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  1. Cooky was hot and cold but still probably the most popular player among the fans over the last few seasons, I will be sorry to see him go. He obviously wanted to go though so we can only wish him all the best up at Peterhead. I know he turned down a move there for a lot more money before he came back here so McInally obviously a huge fan of his. Hopefully this new French winger will do us a good turn.
  2. Death & Cowden fans obsessed with the mighty. Life's two certainties. Lovely.
  3. There are two ways to look at yesterday. Positive way is we were much better than Brechin, we have a better squad. We missed a lot of chances but at least the chances were there. 7/9 points against them so far. They looked terrible. Negative way is we still couldn't get it done against what was a terrible team. The linesman made a howler for the equaliser but we should never have allowed an idiot linesman to dictate the amount of points we got. I reckon we will be alright.
  4. Glad to see the back of Anderson. Scoring 40 odd goals against the blind school every week doesn't mean you will walk into the team. He wasn't prepared to work for it. Mclaughlin gave him a fitness plan and he never bothered with it. Good riddance. East of Scotland/Lowland league is his level.
  5. This will be eye bleeding. But a win is a must. So a draw is likely as both teams arse's collapse and it finishes 0-0. Buzzin.
  6. Which asks a bigger question. Why? Cove are head and shoulders above the rest of the league, we went 1 nil down early on and won the game. That was after beating Waterford a full time Irish team and playing well. I know those were games early in his tenure but it just seems bizarre to have tailed off so quick. The Marsh altercation has maybe not been so easily sorted. In saying that we went to Brechin and won as well. A pressure game away from home. So is it really all irons or is he just dealing with the absolutely mediocre squad assembled by Mcmenamin. Forget papering cracks we need to win next week, that is all that matters then we can see where we go from there.
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