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  1. Who is our highest capped player ever...I'd guess at someone like Valakari?
  2. I think palmer is a certainty to be bombed out...there are a few players in and around the squad who arent right backs but could play there if required
  3. This mob are total pish...in about them from the word 'go' on Sunday and we might be able to rattle the manky fuckers
  4. I hate these manky b*****ds... ...that's all the input I can bring myself to offer up here.
  5. I've only ever seen him play against Motherwell...and on that basis I wouldn't give him a game for Motherwell under10s
  6. Trevor Carson is the best goalkeeper outwith the Old Firm
  7. Boris got it because he is a fucking idiot, never believed the hype and decided that he'd shake peoples unsanitised hands...
  8. The insinuation was entirely on topic...so I'm failing to see the irony... ...as for the Mail, and your thoughts, I share them in general however their sports section as has already been stated is generally pretty trustworthy.
  9. Cannae see it...think its more likely to be a fine and/or docking of points
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