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  1. Ross seems to be getting an easy ride from outside looking in. He had ample time to turn things around. He made plenty signings in Jan. A complete failure but seems like most are happy for him to stay on. Bollan baw blinkers on. Forgot to add Enjoy the universities.
  2. How can montrose have hit their ceiling? There is absolutely no difference between Arbroath & Montrose. As has been said all it takes is a few belter seasons, good manager etc Since i started going to games in 2000. Stranraer, Arbroath, Stirling, Brechin, Dumbarton, Alloa, Cowden have all had time in the championship. 2 are now non league. Maybe the definition of ceiling is a grey area but no reason most clubs can't drive to at least spend some time in the champ if the right things align.
  3. Oh I hope it's not us, I couldn't bear opposition fans saying "get doon" or "good riddance" or "that's karma" [emoji849] As loads have said it's no that big a deal in grand scheme of things for absolute diddies like ourselves, Cowdenbeath, Albion Rovers, Berwick etc. Could go through them all nearly . A think the history of the closed shop has made people think their clubs are in some way special or even "big" to an extent. Think some fans/clubs need an ego check. Whilst the prospect of playing B teams or Uni's isn't mouthwatering as long as we have the wee bar, there are decent pubs at away games and the weekly meeting of friends then playing East Kilbride or Darvel opposed to Albion Rovers or Stirling Albion really doesn't overly matter.
  4. Al, pixels on a screen shouldn't get to you as much. I had a mate who served an apprenticeship alongside you some time back and he had decent things to say about you. But your inability to just waive me off for the troll I am regarding yer team let's you down. Enjoy the universities.
  5. Was expecting salty but that has exceeded my expectations. Lovely stuff. Enjoy the universities.
  6. I will be amazed if we don't sample it at some point. Doesn't mean I won't indulge in Cowden's misery today
  7. Enjoy playing Celtic B & Open Goal Broomhill FC. A special up ye to Big Al. Yous most certainly enjoyed bottom & thoroughly deserve to go down.
  8. Congrats Edinburgh. Annan away is very decent so glad you guys done it. Make the most of this weekend as the one consolation about us missing out this year is a reckon it will be a slog in that league next year with wins at a premium. Maybury surely going to get the gig.
  9. The penalty is a joke of a decision but cowden fans going all Old Firm esque ref conspiracy mongering is even worse. The standard is just shite. Simple as that.
  10. That's our Jimmy alright
  11. Jimmy White should have this won. 3-1 up in first to 5. Played really well throughout. 50K not a bad earner. A lot more than he makes on the circuit these days being so low down.
  12. Anything is possible?? Said like you guys are heavy faves to stay up. You very well might but a weird take.
  13. Some giggle they seniors
  14. The Keeper Brennan. Talk to me.
  15. Well deserved. Hug was awkwardly long [emoji23]
  16. It's definitely game on. Poor session from Ronnie. Unlucky with that fluke there but deserved to lose at least the 6-2.
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