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  1. I think Sena (aka Niang who’s been released by Hartlepool) would be a great signing. Might have to be 2 years, mind you…..
  2. Crawford Baptie - signed from Baillieston at 24/25. A very fine player in numerous positions. Albeit we were in Tier 2 at the time.
  3. Thanks for this analysis, as we all try to understand McGlynn’s preferred playing style. Our No. 6 (defensive midfield role, linking defence and midfield) this past season was Stephen McGinn. Against the better sides, too often this resorted to a pass to a wide-ish centre back who then tried to find a striker …..
  4. I think he’s been signed on ‘potential’ as his goal scoring record makes Oliver look prolific…….
  5. Doesn’t this Championship play-off match highlight what a bunch of gutless wonders we have, from management right through the playing staff.
  6. How good was that electric run and shot from Callumn in the final minutes. Excellent save from the Ayr goalie too.
  7. Oliver is very underrated as a centre - he’s able (not every time) to control the ball stone dead, lay it off or draw a foul. Massive
  8. Col Donaldson said to his team mates at the time that it was a penalty - he brought down thr Ayr forward
  9. Uh-oh…….10 new players in one window. This will end in tears. Kind Regards, A Falkirk fan
  10. ……we have raised the cash to fill the hole for the season……
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