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  1. Nice work getting £3,000 already, low profile. Good job, and a great idea by the club to have the players reach out!
  2. Thief...see page one... “Take current positions, convert to 3 x 14 next year. One full round versus all for 26 games, then a full round versus your “half” of the table, another 12 games. 19 total home games. HL/LL get no promotion this year, but will be two chances starting next year. Starting next year, promote #1 and 2, #3-5 playoff with #12 above, #13-14 relegated and (as noted) #12 playoff. On the bottom of the third league, #14 plays HL/LL winner with best record, #13 plays the other.” ...but, seriously, about the worst loser of this is Clyde, who will likely move up next year, and the HL/LL teams that will get two spots doing forward.
  3. No. The idea that experts should always be challenged is Thatcherite bullshit. There are times and places where an expert or experts should be questioned about opinions and decisions, and they aren’t limited by some propriety or rule....however, it is increasingly clear that the experts got this warning right and several locations waited too long to listen. Your response to this, that because only a limited number of places have blown up, the whole premise is wrong, is the province of naive fools, evil-doers and sociopaths. How do you self identify?
  4. Yes, BPM, he meant to say that. Impressive, isn’t it. If clever lad her is watching the statistics, then he’ll see that New York City hospitals are losing the battle, New Orleans is at capacity with cases still climbing, Detroit is about to crater, Washington State has finally seen a tiny bit of light thanks to a just in time lockdown there, and the United States as a whole is using capacities unimaginable in normal time (splitting ventilators, enlisting military hospital ships to provide extra capacity, etc) just to try to stay afloat. The experts say 6 more weeks minimum, and our bumbling, self-interested, clueless leader wants to reopen by Easter. The more interesting question is what are the true statistics from China.
  5. With that suggestion, why not just take the first half of this season, and call it done then. That way the teams would be the same for the “season”, while under your proposal they would change. Aha, wait, I know why.
  6. Really, well, if so, I apologize. I posted the East Fife link on the Rovers thread and tossed a few quid in too, so f**k you too anyway.
  7. Your observation is pretty on point. Perhaps steal about half Celtic’s winners money, and about a quarter of Rangers and the other teams, pool all that and divide by 42. Celtic can stand the hit, Rangers are pissed, but since Celtic lost more will live with it. The other 30 teams get a little lifeline. Bigots will happily vote against their interests as long as someone else gets it worse than them. The two autos next year might be a way, but would have to include a third playoff spot as well.
  8. FIFY Pedantic geezer. That’s your opinion, not mine. Just hitch your wagon up, and go off to color something humorous. That counts. FIFY
  9. Isn't it just an early prize money payment? Can't say for sure where you'd finish so you get the minimum amount based on finishing 10th and you'll get the rest if/when the season finishes. They cant exactly give out money they don't have. Nope, I just posted an analysis of the payment allocation, and it’s pretty bad: https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/264446-spfl-payment-math/
  10. So, the SFPL, in their infinite wisdom have decided to pay: Celtic, Sevco and Motherwell £395,000 each. The other 9 teams £157,000. Championship teams receive £26,500 each. League One teams receive £2,700 each. League Two teams receive $1,350 each. Lets do some math. Normal SPFL prize money is based on percentages of total given to positions 1 to 42, ranging from 31.25% to Celtic number 1 down to 0.18% at number 42. The 2019 payout was based upon roughly £25,000,000...this payout totals £2,903,500. So, let’s check the allocation: Premier League would normally get 82.28% of the payout, in this scheme they get ~89.46%. Championship League would normally get 12.05% of the payout, in this scheme they get ~9.13%. League One would normally get 3.45% of the payout, in this scheme they get ~0.93%. League Two would normally get 2.25% of the payout, in this scheme they get ~0.46%. As we can see, this is a quite unfair allocation versus position payment allocation. In my opinion, the correct allocations, based upon precedent and rounded to make it add up, would be roughly: Premier Top Three (bullshit, but the way they did it) get £362,976 each. The other 9 teams get £144,341. Championship get £34,987 each, League One get £10,000 each and League Two get £6,600.50 each. To be even more honest, I’d suggest £140,000 to all Premier teams, £70,000 to all Championship teams, £35,000 to all League One teams and £17,350 to all League Two teams.
  11. There's having a laugh and then there's being like alot of the arseholes in Kirkcaldy are doing and going about their day like there's nothing going on. Bene being out for a run is fine as long as he's distancing though. I’ve seen plenty of his distancing in the penalty area...though this year he was looking back in form.
  12. East Fife have a fund raiser going. It wouldn’t be bad to toss a little if able, we got some support for other teams fans. https://www.gofundme.com/f/supportthemightyfife?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  13. Note that in Serie C they are starting to field Serie A development teams.
  14. That would explain the listing of a contract through 30-5-2020. With an option contract, until exercised, it would be a one year deal.
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