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  1. Well, do you prefer Falkirk win and your Feb 8 game gets moved to a Tuesday or they lose and you keep that fixture?
  2. Absolutely agree. After the concussion, his play had soured the fans on his potential. If he’s back to what JMcG saw and liked, it’ll be great for both sides. I would also like to see him play a little quickly, so if we do see not enough improvement, we can ship him back to you and we both win again.
  3. GAndo isn’t the answer there, but Bowie hasn’t shown anything recently and Smith is untried. Victoria, perhaps?
  4. Ross MacLean departs Falkirk. https://mobile.twitter.com/FalkirkFC/status/1220647722212110336?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet Joins Queens Park. https://mobile.twitter.com/queensparkfc/status/1220647776591192064?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  5. The unfortunate reality is he will likely stay sitting on Raith’s bench. With Steven Anderson out until at least April, we need cover at CB, but he’s unlikely to see much playing time without another Davo red or an injury. It’s a shame, because he needs the playing time, and apparently his time at Kelty has done him a world of good. Of, for some reason, we get a CB in on a loan or signing, I’d expect Mendy to be back at Kelty...but I think that kind of player is near the bottom of our target list. That being said, thanks for all the work you gave Mendy!
  6. Would someone like Declan Byrne, from Albion, be a viable target? Albion are struggling, and won’t love losing him, but he seems to be scoring pretty well and would likely live to get out...just no real action at a higher level.
  7. Mark II implies improvement...unless it’s made by Lucas.
  8. And Allan, somewhere. Our tactics can be supported with one forward and some pressing from the mids, where we are better staffed. A forward in this window is nice, not overextending and hurting the club is nicer. We must live within out means, something we failed at the last couple of years.
  9. Out: Raith Rovers, Jamie Gullan returned to Hibs at end of loan (13/1/2020j. https://www.raithrovers.net/42943/jamie-gullan-loan-extended.htm (Confirms loan ends 13 Jan) https://mobile.twitter.com/HibernianFC/status/1220051250563076096 (Hibs tweet of Gullan on the bench vs Hamilton)
  10. Bowie is probably off radars with his cooling off, one or two months isn’t enough to justify. They’ll watch with interest to see how he plays the rest of the way, while keeping an eye on young Dylan too. I can’t feel sad about Gullan, because he’s possibly getting a real chance up at Hibs, and he was a tireless worker for us. The BoD is in a troublesome spot here, because of Falkirk lurking. If we were 10 points clear, they might justify spending to win the league, but with Falkirk’s relatively “unlimited” budget (vs ours), we cannot afford to push all in and fail again. They certainly feel we can make the playoffs, and possibly can gain promotion that way (with a small outlay for a striker), if we don’t win the league, so a big splash would seem unlikely. If this hybrid model is making the finances work, our young players make next year’s prospects look pretty decent, so the risk/reward isn’t there this year, I’m sad to opine. That’s not resignation to another year in League One, but rather recognition that the debt incurred with the previous two years ill conceived campaigns severely limits our options
  11. Good judgement and maturity from the young lads, bodes well for our fan base! With the complements they’ve received for the atmosphere they’ve been providing, it’s quite gratifying to see such a sensible call to prevent detracting from the pluses they provide. Plaudits to them!
  12. Wondering if our low number of corners is more of an influence than sheer poor execution. Of course, the fact that we seem to be worse in the air than an acrophobic sloth doesn’t help either.
  13. If they've terminated the contract, then any deal he makes with us is at the rate we offer.
  14. True enough, but we also killed the Raith young team because we had to save funds because things were that dire. The group youth model is working OK, but as you note, having some local talent playing really gets the community to buy in. The current MSG team of journeymen is more of a turn-off to the community, almost a poke in the eye, after the sucess of the Academy.
  15. I agree it happens, but I’m also old school enough to believe that he was injured playing for us, so you don’t put him out for the dustmen! Same with Vaughan...he’s probably cost us a fortune, but we signed him and he hurt himself playing for us. The is a line, that is too often crossed these days, between what is right and what is efficient. I pray that the Rovers can always afford to do what is right. With regard to MacDonald, the question would be is he willing to play full-time football, as I doubt any other offer (that might trump us) would be from a part-time club. If he is, I’d really like him with us in the Championship next year. The offer for him would have to include serious funds, a sell-on provision AND at least a loan of a proven, in form striker. And even then I’d have pause, as we don’t have a ready replacement on the roster. Finally, on the Mendy song...is there any doubt how it would be adjudged? There would be a harsh response to this if it makes formal news, so now is the time to shelve it and move on. Sooner or later a smallish club in the UK will be made the example, pour encourager les autreś...don’t believe for a second that we are too big to be the answer to that question. Eventually a points deduction will occur for this type of behavior, somewhere.
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