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  1. When you were forced to choose between reduced pay or losing your job
  2. To be fair we bumped their manager and the majority of our fans acted like c***s about it. Swings and roundabouts [emoji1745] Not saying we should be mourning another club's loss but gloating about it when it could easily be us, and has been in the past, is a bit weird
  3. Keena comes straight back into the team when fit (obvs) and right now I reckon Sammon should be the other starter No problem with Dowds and Francis battling it out for third choice, neither have looked excellent but haven't seen anywhere near enough to write either off (for the love of f**k though comparing Francis to Cadette is straight racism, stop it [emoji23])
  4. We haven't really horsed anyone yet, Dumbarton came the closest to it. Here's hoping this is the first [emoji1696]
  5. Could imagine Ray McKinnon on 50k a year in an accounting gig no problem...
  6. Partick Thistle played with a 4-2-3-1 for the vast majority of their title winning season. This isn't up for debate. They changed it to 3 after they got promoted The fact you're saying 'as we know it' basically acknowledges that 1 up top can be both attacking or defensive depending on the tactics, as can literally any other formation
  7. Partick Thistle won the championship with Doolan up front on his own supported by a 3. Myth
  8. This idea that playing with one striker is necessarily defensive is a myth peddled by folk that don't actually understand football. 4-2-3-1 can be more offensive than 4-4-2 with the right personnel and mentality Dunno how anyone can look at Connolly/Telfer/Morrison supporting a striker with Alston running from deep and think 'f**k sake we've parked the bus'
  9. "If we were better at scoring goals we could've scored goals"
  10. Clyde going to take points off Thistle and Dundee this season according to our pre-match coverage... [emoji58]
  11. You only have to have watched us since October to have some concerns about the defence tbh. We look about as solid as a pane of glass on set pieces, which is suicidal in L1
  12. Haven't heard the commentary from the game tonight but if David McKinney is working for FTV now then we're in for a right treat this season. Guy is a grade A weapon
  13. Hearts finished with signings for the window apparently
  14. To be fair this is just quoting what Miller told the Herald and spinning that into a post for their transfer blog
  15. One trialist in the team. Surely if it's Kingsley and not someone new, a deal has to be in the offing by now?
  16. Love a random striker from the English non-leagues
  17. Not sure we need proof at this stage but it was definitely Kingsley who came on for us at half-time today
  18. Alston was the very upper limit but Kingsley is in a different universe financially. Don't see how it can happen, but also don't see the problem with throwing him a bone on the off-chance
  19. If the plan is to go into this season playing a direct, hell for leather 4-4-2 with two target men and two unshackled wingers getting in behind them, then inject it into my veins
  20. Worst case scenario for Kingsley will be a League 2/conference club in England paying 3x what we can without even thinking about it, it's a nice thought but it's no more than that
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