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  1. Sorry bud. Was misinformed. Seems it's a summer deal.
  2. Fair point. I was forgetting about that connection
  3. Does McCall not have a good record over Dundee? Think at the moment I would take a point
  4. Sums it up.57 years of thistle and it is getting to the I don't give a ****. Shame as what is happening should be exciting.
  5. Probably be on TV as rangers are home . Pumped live on TV. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  6. What a finish. Dungdee imploded. A wee win next week and we are off the bottom.
  7. For anyone that can't make tomorrow's game, it is on s4c. You can get that channel through the BBC iPlayer. Think s4c have an app as well.
  8. It's taken me awhile but I will not be back while Caldwell is in charge. Cannot believe that performance tonight.
  9. Change of subject (for a mo). Are we in the challenge cup this season?
  10. Wishful thinking but the season we won the championship we started the season wearing our away kit at home
  11. We are supposed to apply to lord Lyon if we wish to fly the lion rampant. Imagine the mail before a Scotland v England game.
  12. Of course but who knows how the season will be going by then. Apathy may have set in. The first fixture early in the season with hopes right up there helps get the fans out. Just going to have to take a day off.
  13. moving our game to the friday night will impact on the number of Jag fans travelling. pity it is one fixture so many were looking forward to.
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