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  1. Charlie Lytwyn eh? Was there that day. First half hat-trick and my abiding memory is Lamont screaming at him the whole of the second half.
  2. If we’re in such a state that we resort to playing Kenny Miller then we’ll be relegated.
  3. I think you’ve highlighted the main issue here. Who do the supporters trust think they are? As a body FSS have no right to canvas their members ( a subset of Falkirk fans) on a public forum and then present results to the BOD. The FSS have representation on the BOD - and they should carry out that role without the need for a public advisory poll. This very act will lead to the downfall of our club. (The topic under discussion is irrelevant).
  4. Ffs....... What do we have here? An advisory poll from the public on a specific item that falls under the remit of those in charge (in this case Falkirk FC Board of Directors). What could go wrong? I mean, the last one of these turned out so well. #BrexitDisaster
  5. I’ve always thought of Dowds as highly promising. Photos of him in pre season training were very disappointing - carrying too much condition. I’ve since read he contracted COVID during the summer. Contrast that with the photo here in an Arbroath strip and the difference is remarkable. I hope Rennie can use this to our advantage.
  6. Yeah, Jimmy came into the dressing room at half time and his hands were extremely cold. He saw a basin full of hot water and stuck them in to warm up. Promptly fainted and didn’t make the second half.
  7. Notre Dame woman’s soccer team assistant coach eh? Well at least it wasn’t the College American Football team. I mean, that would be so Ted Lasso…..
  8. I’m not so sure about this…… Could you give me examples of both aspects please? (Genuine request, not just trying to be a smart**se).
  9. “Changing managers will not solve the problem” But it is his style of play and attitude enforced on the team that needs changed - Paul Sheerin will not change. We are in a rapid downward spiral to part time oblivion. I believed Sheerin to be a good appointment- the Sheerin of relative success at Arbroath strengthened by several years of youth development at one of our top clubs. But what we have is Largs-ball. Horrible, slow play with the intention of eradicating errors and stop goals against. 4-2-3-1. By Jesus. I really am sorry Paul but you must see this is failing week after week. You can’t be happy either.
  10. Falkirk 2-2 East Fife. A fantastic day/night all told. Prior to kick-off several teams could have finished 2nd. Even East Fife with a 6-0 victory! As it transpired, avoiding that 6-0 was all that was required but we didn’t know that at the time. Stevie Kirk header rebounding off the post into Geordie’s arms at 2-2, anyone?
  11. John Prentice (second time around) chose the white shirts/navy shorts as the first team kit when we won the last ever old Division 2.
  12. Advice for Paul : Never argue with a fool in public. Onlookers can’t tell the difference.
  13. My biggest bugbear in Scottish Football Coaching. Andy Roxburgh’s Largs mentality still dominating who gets what job. I like Paul Sheerin but his comment along the lines of “he disliked the style of our comeback” on Saturday sums up the crisis we are in. I.e. well and truly fucked.
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