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  1. I'm half expecting Craig Moore to get injured by falling out of the stand any time now.
  2. You're possibly doing her a disservice as she may have been trying to initiate a philosophical debate by juxtaposing the solemn occasion of marking death with the necessity of food for the continuation of human life.
  3. I'd be interested if there's a spare spot, even if it means starting off in a new Lowland league. If the new spaces are already taken then no probs. User name is Board_stupid
  4. My retinas are burning. All the players look like extras from the recent Chernobyl mini series.
  5. Very intelligent dog, capable of speech and warning you about its unhinged owner.
  6. It's pretty much guaranteed that she'll say that you never get the water without her prompting you. If you really cared you'd have the water sitting by the bedside, but no, it's always up her to make sure that it's done etc etc. I think you should have a decade's worth of falsified stats ready to swing the argument back in your favour.
  7. That's what the Jackson 5 would've looked like if Michael hadn't been taken from us.
  8. The hotels you stay at must have remarkably broad-minded and tolerant receptionists/bar staff.
  9. Batman would play dirty by getting his mate, Commissioner Gordon to investigate Superman's undocumented immigrant status. Failing to produce a birth certificate results in Superman being taken down to the border and dumped on the Mexican side. Superman, being a law abiding sort, accepts his fate and begins a new life bringing down the drug cartels. "Look up there. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Ay caramba! It's Supergringo." I can feel a pitch to Netflix coming on.
  10. Well, that escalated slowly.
  11. It appears to have a cock on its underside. Which is surprising as it's usually found in the driver's seat.
  12. What about when describing poor quality Christmas crackers?
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