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  1. Ahahahaha what an embarrassment Cowden are. Glorious. Enjoy bottom & out every cup.
  2. 4-1. They were awful. First half we also were. Job done 2nd half and onto next. Brown, Lyon & O'Reilly all very decent. Fraser Wright's a tool. No game next week as Rovers drew & have a replay.
  3. Love how the frothing at the mouth on here & online turned into nothing more than a couple of murmurs now and again & an old boy who looked as if he was about to break into a song. These so called charlatans were given a very easy time considering some of the stuff I have seen about what was to happen. "Boo them out the building" "walk out the minute the meeting starts" Deserve everything yous get. Ta club
  4. Not enough tears for my liking but will do a suppose.
  5. Huge result. Hopefully can kick on and get a run together. Next two games very winnable. Is this the real start of the Swiftera? Let's hope so.
  6. Simple victory against an absolute rabble of a team. Great stuff. GET IT RIGHT UP YEEZ. Enjoy bottom
  7. Doesn't really work due to my very witty precious events inclusion but good on you Minertaur. You rolled with it.
  8. Should be a "big" game but we are superior all over the pitch and will run out comfy winners here and leave these neanderthals hoping precious events has the top ready for the Lowland League.
  9. In no time overhauled the squad [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  10. I keep hearing the word "dominated" from the manager & Crighton also said same in his interview. I just don't see that at all, or if anything it's weak dominance. Decent bit of ball but not an awful lot happening. Certainly the much better team last 30 mins yesterday though and hopefully the manner of the point might act as a springboard but the optimism is drained so can easily see us going to Cowdenbeath & getting beat. Not starting Thomson is bonkers. Is there something we are not being told? It's unbelievable if it's just a straight up tactical choice. Crighton said in his interview don't panic. Meaning don't worry we won't be relegated? That's not a positive. Until we look remotely likely to start moving up the table to be in the play-offs then the criticism will continue. The budget given to the manager is not to avoid relegation. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. Back where yous belong. Enjoy. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  12. I would doubt it for a couple of farmers & their sheep dogs but who knows Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  13. Tam Orr for me. The amount of players that turn up here on the back of good careers / seasons to then struggle badly is unreal.
  14. While I agree on the whole, the budget we have we MUST be at the very minimum be in the play-offs come May. It just doesn't look remotely likely. I wouldn't wield the axe right now but we need 2/3 games as wins over the next 3 games, at worst a win & draw (the fact that I even think this annoys me as we should be so much better). If we come out with 3 or less then that will be enough for a change in my opinion. I don't like to be a sacking club willy nilly but when you get given a right good budget for this league, sign basically every player you wanted & are serving up the results we are then the goodwill is very limited.
  15. "Still confident of a win" Could that have something to do with the multi multi multi million pound vastly superior squad playing at home or just a hunch?
  16. I think a mugging is harsh on your team tbh. Don't think we done enough at all especially second half. First half was "ok" but still created very little clear cut chances. It maybe appeared like we were putting pressure on but blocked shots outside the box is no much use. We had a spell right after the equaliser (which looked offside) where we looked on it but this spell wasn't even 5 minutes. #swiftera
  17. Doesn't hit the same when we leapfrog you off bottom but fair play for the passion
  18. So is it Swift out then? It is very early but Play-offs look highly unlikely and that's being kind and considering the budget we have this year it's not acceptable.
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