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  1. The point is that even the right manager can be hired at the wrong time in a team cycle to make an immediate change in fortune. I was simply suggesting DAFC needs to be wary of acting like Falkirk has recently, and running through a series of managers.
  2. Any manager selected must be given time to create their team and deliver a performance, else you risk taking the path FFC have over the past several years. The fine balance is a situation like Grant was, and while you Board finally punted him, it was at a point too late. I know it seems contradictory to my point, but this point is more about several years of instability.
  3. Not suggesting you had, but you must beware of doing it because of frustration in League One if things don’t immediately turn around.
  4. Generally true, but also giving said manager time to build HIS team and turn around the mess is critical, something Falkirk never allowed in the past few years either.
  5. Agree completely. Coulson is still a potential player for us in future, Mahady seems the clearest bust. Bow is the unknown.
  6. OK, let’s look. First, to me young players is 21 and under…but I’ll go to 25 and under for this: Tumilty, 25 and Premiership capable…plus out of contract. Musonda, 24 and potentially quality, but unproven as yet…plus out of contract. Connolly, 26 Gullan, 22 and didn’t show necessary ability at last attempt…may be able to develop though. Stanton, 28 Matthews, 25 and maybe has potential, maybe not. Zanatta, 25 and too inconsistent. Lang, 24 and Premiership capable. Spencer, 26 (and out of contract) Ross, 20 and needs development, but appears capable. Arnott, 18 and completely unknown, but looks promising. Mitchell, 18 and looks good at a very low level, needs development. Coulson, 18 and looks decent at a low level, good engine, needs skills improvement. Young, 17 or 18 and unknown. To be honest, that’s not a Premiership squad core by any means. No, we’ve now seen these players…or not seen, which is feedback too. Bow appears a miss…very little action on loan and an injury for a good time. Mahady got little playing time at a bad Cowdenneath and isn’t playing for the Shippy. Coulson got some time for Cowdenbeath and somewhat impressed. Mitchell is rampaging at Bo’ness…but that is LL. Arnott looks good. Young seems competent. Masson is an unknown. Hardly slating, reviewing a season’s work.
  7. I doubt the budget will sign more than one or two forward/wings, given our current trove signed.
  8. Agreed. I do wonder if they cut his legs out on Tait, especially as thin as we were at midfield “starter” quality. The first is a fact, the second is probably overblown. Arnott is our premier young player, Mitchell is very promising, Young is pretty decent looking, Coulson has some potential, Mahady is not looking good to develop to League One level, let alone Premeirship…Bow and Masson are untested unknowns. Now, assuming you intended to reference our “younger” starting players, I don’t know that that is true either.
  9. It seems clear: 1) There was a feeling that JMcG would wait around for Raith to offer. 2) They were mulling stuff over and considering replacements for JMcG when Falkirk nuked Rennie and asked to speak to JMcG. 3) They panicked and tried to sign JMcG but were outclassed/outbid. 4) They tried to make it look intentional by designing a long application period. 5) They failed to consider what other teams might do in the same period. 6) Like ostriches, they ignored the fact the job is somewhat unappealing due to press and budget concerns. 7) They stuck to the timeline, even after it became apparent it was an error. …and now… They’ll probably hire the wrong guy!
  10. I've literally not seen or heard any Dunfermline supporter refer to next season as easy whatsoever. More pish from you as per haha I really shouldn't be surprised. Check the wording and context, the response was to a post above that suggested DAFC should easily win the League…it wasn’t a Pars fan anyway…and I simply addressed his comment. So, your pish level seems a bit high, m8.
  11. I’m starting to get the feeling that we’re gonna be sitting at the bar (still) when time is called, with beer googles firmly in place, and end up with someone truly terrifying.
  12. I understand the principle you espouse, but the team is, to put it mildly, a punch bowl full of turds. The questions involved include the budget to make changes/buy out players/etc, the expectations of the Board, and a truly nasty League. Given the recent revolving door at Manager, and the fans quite vocal discontent, the next manager will be inheriting a quite warm seat already, and may hesitate to jump into the frying pan. JMcG elected to go to Falkirk knowing that it had finally settled in that they needed stability and time to turn it around…whomever enters EEP next may not have that luxury. The Pars may be the “biggest” team in the league, but a potentially resurgent Falkirk could be close, a well funded Kelty will harass, Airdrie and Montrose will be competent or better, EC and Peterhead are both stronger than EF and The Sons were this year, Alloa and QoS will likely be competent, Clyde, well, it’s Clyde. I suspect League One will be far from the easy canter to victory that some think…see Falkirk.
  13. No way Murray trades an Airdrie side he’s built for the current bowl of pig shit signed at EEP, simply because it’s the same level. He might go for the Raith job because it’s a level up, but the cons there are still a pretty cautionary matter. Honestly, if Dundee have snaffled up KT, I’m not sure anyone remaining could tempt Murray or Petrie to move.
  14. I’m still available…still horribly unqualified…not that unlike many of the other names tossed around…
  15. Promising. Be lots of toys out of the pram post match interviews next year!
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