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  1. Not fussed about VAR one way or the other … Collum, Clancy and Walsh will still be as shitty as ever !!!!! All that we can ask for and expect is consistency …… but I’m afraid we’re a long way from that after some of the decisions on Saturday
  2. Not so sure that he was the coach … … He was head of the academy which involves a lot more than coaching.
  3. Dalziel Park is a pipe dream ……… it is run by Trustee’s whose prime objective is to look after its own interests. What have they got to gain with getting into bed with Motherwell ???? The money they could make by just selling some of the land to a developer !!!!
  4. Correct ……… think that was always the plan. The new keeper has been in the Norwich academy since he was 14 and is highly thought of. He has played for England at U16, U17 and U19 levels. He got a bad injury 2 years ago and missed the whole season and spent last year on loan at Barnet. Considering he is competing with Tim Krull and Bryan Gunn can see why he wants to move on.
  5. Better than last seasons 0 fixtures at least the boys will get some game time
  6. The managers transfer budget was spent on the pitch. He was told to reduce the wage bill from last season So we end up with what we’ve got Spittal McGinn and Morris
  7. Duffy has got our 3 centre half’s on toast ………
  8. The guy flatters to deceive … … headless chicken comes to mind … please get someone on who can pass a ball not just put his head down and try to run through people
  9. 2 centre half’s at the back post and neither of them came anywhere near winning the ball John McGinn ??? Be better with a headless chicken !!!
  10. Take it you don’t remember what Davie Cooper brought to the club
  11. Think Alexander’s objectives from the board since he arrived at the club IMO would have been 2020/2021 Don’t get relegated 2021 /2022 minimum - Don’t get relegated target - Top 6 finish Stretch - European place Super Stretch - Win a domestic cup So since he arrived Alexander has more than meet the targets that were set for him and IMO he will be in line for a nice end of season bonus. Also agree that playing entertaining football ( not guaranteed to win football matches) would not come into the equation. It may do next season but the main objective for the club will not to get relegated.
  12. All the top 6 games are on Sunday with ours being a 12 o clock kick off ……… So the fault lies with SPFL not Sky …… arseholes who couldn’t plan a pish up in a brewery
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