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  1. Good to hear yous are enjoying it. Give the wee man what he wants! [emoji108]
  2. Darn so it does mate. Easy peasy & blew them away first 25mins. Could have been double figures. Going down to wirrrre.
  3. If we don't win this we don't deserve the play off's. As big a home banker as you will see. 4-0. Christie, corbett, thommo, & an orr double to seal his return to team.
  4. East Stenhousemuir does have a ring to it. Might help us attract a successful patio designer who is a multi multi millionaire (or a hard working committee as it's known in Kelty) world would be our oyster
  5. You no got a Kazakhstan womens game to attend bam?
  6. Great day out and we had a decent support up with us. Thought we were comfy enough but the second half we invited them on & thankfully we got the second and then just seen it out comfortably. Nat Wedderburn is superb, so consistent and I hope we get him signed up for next year, same goes for Corbett, excellent player.
  7. And then 12 month after that. Criminal he got a 2 year deal.
  8. A braw day to be had regardless of result but I fancy us. Hard fought 2-1. Thommo with a brace & Jamieson header from a corner.
  9. 1 goal scored in our last 5 games show's you where the problems lie. I may need to re-think my confidence in us tbh. We are on a really poor run & in danger of letting the season go out on a damp squib. Saturday at Elgin will be telling. O'Reilly could be the difference from the start!
  10. Sore one but we will be fine play off wise if we play anything like that second 45. Unreal we never scored second half. I still fancy us to get 4th and if that is what we are up against then promotion is on big time .
  11. Hopefully the plucky underdogs can do us a turn in the capital tonight
  12. He was fast & put a shift in but was a mile off the quality required when he was with us. I'd be amazed if he got a deal at a League 1 side but that said players improve so he has maybe came on. Salim Koudier-Aissa being a good example of that.
  13. Having never been to the USA never dealt with what seems a very ott culture of tipping. Out of interest other than a gnarly stare I assume there would be no repercussions if you point blank refused to tip?
  14. Worked our socks off and deserved a point but the cross & finish were excellent so not much you can do. Edinburgh seem in disarray & I fancy us strongly now to get 4th. More confident after this game than I was before it. We have an ok run in now I'd say.
  15. Against all the odds you guys have done it, I know a few of you lads on here were happy to just avoid relegation this season so this is truly exceptional. Well done.
  16. We are floundering these chances to really press home our play off credentials. It's very frustrating. The bottom line is though we won't be unlucky to miss out, the season has thus far been very up n down with a lot of inconsistency. I thought after Forfar we were looking really strong but again we have let ourselves down when the opportunity has arisen. The point could however still be important as it's a 2pt gap but if we lose next week which we likely will at Kelty and Edinburgh beat elgin I doubt very much we turn around 5pts which was why 3 pts were so crucial today. A lot of if's & maybe's there though & plenty football to be played. The last 2 promotions were as 4th placed in quite uneventful seasons so you never know eh.
  17. Be some back tracking in here when Rennie get's in play off's
  18. Not a good result for us but it's suhin & the gap is 2pts to Edinburgh. A hammer blow to that guff though which certainly is pleasing. Up yeez. Enjoy Bottom.
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