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  1. No way Anderson will start. Watters might thou. Tough game which I won't make now but got a feeling we could do the job. 1-3. Mcguigan x2, Hopkirk & a late Brandon Luke goal from the bench to finish it off
  2. Interesting comments on Twitter from Sean Dickson on Saturday. Cleary had a skin full but laying into some board members (unnamed) & Stuart Balmer. Clearly suhin no right.
  3. Am really worried about this guy. Can anyone who knows him personally make sure he is ok. Cheers.
  4. Get to your bed. You are in some state here. That's after a 6-0 win.
  5. What are you actually talking about. Mcilduff was off the park for a few mins before the equaliser. That had nothing to do with anything. Also Queens Park didn't threaten?? Did you actually record the game. Buzz had 2 one on one saves in the first half. We had to clear 2 off the line, 1 in each half & Smith also made a wonder save second half.
  6. Hopefully this puts an end to Falkirk fans weird mindset that they will struggle in this league. I get fans of their own club can have that trepidation at times due to past failures but that squad is just too good and Falkirk will win the league with a lot to spare. 4-2 eh.
  7. Well It is always sore to lose a late one but it was the least Queens Park deserved. They had several chances and Smith done really well in the goal, was rash for the pen thou. We are really poor. Very few pass marks, scullion worked tirelessly. Marky Munro had his best game so far and Scott McLaughlin was pretty solid. Very slim pickings thou. Much needed improvements. The squad assembled is mediocre and it is showing & Colin McM needs to take ownership of that.
  8. I would get Mcilduff out the team pronto, he's just not good enough. Marky Munro left back or mclaughlin if O'Neil is fit. I would also get Kieran Gibbons in. We really lacked a CM with grit and dogged ness and he gives that. Another tough game. Let's get at least a point on the board.
  9. It's not stenny exclusive. Been going on on PnB for years. As Neilly says just another victim. Take care.
  10. Decent enough win & performance. Nothing much else to add to what has been said really. Dykes looks a right find. We have a right good foundation. Be solid and we have a chance of our first league title.
  11. As I said I get it's a minor point but it just rubs me up the wrong way. You hit nail on head, tweeting about griffiths but not a mention of his own teams brave performance is just bizarre. Regardless if it annoys me more than others is actually irrelevant thou. There is no getting away that it's unprofessional. Bomber for example would never have been vocal on social media about the team he supports. I just think especially as manager it's just good practice to stay away from stuff like that. If he does awesome for us and for example got say the dundee job it wouldn't be accepted and I'm sure he would be advised against it. Just cause we are wee stenhousemuir I don't see why it should be different. All forgiven if We win the league though
  12. Also what is the line? If they are a Falkirk fan then is it ok to go on and publicly go on about it or a Dunfermline fan etc
  13. It's a lack of professionalism. And your attitude is exactly the "wee" team mindset. The day after a defeat the manager should not be on twitter messaging about Celtic winning and griff scoring. That's the bottom line and if you can't see that then you never will.
  14. Also this is a minor point but one that really irks me. Players & our manager (him especially) posting publicly on twitter usually about their "big" teams. I get majority of them are going to be OF fans but to publicly post about them winning or players scoring when you are playing/managing a team in the same league set up is just not right for me. This was prompted by mcmenamins Leigh Griff post earlier today. Also at the end of the season he was posting pictures and statuses about the treble treble but 2 weeks prior we had just been relegated. People forget stenny mean the same to us as celtic/rangers mean to them and I am sure they wouldn't appreciate their manager/players publicly going on about the team they support. I reckon there should be a social media policy tbh.
  15. What you on about. Both points are valid. Rest on our laurels and we will get no where. Last night was a great effort and scenes for the goal but it's hardly "good times" we still got beat. As FF said looking forward to Saturday to see how we fair v Cowden.
  16. Very proud of the team. As expected rode our luck at times but bar 1 or 2 incidents genuinely felt pretty comfy Mclaughlin, Marsh, A Munro, Buzz Smith Fantastic. The goal was absolute scenes. Gutted to have ran out of steam but what an effort. Concerned about Mcilduff, playing much better opposition than we will normally face but just not assured at all.
  17. I actually think we are not far away from having a squad that can challenge now. More so because I don't think any other team in the league is much cop. It's maybe not quite went how we expected but it's looking a lot better than it did a few weeks ago. I was critical of the McLaughlin signing but only due to the fact we had in our mind this extra money etc he will do fine in the squad and I'm glad to have him.
  18. Kyle Marley is just not going to do. Thank f**k for Buzz. Marley will be getting arse skelfs all year barring injury.
  19. No it was a 4. Just trying it out I assume incase of injuries etc doubt we will ever see him there. He looked comfy enough though.
  20. The problem with fathers, see their laddie scoring goals for fun in u16s and think they are superstars.
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