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  1. Maths certainly not your strong point anyhow that's for sure
  2. Come on now AC. Ochilview is a much better ground than Stockcar Park. Not somewhere I'd like to call "home" every second Saturday. But if it's for you, fair play.
  3. I'd be gloomy as well if had to go to that dump every second week whilst spiralling toward the Lowland League. Enjoy bottom.
  4. You are probably right with your last statement to be fair. But to not give him credit v Chelsea is bizarre and also just as agenda driven clearly.
  5. In fairness the only reason Gretna were mentioned was an example of how winning the title would possibly feel fairly hollow due to the financial disparity and rightly wouldn't feel organic. Kelty are no where near what Gretna were but are still paying wages to players who wouldn't be there otherwise. If the model was to bankroll to L1 and then see what happens then it looks like it will be a successful one.
  6. I agree. Forbes & Miller 50/50 too. I wouldn't even risk them. Take the defeat gracefully and move on.
  7. Sensational day, the days that make all the shite worth it. The scarf laying on the ochilview pitch with a shell shocked Leo Fassan in background is still my screen saver [emoji23]
  8. Was a feeling of gloom when the covid news hit a few hrs prior to game so an already difficult game increased even more. Good effort & Nicky Jamieson was a standout. We go again.
  9. Can certainly see the improvements since Ross came in. Enjoy bottom.
  10. Yeah they do seem a nice tidy wee club that will be a good addition to the leagues. The money bags guy is giving up the injecting of cash after next season if what I was told after our Home encounter with them is true & it was a very reliable source. By then they should be fairly established and will be job done I suppose.
  11. [emoji38] Hello Al. I have missed you.
  12. I wouldn't worry about that last comment. Thomson will only add to the team, not cause disruption to the "game plan" Orr is frustrating no doubt. He proved at Stranraer last year he was more than capable though. He has at least chipped in a few goals. Maybe, dare I say it give Ryan Tierney a shot from the start [emoji50]
  13. Thoroughly deserved. Full team played well but special mentions to O'Reilly, Nat, Crighton & Jamieson at Centre Half both immense too. Five in a row, tough game next week against the runaway leaders but why no eh! MWOA
  14. The Ross effect in full swing. Enjoy bottom.
  15. Team is full of confidence, already beat annan this season & no reason we won't again. Really important game that as a minimum we can't lose as that would put Annan 7pts in front of us. Looking forward to it.
  16. We are the absolute kings of diddyville. No getting away from it. However.... ......enjoy bottom
  17. That's us up to 5th in our march for play offs in case you missed tonight's result. Enjoy bottom.
  18. Brilliant hard fought win. Improved no end second half. Big Nat had a great game especially imo. Thought vers looked handy in spells but really tailed off last 30 mins Up to 5th, is the swift era finally dawning? Delighted.
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