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  1. The game should never of started farcical conditions.
  2. Ayr are still the best team I have seen at Gayfield totally humped us but we are a different team now bring it on
  3. Sor it was my turn to down at the Dom’s in the pub canny remember what I was going to post early night me thinks🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. Weather was terrible summer fitba [emoji106]just saying lads
  5. A huge gulf in class today between the teams Arbroath superb would be worried if I was a queens fan
  6. Surely it’s time for summer football to be given serious consideration at the sfa-spfl
  7. Tob quite rightly getting all the praises but Ricky little absolutely superb yesterday
  8. Even tho but hope not mikos injury is long term do we need another midfielder
  9. Game still got played unlike the wee puddle at Alloa so GTF
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