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  1. We’ve got to cross a lot of bridges before that happens !!!! Never trust a compulsive liar
  2. You still sticking with 4-3-3 Apart from us the only team that plays 4-3-3 in the league is Rangers … … but they have the players that can play that system … … we unfortunately don’t
  3. Hit it to exactly the same spot as his 2 on Thursday ……… Wee bit of variety required …… goalkeepers do their homework
  4. 4-3-3 hasn’t worked for the last 2 years not since we lost Gorrin !!!!! And before you say we finished 3rd last season with it, if the season hadn’t been curtailed we would have finished 6th … we were in total free fall
  5. I’d play Kelly in midfield …… at least he would find one of his own players with a pass
  6. He’s also complaining about having to play Ross County on a Sunday night Cant say I blame him But if anyone has a problem with it they should take it up with SKY and be prepared to give them their money back Man who pays the piper calls the tunes I’m afraid
  7. Hope Killie and Accies go down and take their shitty plastic pitches with them
  8. I can see a scenario where Clydebank and Darvel have lawyers fight it out to see who gets a chance at the playoffs
  9. Forget about Lennon … … … given his budget McInnes is by far the most underperforming manager in the league and has been for the last 2 years
  10. Agree with a lot of what you say there. Barry Maguire is fortunate that the ball breaks back to him but he immediately gets it under control and lays a simple 10 yard pass into O’Donnell stride who instead of trying our normal 40 yard cross field pass slides a ball inside the fullback for Long onto and the rest is history. Cant help but think Campbell would have tried to run with the ball and be disposed.
  11. Hastie played against StMirren and I thought he was better than what he has been of late. He was not allowed to play against Rangers and the team performed well and it was hard to change the team for the Aberdeen game. IMO I would have played Hastie before Seedorf
  12. Funny how’s it’s the 2 managers of the teams that are under achieving that all of a sudden have discovered flaws in the protocols
  13. The way thing are going if the 1st and 2nd division don’t finish like last season there ain’t going to be any play offs. As I’ve said before turkeys don’t vote for Xmas
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