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  1. We won’t play a team with the quality hibs had on show tonight again this season. Being hyper critical maybe pj could of positioned himself better for the first goal. The penalty well haven’t a clue why that was awarded 3rd goal I just put down to our players tiredness we were chasing shadows at times tonight. But a win on saturday think should be enough to get through 🤞
  2. Well spence was bad against hearts bad against hibs. So we start the bet Fred cup and shocking against Elgin. Came on at half time against a Stirling side who when he scored were breathing out of there arses. Totally agree regarding simons conclusions he might of been on the Buckie but f**k knows what your on
  3. Is the bar inside the ground open tonight
  4. Have to disagree both spence and Doris we’re making great runs yesterday but our midfield didn’t have the ability to make that pass come back McCord
  5. Doris was superb today his hold up play bringing others in to the game was brilliant. Great goal to win the game all in all good win and more fitness for the lads
  6. Dick Campbell would have done better than spence today
  7. McKenna isn’t a striker he admits that himself better out wide shit forgot we signed Stewart for that ok better in the centre of midfield shit we have swanks Wheatley gold in there to
  8. Agree the last thing we need is another centre midfielder.
  9. We signed Stewart as a winger played really good in centre mid against hearts. Against hibs played in the position we signed him and was poor. Spence and Doris looking sharper every week onwards and upwards lads
  10. Defence all over the shop tonight especially first 45 swanks and McKenna poor no creativity in the middle of the park had a bit more about us second half with spence and Doris upfront.
  11. Dc has made some great signings Thompson Doris McKenna Jimmy Scott Wallace swanks etc
  12. Wilson is big strong and maybe a work in progress but agree like the lad Brian to or is Crain the right back but defo worth another look
  13. Donnelly was getting bullied today from a bunch o laddies ffs
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