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  1. I'd league 1 is the right league for Partick thesedays. There fan base has been on the slide for years. Turnout even when they were in the Premier was very disappointing and then that silly grass hill behind the goal. Sad days for the few Jags fans left. Terrible support thesedays and no longer what many would think of as a moderate sized Scottish club.
  2. Who is this Malky? I have quite clearly presented the case through my various points. The facts can be difficult to accept I realise but to claim there has been no case made? Dear oh dear. Are you braindead or just blind?
  3. A congregation of the completely crackers and left wing loons on this section. How ironic that they perceive the general views of the majority to be 'trolling'. Horrendous obsession with it I must say. A minority who can't deal with the realities, very sad indeed.
  4. Many pie and bovril members appear to live in a cloud of fantasy, don't meet folks with the horrendous views on here down the golf club l'll tell you that much
  5. Generalisation and telling yourself what it's easier to cope with. Ukip/Brexit party had and has a crackpot element like every other party. Only difference was every little incident there was blown up due to the fear. It's the ignorant attitude you display that is the problem. The fact is majority of Brexiteers and right wingers are not racist including the majority of the17.5 million who voted to leave the shambolic undemocratic disgrace that is the EU.
  6. The attitude of many is let them have their independence, bugger off and see where it gets you. That's where the wise majority come in. Many Scots Nationalist supporters don't even bother to present a political case for independence thesedays as every single angle has been torn apart. Instead they simply desire independence and if it left every individual in the country much worse off and Scotland in dire economic condition they wouldn't care as they'd got what they wanted.
  7. Whatever you need to tell yourself to feel better Antliom m8. Of course the English are more concerned with their own govt and country it's not just us the majority here in Scotland who don't give a toss about the blinkered and one dimensional SNP. But the whole of the UK. SNP wallow in their own sense of self justice with complete denial of the reality of just how much of a disgrace and embarrassment they really are.
  8. Yes and who can forget the election fraud which occured in South Thanet 2015 which was still being investigated years later and eventually proven and convicted. Tories used every tactic under the sun to stop farage including huge overspending on the allowed amount in their eventual narrow victory. In the end Westminster became irrelevant in achieving the end goal and worked to Farage's advantage.
  9. Farage's ukip under Scottish voting system would have had plenty of seats in UK parliament, especially in 2015 when they received nearly 3 times the amount of votes the SNP got and double the SNP and Lib Dems combined. The reason there were a lot of fallouts at UKIP was it brought together all sorts of political views working class labour to tories and people who had never voted. After Farage left UKIP weren't even UKIP anymore and never stood a chance.
  10. As I said before it was deleted. Top tip from an older gent. Never dismiss the uglier ones like Sturgeon always keep them sweet and you'll get to their better looking associates. Not sure about you but women were always a piece of piss to me before marrying. Sadly thesedays even my days even as a housewives favourite are numbered
  11. If Brechin drop any lower they'll fall out the paper for christ sake get it sorted oot
  12. Farage's greatest tactic was he was a one issue man at Ukip not daft enough to get bogged down in party polictics and was the key man behind the unthinkable. Loves a ciggie a pint and a good laugh and stands up for the UK. Some boy
  13. In your dreams m8 Farage is a hero to so many, a top man and no mug unlike the mentioned Hopkins and Robbo
  14. They announce the crowd changes at half time down at what will always be affectionately known to me as the strathclyde homes stadium.
  15. This thread is dedicated to the most influential individual to grace British Politics and all round top man Mr Nigel Farage. Cheers!
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