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  1. Agree with what your saying … … But who pays the piper calls the tune a lot of these clubs as with some in the WoSFL are bankrolled by one individual
  2. 11 for 5 against and 1 abstention … … Looks like it’s going to happen
  3. Who has the final say on this ??? If it’s the Lowland League I can see this happening. A number of teams in that league have invested a fair amount of money and could see this as a way of getting some of it back. Money talks. Have also heard that Spartans have received a substantial amount of money from an American investor for next season.
  4. Let’s not beat about the bush here. If it’s only 25% or 10,000 which ever is greatest that are going to be let the clubs are not going to fight for that for the final 2 games. In all likelihood if that was the scenario the clubs would be out of pocket so why should they bother? It’s only fans and as has been shown they don’t seem to matter. Here’s hoping it is sorted out for the start of next season … … Not holding my breadth by the way
  5. And the sad thing is he’s keeping Turnbull out of the Scotland squad
  6. Would like to see him get a game at centre half as I think that is his preferred position
  7. Ah just want 2 plastic pitches out of the league … … … Bye Bye Killie and Hamilton by what ever means.
  8. Hamish McAlpine used to take the for Dundee United. Had a very good record.
  9. Think it would have been O’Donnell Am a great believer in just putting your laces through the ball (Ahla Tommy Gemmell ) Not sure why goalkeepers don’t take more penalties as they are involved with more dead ball situations than most players on the pitch
  10. And Gallagher fancied it less than Kelly? Does either them have previous (good or bad) with penalties? Kelly would have been in my original penalty takers one of the best strikers of a dead ball at the club !!!
  11. A lot of these players will have received a decent wedge as a signing on fee last year. I’m sure some clubs will want some of it back if they are going to pastures new this season. If it not forthcoming they are perfectly within their rights not to release these players
  12. That’s the reason United are in financial meltdown Everything that is wrong with football spending what you don’t have.
  13. The way Carson’s knee buckled under him when no one was near him must be a great cause for concern. The club brought him back far to soon
  14. If he did assault him he should be charged with said assault by Her Majesty’s finest. No way there should be one rule for footballers and another rule for the rest of us
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