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  1. We (stenny) are probably one of the best at trying to promote & get new fans along, young especially. If can get a few to stick around great but it's nyon impossible at times, I don't overly agree about the facilities tbh it's the product on the park being so bad at times I don't blame people for not coming back or staying. I brought my nephew who was 12 to some games last year, the games were rubbish, he liked the abuse the ref got the best, this is the big problem, especially when there so much on TV/youtube with Man City etc. It's either in you or not. You pretty much need to get very lucky, maybe get a big cup shock or some proper succes (like Arbroath) that a few got invested in and keep invested. I hate the fact bus loads go to Glasgow but at same time I can't critiscise folk for not wanting to fork out money watching what I watch a lot of the time.
  2. From what I have been told from someone pretty close to things and at these meetings some very VERY unsavoury stuff that hasn't been made public as yet. What a club. Might have pumped us on Saturday but would be ashamed to be associated with that shit show of a club.
  3. He also brought him back in mind mid season. Goes under radar.
  4. We haven't even had this from him. He has been an awful signing on what must be good money & the fact swift is having him any where near game time in his current condition is a major red flag against the manager. In amongst a few red flags unfortunately.
  5. Easy win for the Farrell haters, or is it lovers now?
  6. This is the best. Talking about not renewing next years Season Ticket [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38] where have I read all this before.
  7. Shat ap We were dreadful till last 20 mins & Annan were worth their lead, Goss was v good 1st half. This diamond needs put to bed & the fact we didn't change till 2-0 down is a real black mark against the manager. On him today overall but the players were also off it. Great goal from Matty Ytes, Sewell looks dangerous all the time. Callum Yeats pass marks. One of those days. Meh.
  8. We need more of our first half v Rovers & a lot less 2nd half performance 1-1
  9. £18 is scandalous & if you think I will just blindly pay it following my team then you would be 100% correct. See yous 10th Sep.
  10. A miniscule gripe but why do folk say "Crichton" that's not his name. Crighton!
  11. We held on after a poor 2nd half & good Vers half. Aw that matters. We lost a similar game last year v Stirling Albion on opening day. You can see we have quality, if it clicks we won't be far away.
  12. Even I have to admire the continued optimism but at what point does the board make the move on Ross. Beggars belief.
  13. Buzzing for it. We have a right team this year & I hope we start as we mean to go on. AR have had a competitive League cup campaign so maybe not the mugs some, me included have them as but if we want to be serious, these games even though very early can be telling.
  14. This deserves a bit of recognition. If you know you know.
  15. Sad news regarding the passing of Adam Strachan at 35 years old. Played on trial for us in 2011 n scored in his only game. Remember his name coming through at Partick, was meant to be very very good though troubled throughout his career with off field stuff. RIP.
  16. Who knew Cowden tears would be so high in calories
  17. Looks to me he wants to go old school Man Utd........a right mid (beckham) and a traditional left Winger (giggs) It's early so hoping am way off but Niyah Joseph doesn't look like the answer at RW so we must be looking at similar to the above as tongue in cheek as it is. Looks to me 4 3 3 suits the squad better with O'Reilly Orr/Sewell Yates as the three but who knows. We will get a better idea starting on Saturday, these are the proper preparation games, pre-season but with a competitive edge. Looking forward to it.
  18. I am sure Harry Osborne will be delighted you guys are sponsoring his shorts, keep up the encouragement for the young lad [emoji106]
  19. The minute Clegg, Cameron & Milliband charged up here in 2014 to effectively beg us to stay I knew we would be fine on our own, I was very much 50/50 till that point. Johnson etc try and say we couldn't or shouldn't when they have basically zero support in Scotland should tell people a lot & the more it happens the more it puts me at ease. Unfortunately a lot of people get the fear. We have a lot they they benefit from that we would have full autonomy over. At a more simplistic level if you want a government Scotland vote for it should also be that simple to vote YES. If it does go ahead I hope Boris is still PM. That would work in YES favour massively.
  20. A potential title showdown [emoji23][emoji23]
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