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  1. would like to say thanks to TASC1878 for the new pie huts. From a guy who has eat to many pies in his time well done great supporters of the club
  2. Take it you never saw Sir Paul sheeting side then
  3. The lad flannigan for Alloa impressed yesterday
  4. Great win yesterday well done lads a very good overall team performance.
  5. Mcall was on the radio a couple of months ago when he was Ayr manager he said then he would take Tam O’Brien in a heartbeat. Sure tam works in Edinburgh so with his combined salary of football and job thistle would have to better that have thistle the funds to do that no chance
  6. Well obviously smokerson you can’t read said I was delighted about today’s result. But please let us lichtie fans the right to differ without you calling us moansters please.
  7. Well smokerson delighted about todays result . But because other lichtie fans have at times a different opinion from you doesn’t make us moansters
  8. The sooner swankie is back the better for me. Referring to the Clyde game the service our strikers got was shocking we even had a Clyde fan making comments regarding the issue. A few of the guys on here gave Doris the only player with pass marks after the game. Going back to swankie he is the only midfielder we have that can get his head up see a forward pass that’s not a criticism of the midfield who at times this season have been very good. We need swankie pulling the strings in midfield creating chances etc
  9. Unfortunately lichtie 78 my 20years of marriage hasn’t been blessed with children. But if I did have a son couldn’t think of a better role model than stevie Doris
  10. Am I the only supporter that has slagged Donnelly of [emoji848] no am I really worried who scores for Arbroath no but as long as we win ,
  11. Omg 1320 it’s your opinion or nothing right . We must be all wrong then we will all bow to your wisdom
  12. Doris was the only player last week that got pass marks the best chance today was when he won the ball played in McKenna and the young guy from hibs put it over Donnelly gave us nothing today again
  13. Take that win all day long up till his free kick bobby was poor but a bit of magic won the game. But please get Donnelly to f**k he is shocking. Thought whatley played a captains part today shows what the lad is made of after getting the arm band taking of him.onwards and upwards lads on to firhill we go
  14. Tob was shocking today his worst game for Arbroath will he be dropped for his performance today as whatley was after the Ayr game or is it yet again from dc double standards
  15. Also for 1320 to say it’s not a big deal really mate of course it is.the guy lifted 2 league titles trophies for us and to be treated in such a manner hang your your head mate and take Campbell with you
  16. Your team captain is such an important thing to the players .whatley was good on the park great with fans the players had total respect for him. And what iam hearing the way he was told was a disgrace.players really not happy about it
  17. Simon our of curiosity how many of these 22 games has Doris started 🤷‍♂️
  18. Bobbys recent scoring record is 2018-2019 22 goals 2017-2018 7 goals 2016-2017 5 goals
  19. Recent history sure Doris was Stirling Albion’s top scorer before he resigned for us
  20. Quote 1320 you said that our strikers scoring records are incredibly poor for strikers as I said 93 goals not to bad
  21. Steven Doris 83 league goals Steven Doris 7 Scottish cup goals Steven Doris league cup 3 goals 93 goals is not a bad scoring return
  22. Heard we played Montrose in Perth last night beat them 4-0 goals from Doris spence Donnelly and josh who I presume is one of the loan guys from hibs
  23. Agree 4-5-1 formation just invites other teams to come on to us. Actually thought Doris played well yesterday if we stick to the same formation Doris is the best at being the lone strike. But let’s get back to a 4-4-2 with spence and Doris Up top .
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