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  1. Wouldn't be like a McCall managed team to be running out of ideas, inspiration and energy post Christmas would it?
  2. Its a pity your players didn't think similarly, in injury time you had a free kick in the opposing half wide on the right hand side. For some reason your player kicked it out of play, down near the corner flag, like they would do in rugby union for a line out. An absolutely baffling decision.
  3. Hurting? You are kidding aren't you? Maybe about 30 years ago it would've bothered me.
  4. Amazing the amount of Killie fans who seem to have suddenly remembered their p&b logins they mysteriously lost towards the end of February.
  5. How does 442 affect workrate or the ability to defend near post corners? The state of some of our fans on here from week to week is unbelievable.
  6. He's the same price as Nick McAllister and a bigger price than Salkeld. Clearly they've done lots of work putting this market together. 14/1 anytime price is brilliant value.
  7. Lewis Lovering of Benburb is being linked in the Evening Times to some teams in the Championship, including my own. What type of player is he and could he realistically make the step up from WOS to the Championship?
  8. Scott Brown looking to rip up his Aberdeen contract immediately. A candidate to be our new Assistant Manager? I don't know if he'd still be looking to play or not but joining a fellow Fifer at Championship level might be quite appealing as he looks to get into coaching and management.
  9. For me he's in the team to work a variety of roles, to get forward in support of the striker/s, to nullify any threat from the left side of the opposition and to have the defensive nous to fill in if Houston overlaps him. A collection of thankless, unfashionable, unpopular tasks when you think of each of them in isolation but even less so collectively. Very few players currently in the squad could manage it. It means he's seen less in the opposition box but as was seen on Saturday if he takes the attention of the opposition, Houston can benefit on the overlap.
  10. The JustGiving page setup in memory of the late Colin McCue is live if anyone would be so kind as to make a small donation. Thanks. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/oneforcolin?utm_term=QN3v8Bmb6
  11. Attended the game as a neutral and thought the Airdrie midfield 3 of Easton, Frizzell and Agnew were the main difference between the teams. They controlled the game when it was needed and broke well when they had the ball. The home sides subs didn't seem to have the impact they would have hoped and Morrison was the busier keeper for most of the game. Smith will get the headlines for his 2 goals (could've had his hattrick before going off) but Easton was my MOM. A class act, certainly at L1 level.
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