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  1. In reality though there were noticably more empty seats than there were earlier in the season. Maybe colder weather was a factor etc but I was surprised at the time by the 4,000 figure (a bit arbitary too, mind).
  2. Think he was expecting to drop down a level or two and score a barrowload but he's been rank. He knows he'll never get back out of this level if he doesn't start putting the ball in the back of the net. Same as last week when three of them were fighting for the penalty and Sammon wouldn't let them near it. Every man for themselves.
  3. Steered myself away from here on Saturday night so I didn't have a rant about Tidser. Old guy in front of me at the match had a go because I was criticising him too much. I asked what I was missing - apparently Telfer was just as bad but I wasn't criticising him as much. I literally can't find anything positive to say about Tidser's performance on Saturday. Way too slow in possession and in no man's land every time the ball was near him. Summed up late on in the half when the ball was launched up the park towards him, he stopped a couple of metres before the defender when there was more than enough time to back in and take the ball, never mind challenge for it, leaving the defender with a free header and Tidser no chance of winning the ball or the second ball which went right back into midfield. The manager isn't blameless here. Tidser is clearly a defensive midfielder (distribution too slow to play in that position in this league perhaps) but spent the last 5-10 minutes before half time playing as a number 10. Suggests that the manager brought in players withough considering how they might play in this league, which is worrying.
  4. If the SPFL really wanted to push the colts agenda off the back of attendances then surely they wouldn't be incompetent enough to have them playing the same night as a Champions' League Qualifier. Oh wait...
  5. Looks like I'll have the 1,000 caramel wafers to myself.
  6. Yeah, I'm going along tonight with my laddie.
  7. Some folk seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on here trying to come up with excuses not to watch their team. 😀
  8. Just assumed it would be done the same way as other countries do with the colt, or B team, unable to be promoted to the top division. If they are the best team in the division then personally I don't see a problem with it, regardless of what they are called.
  9. Personally couldn't give a monkeys about colt teams playing in the lower leagues either as long as they are good enough. Don't understand how it devalues the competition. If Falkirk had an academy then it's the sort of thing I'd be keen on us being involved in.
  10. Personally don't understand why interest is limited. I guess it's pay at the gate?
  11. We were told recently that the Foundation had proposed building the new training pitch in that location but it had been knocked back by the 'Stadium owners'.* * I'm fairly certain that's what was said - maybe land owners?
  12. To be fair nobody wanted Shankland and look how he turned out. I'd quite like to see us take a chance on a young guy and give him an opportunity. What % of players in that situation turn out to be a Shankland? Pretty low I'd say. I'm all for giving a young player the opportunity but not sure that'll work when we're playing one up top.
  13. This is the bit that worries me. Fan ownership would be perfect but this desperation to get rid of MSG at any cost is worrying. Be careful what you wish for. There are much worse things which could happen to the club than owners who are a bit trigger happy on the old social media posts.
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