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  1. Take it you don’t remember what Davie Cooper brought to the club
  2. Think Alexander’s objectives from the board since he arrived at the club IMO would have been 2020/2021 Don’t get relegated 2021 /2022 minimum - Don’t get relegated target - Top 6 finish Stretch - European place Super Stretch - Win a domestic cup So since he arrived Alexander has more than meet the targets that were set for him and IMO he will be in line for a nice end of season bonus. Also agree that playing entertaining football ( not guaranteed to win football matches) would not come into the equation. It may do next season but the main objective for the club will not to get relegated.
  3. All the top 6 games are on Sunday with ours being a 12 o clock kick off ……… So the fault lies with SPFL not Sky …… arseholes who couldn’t plan a pish up in a brewery
  4. Play 3 at the back and invest in a couple of decent wingbacks
  5. Safe from relegation …… so over the next 5 games got to be looking at next season. Might not be universally popular on her but Lamie and O’Hara are ofski so should they be playing ?? Also ideally this is the time for Tierney to be playing 70/80 minutes from the start to get him up to speed for next season.
  6. Have read all this talk of Alexander and Slattery having some sort of fall out and I just don’t buy it. If that was the case he would be nowhere near the 1st team squad let alone sitting on the bench on match days. A player and a manager fallout then there is only one winner and it’s not the player. Slattery played almost every game until he was suspended and I’m sure he was one of the players who had COVID just before the break. Players nowadays are monitored every second during games and also in training. Maybe just maybe Slattery data in training ( Wee box of tricks they all wear on their backs ) shows that his energy level recovery rate are not where they were before had had COVID ……… fit enough to sit on the bench but nowhere near fit enough to start a game. Also all this chopping and changing could COVID testing have something to do with it ??? Deepest Lanarkshire is rife with it
  7. Any professional player that applauds anther professional player being sent off as he did against Motherwell deserves everything that comes to him. A complete arsehole of a player and a cretin of a human being
  8. Take you didn’t see the penalty Beaton gave Ross County against Motherwell
  9. Sorry … … Donnelly is a centre half trying to play in midfield … … and it shows
  10. Canny do that with O’hara and Donnelly in our midfield the 2 of them should never be in midfield at the same time … … completely unbalances it as a unit
  11. Dubious penalty was it or was it not doesn’t matter Beaton gave it end off. All it did was stop him giving a stonewall handball against SOD in the 2nd half Some you win some you loose
  12. Shields scored goals for fun in the Championship lasts season ……playing through the middle alongside a big centre forward ……not out on the left wing trying to control balls fired above his head at 100mph. Donnelly is a defender who had a 6 game purple patch in midfield and everyone thought he was Messi. To slow in thought and action to be any good in there at this level.
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