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  1. Sad news indeed, hope they can recover and come back again next season.
  2. Is it right enough YM have pulled out of the league? Shame if true, results really haven't gone their way this season
  3. Vale looking so strong this season, certainly upgraded from last year. Top end of the table is very exciting so far
  4. No been done for a while, predictions this weekend? 9-1 2-1 1-2 3-2 4-1
  5. Predictions for today? 5-0 3-2 1-3 1-3 0-2 5-2 3-0 2-0
  6. With both teams in great goalscoring form it'd be typical for it to be 0-0 [emoji23]
  7. John was playing when I seen him but was brought on as a sub both times, but you could see the difference he made.
  8. Any new players for Reserves? Caught two of their preseason games and they looked awful going forward.
  9. Newton taking a new approach making excuses before the game is even played [emoji102]
  10. Predictions Nithsdale 7 - 0 W&B Abbey Vale 2 - 3 Edusport Creetown 0 - 2 Lochmaben Heston 1 - 2 uppers Mids 0 - 3 Threave Newton 1 - 3 Bonnyton Saints 1 - 0 YM Reserves 1 - 1 Lochar
  11. Good on him, we could do to keep quality players in our league
  12. Forgot all about Nithsdale, while it's great to see talent like McKenzie in the South, he's definitely more suited to a higher level. Scores for fun
  13. Don't think he'd be able to replicate last season's finish without Anderson up top, very very tough job for whoever takes it on
  14. Friend of mine went to Wigtown vs Reserves last night, seemingly a registered Wigtown player made an appearance for Newton? So some of the lads down there were saying anyway. Any truth??
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