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  1. Plenty of players to consider as the worst Scotland cap ever...but the worst consistently picked has to be Stephen ODonnell
  2. You're that much of a walloper that you dont even know the real names of the people you're talking about
  3. Why dont we try Mctominay up front? That way we could keep Ryan Jack in midfield
  4. I could watch the guy playing all day...he is a fantastic footballer and if he could score more of chances wouldn't be at Motherwell
  5. The rumours are nonsense...that's not to say that I think Gallagher is Scotlands best centre half though.
  6. Tony Watt struggles to score goals, but he is a far superior player to Shankland
  7. A virtual stanchion? Even in these covid times, cellic still block our view...the b*****ds
  8. His form this season has fallen off a cliff, a spell on the bench might have done him good
  9. I don't get that with commentators at all...Irons done it last night when Pawlett got to the byeline and smacked a cross right across the 6yard box when two United players were loitering on the penalty spot type of area... ...'great ball across, hes done everything right there'... ...if he done everything right he would have picked out one of the strikers
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