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  1. How Ball got that gig when ginger pubes left I'll never know, should've been Sara Cox. They could have shared the presenting duties. Cox and Ball's Breakfast Show has a nice ring to it.
  2. You should point out to him that Sevco is fake.
  3. I don't know what Timmy the dug has seen in that boy's erse, but the intense concentration in his eyes is quite unsettling.
  4. Unless I've misread previous posts he's been covering pizzas with mangoo for a while so it was inevitable.
  5. The size of cop porn boxes at the movies is getting ridiculous.
  6. In the supermarket the other day I changed the habit of a lifetime by abandoning my usual tea brand of Tetley in favour of a box of PG Tips. I'm not entirely sure why I did this, but I may have been nostagically reminiscing about about the antics of those hapless chimps on the adverts of years ago; I don't think they ever managed to get that piano shifted. Another aspect to this is the fact that I would be treated to a technologically superior brew due to their use of pyramid shaped teabags. Giddy with anticipation I opened the pack, pulled out a teabag and regarded its distinguished design. You can imagine my ire and disappointment when I realised that it had a triangular rather than square base and was therefore a tetrahedron rather than a pyramid. I firstly vowed never to buy anything off the back of a chimpanzee's recommendation again. That had happened once too often now for my liking. Secondly I thought I'd compose a stern email to PG Tips, the utter charlatans. Fortunately before doing so I consulted the internet and in doing so found out that pyramid can have any number of different shapes as a base, triangles, hexagons, decagons, you name it, it can be done. Feeling somewhat appeased I calmed down and had a cup of tea, which for the record was fairly decent. tl;dr pyramids can be different shapes.
  7. I'm looking forward to Throbber's next post when he says he's traumatised after the MIL's partner got pished and announced that he's a long undefeated champion of soggy biscuit and challenges Throbber to a toss-off. Meanwhile the MIL is in the kitchen mashing all the ingredients of tonight's dinner in to a communal trough and Throbbette is insisting it's all just harmless fun and he should just man up.
  8. Thanks ttb. They changed the question slightly to ask for musicals that could be linked to towns in Scotland, so that would make it difficult to prove there was intellectual property theft. I'm not going to pursue it as nobody on their right mind would start a court case they have no chance of winning. (Championship forum for this pish)
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