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  1. That's fitbaw for ye eh. No be long till the underlying poison for farrell comes back to surface when a bad run happens.
  2. We are gunning for yous. Go on the blues.
  3. Banker away win against this mab. Rumours of unrest in dressing room regarding Crawford leaving points to a comfortable evening for us.
  4. It's 2 pts dropped but never feels as bad when you equalise late on. The goals we lost & lose on a weekly basis are a disgrace though. Dumbarton going to win league already so a play off battle best we can hope for. Meh.
  5. Hard to go into a banker home win in any depth to be honest. Easy peasy.
  6. Tito Vilanova's barca* Seen a lot of Celtic fans thinking they beat Pep's barca. They never.
  7. This was the best news of the day to be honest. A good wage free'd up & hopefully we spend it wisely. Well done to Craig Bryson on a great career.
  8. The three points were most welcome but still doesn't feel like the corner is turned. We were 3-0 up quite strangely it felt and we managed to see it out with some scares & a woeful second half. Dumbarton running away with it & we need another 3pts next week. Pretty meh to be honest which is weird after a 3-1 win.
  9. The reaction to defeats is fantastic but also bizarre. Everyone on here portrays they know the re-build and levels etc But any defeat is utter meltdown like a bad result is unbelieveable. A mean keep it up for our sake but for your own sake make your minds up.
  10. Players improve but whilst he had the odd flash of "something" he was pretty poor during his loan spell at us in League 2. His dad is quite busy within football with a lot of contacts, Mowbary being one so that is how the Blackburn move came about, was a head scratcher after his spell with us. By all accounts though he done ok in their U23 side. QP fans maybe best placed to comment now but I doubt he will make much of an impact at championship level and will be looking for a new club next summer. Good luck to him though.
  11. Stop being decent & nice, makes this winding up malark difficult.
  12. Yeah cause historically that's always been the case, my bad.
  13. No so fun this year is it.... Novelty away. No winning most weeks. Mr Money's last season. Yous will be back to where you belong soon enough : )
  14. Whilst not out of the question there no basis for this. Forfar have more pts, more goals, less conceded. Albeit small differences. Two teams in a mire.
  15. It does seem like he is over complicating things, maybe thinks he is some sort of pioneer in the lower leagues. Has a feeling of the "booth" era about it. A guy over thinking & overloading with nonsense. Success in these leagues while there may have been exceptions generally come from just doing the basics right, Part Time training being "fun" & something to look forward to but by his own words it looks like we are doing lots of data/video analysis which clearly isn't working. It is right to say you point to these things when things not working but it's just looking for answers really. Maybe we overestimated the squad in terms of just how good but at the same time you go through it and there just no way it's as bad as we are showing so it has to be the manager & whatever he is doing imo.
  16. I know It's tough for you guys just now, I won't take the tone of your message personally Al. Take it easy mucker.
  17. I never asked anything actually, but we move on.
  18. If that gives you guys solace just now then fair play, yous deserve some.
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