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  1. Away and harvest some crops. Easy win for the warriors. Took foot of Gas as probably felt sorry for them, they and A Rovers are some nick.
  2. Yeats is a big miss. Watters won't be up against a a Quitongo esq player at least. We "should" win but I have learned over last 20 years that us & the favourites tag don't go so well. 2-1 Warriors Biabi x2 & a late Spence penalty
  3. You spiders getting very defensive over the Gretna comparisons, just a wee joke fella's. Am sure you guys will be just fine. [emoji102]
  4. Didn't expect much off the Glasgow Gretna, they will win the league with a lot to spare. Two late goals lost in last two games is disappointing though, going to be close for that top 4.
  5. I for one am shocked at David Cox being a wee f*nny on the pitch again.
  6. I got an opinion off a player who has played against him a few times in the juniors. Never thought he'd be good enough for this level the consensus. Hopefully goes and proves himself.
  7. Superb effort to those involved in doing it. Can hopefully be something going forward for those further afield or on holiday etc that can't make it.
  8. Harsh to even bring up last season's "spell" barely got a look in under DI for what seemed no apparent reason. Would have took him for this seasons squad for sure.
  9. Oh we were shit alright, easily done your mob 3-0 just before Lockdown at Galabank as well. Says it all.
  10. Shit scared a bit much but why would any club in this division want Brora or Kelty in when the alternative is Stranraer. Kelty are a maroon Gretna and Brora ain't short of a few quid either. Makes zero sense for any league 2 club to vote them in. Unfortunately when it would adversely affect my club I couldn't care less about hearts/partick/stranny
  11. Any league 2 team would have been bonkers to accept this. Bring in big spending Kelty n Brora or have Stranraer. No brainer am afraid. Certainly agree clubs should look out for one another when they can but not when there are zero benefits and only negatives for your own club in doing so.
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