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  1. I am sure Harry Osborne will be delighted you guys are sponsoring his shorts, keep up the encouragement for the young lad [emoji106]
  2. The minute Clegg, Cameron & Milliband charged up here in 2014 to effectively beg us to stay I knew we would be fine on our own, I was very much 50/50 till that point. Johnson etc try and say we couldn't or shouldn't when they have basically zero support in Scotland should tell people a lot & the more it happens the more it puts me at ease. Unfortunately a lot of people get the fear. We have a lot they they benefit from that we would have full autonomy over. At a more simplistic level if you want a government Scotland vote for it should also be that simple to vote YES. If it does go ahead I hope Boris is still PM. That would work in YES favour massively.
  3. A potential title showdown [emoji23][emoji23]
  4. Vimto90

    The Boys

    Haven't seen Antony Starr in anything else but Imagine will see him a lot more going forward. Tremendous.
  5. Vomit90 has a ring to it, kudos.
  6. I have done the monthly payment for last three years. Certainly the way forward that any club can implement very easily.
  7. Great to see he convinced you! Here's hoping for a good season.
  8. So not exactly the same then, cheers for clarifying.
  9. Other than the fact I hate your disgusting little football club you guys keep replying bizarrely. But as ever it's just pixels on a screen, who cares.
  10. *will finish higher than 6th Enjoy the universities : )
  11. Will cement the 6th place finish nicely
  12. Daniel Higgins is CB/LB cover & we have Corbett who can cover CB n Miller who can cover RB so we may roll with what we have at back if we are thin on budget.
  13. I have always been pro better reconstruction but anything that makes it easier for my club to end up in that f*cking sham of a league can bolt now.
  14. They are settled efficient team & if this slope is as bad as made out they will know how to play it and will be a tough nut to crack at their place I expect.
  15. At our level & wage structure you always need squad fillers, meant with no disrespect. Not every signing can be barnstorming. He featured 18 times for Queens last year & whilst the reviews from them aren't great he could be useful at our level. A simplistic way to view it but I doubt Daz Christie or Cammy G would have featured 18 times for a championship team so in that respect he should be an upgrade on those two.
  16. No but I like the cut of his jib
  17. Blair has ability, he was at one of best academies in England (I know it's technically Wales) for 2/3 years & they paid money for him. He seems like one of those guys that would be good in U23 football though. The hussle bussle of league 2 he certainly was not a stand out & when we signed him we expected him to be due to his "pedigree" I think a lot of things would need to align to see the best of him, i.e system, who he's next to etc but certainly don't see that coming from this dumbo team.
  18. As much as I would have liked Lyon to stay it was purely as he can play both full back positions as back up, which is useful, am pretty surprised he has got a league 1 contract. It's an un-remarkable signing but let's face it Clyde are in for an un-remarkable season.
  19. What's giving me as much hope as our own business is how poor the other teams seems to be on the whole
  20. Gave a chuckle. Well done Al.
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