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  1. BBQ Pringles. That is all.
  2. Average Championship budget v SPL top 6 budget.
  3. Leaving team allegiances aside, nobody can deny the apparent ease, generally, in how the Chiefs move the ball up and down the field. It is seriously impressive stuff. Innovative, forward thinking playcalling, bold and inventive when it needs to be, yet always fairly simple in its design. When you have truly elite players in their position like Kelce and Hill being thrown the ball by a true generational talent like Mahomes it is fantastic to watch. Sprinkle in Hardman, Robinson and a run game of Lev Bell, CEH and Mahomes, when he needs it, and its a tough machine to keep up with, let alone defeat. Fascinating to see if the Bucs can keep up. On reflection Green Bay had their chances at the weekend and didn't take them. Taylor Heinecke threw for over 300 yards against them in the previous round. They can't have a similar plan for Mahomes or he'll be adding a 50% premium onto Heinecke's total for sure by way of thanks. Chiefs - 3 looks very tempting. Line likely to move up.
  4. Fair do's then. It was Sportsound who were suggesting the school roadshow stuff.
  5. The right decision has been made, I have no doubt about that. However; I've just read that he spent 3 and a half years in jail. To get that kind of sentence in Scotland shows how serious his offences must have been. Only Martindale himself, truly knows if he's "rehabilitated" as Sportsound were describing it last night. Talk of trailing him through Scotland's schools to talk to kids as the bad guy turned good are patronising in the extreme. Let the guy keep his head down and get on with his life and career. The authorities would do well to remember the victims of crimes linked to drugs and drug offences when they start celebrating "successes" like this. Too often, not enough is done for the true victims in all of this, caught up through no fault of their own. People, like Martindale has done in the past, profit from the misery of others and freely choose to become involved. That cannot be forgotten. Nobody on here would surely suggest otherwise.
  6. Absolutely this, some Dundee fans have indicated likewise themselves (albeit slightly tongue in cheek).
  7. If it even matches it, it'll be a cracker. With the 2 qb's on show in the next game, there's no reason why not. I certainly hope so. Perhaps all depends on Mahomes' fitness. This is definitely a QB orientated league and don't let anybody tell you different. The cream rises to the top, look at the 4 who were left today.
  8. A brilliant game all round for the neutral to enjoy.
  9. I'm all for a bit of handfighting contesting a ball, but you can't be grabbing a jersey like that and expect to get away with it.
  10. Packers might not get the ball back. Coaches need to be bold in the playoffs, Andy Reid last week the prime example. Lafleur's relative inexperience maybe showing here. Stefanski last week as well.
  11. I thought Rodgers could've ran that in.
  12. Huge 3rd down conversion there.
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