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  1. They took Turnbull from Motherwell who is a better player than McCann ……… and Lennon doesn’t play him
  2. No …… What I expect is for players and clubs to follow the guidelines that have been put in place.
  3. Very few if any players will be getting paid under the current circumstances But don’t worry their still classed as professional and doing an essential job so they can fanny about all over the West of Scotland on a Saturday … … To buck with the rest of us
  4. Think you want to find out how the vast majority of clubs are run, cause by your comment you haven’t a clue
  5. It was your man from Darvel that brought up the pyramid!! My point was how can amateur players be allowed to play in the WoSFL but not in amateur leagues. Oh I forgot they are somehow classed as professional in that league In your dreams
  6. Conferences A, B and C are not part of the pyramid this season as there is no promotion and are basically playing for fun and I’ll guarantee you close on 50% of the players in these teams will be amateurs. How does that fit in with the professional argument ???
  7. I only want to go and see my brother who stays 5 miles away … BUT that’s now illegal from Friday
  8. I know you can but amateur leagues are not allowed to play What’s the difference of an amateur player in the WoSFL and one who wants to play for his own amateur team
  9. Agreed But during this tier 4 lockdown the WoSFL should show some leadership and shut the leagues down until 12th December
  10. So if their on an amateur contract should they be playing ????
  11. The government were conned into classing you as professional footballers. Just out a matter of interest how many tier 4 areas do your players and coaching staff have to pass through to get to Darvel for a game ??? To class teams in the WoSFL as professional while the majority of society has to stay within their council areas is a joke of the highest order
  12. Every club in the leagues are setting their own interpretations of the guidelines. For example saying that have a media team and press officer to get games online is just flouting the rules and making a mockery of the situation. Most teams have trouble filling committee posts at the best of times now committee men are coming out the woodwork just to get into games. From Friday it will be illegal for me to travel the 5 miles to Wishaw because it’s in North Lanarkshire but the boy 2 doors up from me who works in Tesco’s Monday to Friday but miraculously becomes a professional footballer player on a Saturday and can travel all over the West of Scotland. Fucking joke time people got real with what is going on
  13. That makes the decision to classify them as professionals even worse !!!
  14. And what a joke that was !!! The guy who managed to convince the government that the WoSFL be classed as professional should have been on Boris Johnson’s Brexit negotiating team and we would have had a deal months ago.
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