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  1. The guy is apparently on good money (more than Hastie at Sevco ) so he ain’t going anywhere till it suits him. Be interesting to know what % of his wages were are paying.
  2. Oldham 2nd bottom of League 2 and Barrow 7th bottom. Let’s see what the boys ambitions are. If he sees his future in the bottom half of League 2, maybe we’re better of without him
  3. Played against Mount Ellon when they were in the Lanarkshire Juvenile league early 70s
  4. Feck me how many centre half’s do we need ??? By my reckoning that’s 6 … … Lamie, Ojala, Mugabie, O’Conner, McGinley, Devine You could throw Donnelly and Maguire into the mix as well granted the majority of them are shite but we are still paying them a wage Every man and his dug can see we are desperately needing 2 midfielders in pronto ……… Have been for the last 2 years !!!!!
  5. So do we keep playing Donnelly in the hope that he gets back to his pre-injury level ?? To date he’s been way off the pace required at this level.
  6. As long as we keep playing Maguire and Donnelly in a midfield 3 this team is never going to get any better
  7. Always want Scottish team (whoever they are ) to down well in Europe But even money was to good to miss …… Saints plenty of effort but not in the same class
  8. Just throw the fuckers oot the League
  9. Easy solution SPFL do not put Rangers forward as their representative for Champions League or any of the European competitions Let them chuck their toys out of the park and f**k off.
  10. Any player who has spent 12 years at Southampton’s academy will have a good grounding in the game some cracking players have come through that route Think we have won a watch here
  11. Yip and all his passes went to a Motherwell team mate ………
  12. Don’t mind the goal kick routine or the short corners either What gets my goat is 4 - 3 - 3 it just doesn’t work with the players that we have at our disposal The quicker we get it to f**k the better for all concerned
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