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  1. Suspect Number 7 may have been referring to something more exotic in the Royal Bar on a Sunday lunchtime ......
  2. Yeah, 0-4. I was there, Brockville not the Royal Hotel (that pre match ritual came a couple of years later). We didn’t have a bad team.....Gornik seemed world class.
  3. To be honest, I’m not sure anything can take my mind off an abomination of a start of a season such as this for 3 flippin’ years in a row... Stainrod, Gordon Marshall, Kenny Dalglish, Laudrop Urgh, memories.....we’ll never get back to mixing it with the likes ever again.
  4. Ray came to Falkirk around this time a year ago with an immediate wave of enthusiasm from the fans, leaving a team (near the) top of the Championship to do so. Get a few points where possible until January, then Ray can spend some cash to bring in his own (i.e. selected) players. The Board and Fans backed him on this. Well, what a letdown. Not only relegation, but poor standard of play. You know, we weren’t that sure just who was to blame - playing squad, circumstances, MSG. That one can now be put to bed. Pure and simple - The Manager! Players that were at TFS last season that were rarely played or released are showing their worth elsewhere (Lavery, Irvine even Dallison ffs). Largest budget in League 1, and we’re reasonably happy with players signed - easily good enough to win this division. Team set up and tactics that we endured in the Championship are now continuing this season, with the same level of success (i.e. basically failure). This is undoubtedly Ray’s last job as a manager, just a question as to whether this ends in the next month, or next May. If it’s the latter, Falkirk will remain in League 1 for 2020-21. Oh, and this is not the time to bring in an untried, inexperienced manager (Kerr) no matter who is the assistant.
  5. Lets just hope it’s not Down, Down........
  6. The way I recall that goal was that Gordon Forrest was behind ‘Scab’ Martin as the Airdrie keeper rolled the ball out about 2-3 yards in front of himself. Such were the ever changing goalkeeper possession rules at the time. There was no one else around, a Falkirk attack had broken down, Airdrie defence making their way upfield. However, Forrest nipped round the keeper from behind, got to the ball (about 15 yds out) and quickly turned it into an empty net.
  7. Started to be quite hopeful that it was going to be Paul McKay, one of a number of trialists who was on show v Brechin. But I believe he’s signed with Airdrie.....
  8. Away an’ bile your heid.......arsehole
  9. The Sun (on-line) has a story (31 July) on the John Park revelation (wont start working until money in place) and also a story (30 July, updated 22:51) containing the lines But it’s understood fans have voiced fears over the real estate mogul who failed in a bid to take over Sunderland FC. A source said: “Falkirk chiefs are now in possession of fresh information relating to Campbell’s past business interests.” I think it was the article 30 July that prompted the BtB statement, that they supplied the aforementioned information to MSG/BoD. The BtB DID NOT leak details to The Sun.
  10. Good question George well put, one that I’ve been hoping someone would ask. Yeah, I’m underwhelmed by his answer......seems a big drop from a 160m acquisition of Sunderland to a 2m (tbc) buyout of Falkirk BoD. Why......?
  11. As Bairnado states, this is an excellent summary of the EGM. Well written and peppered with literary quotes from George Orwell, The Wizard of Oz and Mark Twain for good measure. Set aside 15-20 minutes, and make sure you read. Doesn’t take that long, but I stopped so often for reflection of the written words. One section (of many) that hit home for me was ... In that simple, gratuitous act (the declaration by the Board of the 62% proxy vote to reject the motion), the proceedings were exposed as an elaborate sham and insincere charade; a small number of disinterested and disaffected shareholders who do not care about the shambles laid before them, had voted, in advance, for self-preservation and a continuance of the failed business model exposed by mechanics of the EGM As for where we find ourselves as Falkirk FC fans....? ‘Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.'
  12. This would appear a squad (sic) that is assembled to mount a challenge for top 4 in the Championship. Giving Ray the benefit of the doubt, he had little chance of bringing in this type of player in January, hence the relegation that followed. Ironic that Sammon turned down a move then, if he had agreed he may well have been playing a division one above the one in which he now plays. Anyway, I digress. Falkirk have the largest budget in Div 1 and Ray is using the money on quality (less than 20 players) rather than quantity. I don’t see any detractors regarding the squad make up on here, and McManus is a superb capture. (Edited to add - spoke too soon, as Shodwall below has commented). Ray’s own future is on the line here. I do like the man, and the season should go well. But then again, we are Falkirk - expect the unexpected
  13. I’ve got the annoying so-and-so on ignore now. Bliss......!
  14. I've heard Dunne is off Such a shame. I think we all held out hopes for Cieran in a Last of the Mohicans way, being the only Academy youngster left at TFS. (Laverty came in from Hamilton). If this is indeed the case, really do wish him well.
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