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  1. With a huge backlog of civil and criminal cases caused by the pandemic, exactly when would a case like this ever get to court? Rhetorical question of course.
  2. Clubs cannot sustain no professional football until this time next year, players will have left after contract expiration in June and clubs will have no money to survive never mind affording player replacements.
  3. Every league, including the much lauded English Premiership, have games with little to play for other than points, money from league position and pride. They are all larger than our top league yet we have the split that I believe only one other country applies. Similarly, most top leagues will provide a small number of clubs able to win it. There are exceptions such as Leicester and Kaiserslautern but rare as hen's teeth. Fans here are bored with playing each other at least 3-4times a season. Sadly, nothing will change as turkeys won't vote for Christmas when it's all about finance and survival.
  4. Absolute garbage?? Have you forgotten his hat trick v Dundee? He has taken time to settle and given a full pre season training to get him fully fit, I have no doubts he will do a decent job for us.
  5. Hull is still a bigger club than DU. No idea if Shankland would be first choice at Hull but that is no guarantee for any player - look at the quality of English PL and who warm a bench. Hull were interested as was Sunderland. Ryan Fraser went to Bournemouth and look at him now.
  6. Genuine question. Why would Shankland go to a Scottish championship when a bigger club like Hull are interested in you? I would think playing in the English championship in front of a bigger crowd, higher standard of football and better wages would be more appealing career wise.
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