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  1. Club posted an interview via Twitter with Ben Hall. I can’t provide a link but would be interested if anyone else finds it of some concern. Nervous, unconvincing about strategy, totally lacking in any leadership quality of a centre half (thinking Hughes, Burgess, etc.). Maybe Hall knows he is being dropped for the next game but either way he’s in no frame of mind to be a dominant defence leader. Maybe we’re bringing in a central defender on loan…
  2. I’m not the only one concerned with Holt’s influence beyond the apparent remit of Sporting Director. First Sheerin interview after appointment saw him talk of a 4-3-3 formation. What now transpires is the 4-2-3-1 which ended M&M’s season. Undoubtedly influenced by Holt upon 2020-21 season restart. This can only add to Sheerin’s clear frustration about Saturday’s team performance. Very worrying times.
  3. Very heartening. The sad rise of the ‘tippy tappy’ style from Largs throughout all levels of soccer coaching in Scotland has been inversely proportional to the standing of all Scottish clubs in Europe. Over the last 40 years. Any glimmer of change is welcome. Was this really a top elite u16 side, or did Hearts play some of their lesser lights? It takes some believing that a hastily assembled (3-4 months) Falkirk squad could be competitive far less win 2-0.
  4. I think I see where you’re headed with this one. A younger version of the ‘Brentford Model’. Sound very promising, I mean what could possibly go wrong?
  5. Best of luck to Anton. I think he can play a bit and was unlucky that we had a couple of idiots in charge last season. Sheerin has made several poor signing decisions and letting this lad go adds to those. Could have returned from break in better shape though.
  6. Ernaldo Krasniqi (aka The Big Albanian) was born in London, so should be more correctly referred to as “The Big Englander”. No, doesn’t do it for me either. So, affectionately, ‘The Big Albanian’ would seem to sit nicely. Oh, and in Crawf mode, wonder if he fancies a spell at Centre Back?
  7. Charlie scored a first half hat trick on debut away to Ayr United
  8. I was there that night, and Lamont set us up defensively and only in the lat 10 minutes did we look to equalise. I’d forgotten the lad’s (Henderson) name - tall, blond headed - but he did play well - on debut at Ibrox. For a couple of seasons, often thought, like you, how could he just disappear?
  9. Paddy Martin looks an excellent signing for us. Really the type we’d be pleased about in other areas (central defence, upfront, etc.). Luke Holt looks a filler for the bench of the development team, as someone mentioned, couldn’t be costing us much of a wage and will be out on loan to a Junior Team (if such things exist anymore). I’m inclined to give Sheerin the benefit of the doubt regarding Wilson as a squad player especially as we haven’t yet allocated the #9 shirt. Reading between the lines I think there is a striker coming in on a seasons loan. Keena, Dowds, Wilson plus 1 for 1, maybe 2 of the 3 places upfront looks about right.
  10. I’ve probably written my post badly Rocco, because I couldn’t agree more with you!
  11. Well presented argument, BinE. Of course, when renting if you require roof repairs, there’s no liability upon yourself. The view of property ownership varies from country to country. I believe in Germany, renting (albeit long term) is the norm. Just what that’s got to do with anything though, is neither here nor there.
  12. Is it too late in a footballer’s career to improve? Or at least try to improve technique? I mean, it’s not all about fitness and pace surely. Morrison is 22 ffs. Spend 30 minutes of your precious time, just crossing the ball (to a couple of barrels), then progressing to doing so on the run, then introduce some cones to dribble through prior to crossing. Not a matter of days but after a few months there will be improvements…..
  13. Reminds of the tale of 2 Actuaries on a train journey. Gazing out the window, one says “Did you see those black and white cows over in that field” To which the other responds ”Well…..they were black and white on this side”
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