual players “grounded” haven’t been named, but the players actually playing in the Rangers game (15 total) were 19, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 25, 28, 29, 32, 33, 33, 33 and 33. The remaining bench was 20, 26, 27, 32 and 35. There’s a pretty fair chance we’ll know who it was soon, and we’ll see.
  5. There’s no winning, under the current formula. Until some form of revenue sharing occurs, the vast majority of Scottish teams will be reliant upon gate revenues. As the fans die or become unable to attend, revenue streams will continue to slowly decline and a number of teams will collapse. Some smaller sides, perhaps with owners with deep pockets, will step up, but the rot will continue until a satisfactorily small number of “professional” sides remain. It’s a brave new world, and one in which local live sports have less pull. Some teams have found ways to involve fans, some still bang the same old drums, regardless the storms on the horizon are drawing closer.
  6. Except some will. The inherent problems faced by fitba are that of competing interests and attracting fans. The more hardcore fans find £20 reasonably acceptable as they understand that prices will rise over time, however this is pricing the casual fan out of willingness to attend. That’s why teams roll out incentivized pricing for youth and child attendees, trying to build future fans who feel invested enough in the team to pay for those £20 tickets. Any number of teams have tried boosting attendance by dropping prices, only to lose money because not enough extra attendees appear to offset the loss of income from the attending hardcore fans. Season tickets are currently configured in a way that doesn’t really provide a price advantage oof you miss more than one or two games, which is due to similar calculations as the PATG tickets. Hopfully, with the move to season ticket cards in place of coupon books teams will allow teams to be more creative with the idea of partial season plans. Something like offering a random 1/2 of the games for 55% of a full season ticket price and such might interest those fans who aren’t willing to pay for a full season ticket because they know they will miss at least 4-5 games. They key for teams is keeping the prices down as much as practical to keep the fans attending but to try to widen that possible base a little.
  7. Miller saying in his Ayr interview he was approached a few months ago and is expecting to play mainly as a defensive mid. Wonder if that didn’t appeal more than continuing on the back line with us, reserve or not.
  8. Glad to see you agree by showing your brain has not yet matured either. If you’re gonna try to abuse posts, kindly try to do so in a manner that addresses the post, and facts related to why you disagree, rather than just vomiting forth your insipid stream of consciousness. So, cite your source, as my position is highly supported in scientific literature.
  9. As long as you’re not expecting an offensive explosion, and if he can avoid niggles, Mikey will likely do an excellent job for you. I’ll enjoy seeing the interview, as he always came across well.
  10. Young men, COVID fatigue, plenty of people denying the severity of the virus and the simple fact that most U-25’s brains haven’t yet matured to properly process risks...what could possibly go wrong. Even the most successful counties with COVID had slips and errors, but they quickly adapted and corrected. It takes an effective enforcement procedure to keep sports running, and the costs involved are pretty huge...not sure fitba can afford it, but can we afford the opposite?
  11. With Mikey Miller, the majority of Raith commentators felt a new starting RB was needed for the Championship but would be happy to have him stay on the team. Miller was viewed as a good squad player behind a starter at this level, reasonably versatile and competent, a very solid backup RB with the ability to play a more midfield role competently, if not as a star. The knock was his niggling injury that derailed his campaign after roughly December. Popular player with both the fans and team, though McGlynn seemed a bit frustrated at his injury and its slow recovery. Very happy he’s got a nice place somewhere, not as thrilled to perhaps face him.
  12. It was, the last Official News statement by the club with a number was 2 August, 2019. They reported 904 season tickets sold by saying we were only 96 tickets short of the 1,000 goal. I couldn’t find any further news releases addressing season ticket totals.
  13. Missed this post before...we knocked around some figures for a while on a couple of threads, and the general concensus was that most venues could allow about 15-18% capacity with some form of 1-2m social distancing in place. The biggest variables were seating technique and groups. After running through various permutations that could see up to about 35% capacity, the eventual sticking point was always entry, exit and movement within the venus. Until the "tests" that were discussed occur and some form of direction as to the actual requirements are issued, its pretty much impossible to determine how many might be allowed at a game and exactly how a particular venue might be configured to maximize possible attendance. Some facilities have options that others don't because of access points and comfort facilities, others are limited primarily by a lack of multiple seating locations, which inherently causes crowding at certain points and will require careful planning and seating assignments. I suspect that most season ticket holders will cheerfully accept any spot in the stands for a game just to start moving past this crap, but there will certainly be some grumbling in those location where ST takeup exceeds available capacity for the most popular games. Where that occurs, the proiority considerations would be interesting...do you allow the longest holders, the first renewers, the biggest group buyers or whomever the first crack at the popular game(s), and would you rotate assignments/choices.
  14. Well, speculation is the order of the day, and we have a shortened season, so the turmoil at Hearts has a chance to make a major impact : ICT Hearts Dundee Dunfermline Arbroath Ayr Raith Alloa QoS Morton
  15. Mendy is young, tall and athletic, three things you can’t teach. The sole unknown right now is does he have the ability to process the game at this level...some players with tremendous abilities never develop the understanding of the game necessary to thrive at the higher levels, it is a complex process. However, Mendy’s success at Kelty shows some ability to develop, something we will hopefully check out in the friendlies, and then decide if he’s viable at the Championship level. I don’t see a return engagement at Kelty happening, if he’s loaned again, I would think it would be to at least a League Two team. Keeping him as a backup doesn’t help his development as much, and would tell us that JMcG considers him almost ready in the Championship...unlikely, but we can hope. Not buying him out, instead using a loan and honoring his contract while developing his skills makes us possibly more attractive to other similarity placed players (see Duku, Manny) who might come good for pennies spent. JMcG has a decent record of developing players, fingers crossed.
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