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  1. Don’t fully agree there, as there is quite a bit more than “pace”, and he is still developing...but your point is well taken. I would expect him to easily slide into an English League One or Two side or any of the bottom half Scottish Premiership teams if signed by them. His ceiling is still unknown, as the lad has a drive to him.
  2. If you want to talk dreaming for Hendry, he would fit very nicely into a certain scheme south of the border. It may sound crazy, but English Premiership and Championship teams have plenty of resources to take a talented youngster and develop them into their system, and the current Leeds United system depends on high motor, skilled and visionary players (much like MC as well). We could certainly hope someone in that program, or more likely a program looking to emulate their success, is looking around for the next young talent.
  3. Let’s have a go...assuming that KMac was simply precautionary and he can play....or that Bene can play for him, if he’s OK JMac Musonda, Davo, Mendy, KMac Armstrong, Hendry, Matthews Tait, Duku, Vaughan Injury considerations: Bene can take KMac’s spot if KMac is out and Mendy’s otherwise,if he’s healthy. Mendy and Musonda can be flipped. Tumilty, if healthy, can play for Frankie and Frankiie could replace Mendy, if desired. Coulson can play for Vaughan.
  4. True enough, as it was playing Tait last year that showed us his potential. I hope we are working to sign Hendry beyond May 2021 right now, as someone is going to come calling soon...Tait is less of an immediate concern as he is signed through May 2022. If Bowie was a good enough prospect for Fulham to sign to develop, surely a more polished, but still young, Hendry will be of interest to at least English League One or Two, as well as the Scottish Premiership.
  5. TxRover

    Week 7

    At least you're consistent Not so much, the Falcons has a pretty good video for the game...
  6. TxRover

    Week 7

    No. Currently allowing ~34.7 a game, and on track for an NFL record 555 points allowed in a 16 game season, beating the ‘81 Colts 533 by almost 1.5 a game. Also on track for -32 for the season. Passing the ‘65 Steelers, who were -30...but it was a 14 game season. And for fun, they need to get to 282 points scored to avoid the ‘81 Colts record for worst scoring differential (-274) in a 16 game season (the ‘76 Bucs managed -287 in a 14 game season). They have 176, so they are just 106 points away, but with 13 points in the last two games and the Red Rifle possibly out for a week or two...that’s 106/9, or nearly 12 points A GAME versus their most recent 6.5 per.
  7. TxRover

    Week 7

    Of course, as fitba fans, we can all relate to the first question.
  8. TxRover

    Week 7

    Dallas Sports Radio, KTCK, Cowboys Post Game...Jake Kemp’s wife asked him “Why do you continue to love something that doesn’t love you back?”...and Jerry probably would say “Did you like those three Superbowls?”.
  9. TxRover

    Week 7

    You know, if Burrow had any help on the offensive line or from the defense, those Bungles wouldn’t be half bad.
  10. TxRover

    Week 7

    Browns almost into the red zone....Lions penalty on XP
  11. TxRover

    Week 7

    Forgot the kicker woes today...
  12. TxRover

    Week 7

    What a mess in Atlanta...and Cinncy
  13. TxRover

    Week 7

    VAR, American style, in Atlanta
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