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  1. I would like to retract my point about “all women” on a previous post. It was Poorly written so I do genuinely apologise Regardless of gender I guess going down the court route was the last throw of the dice and this should have been expected. I apologise for the outburst and have no excuses but feel it appropriate to apologise. There is no need in this day and age for me to have said something so brainless
  2. Wind my neck in ? Albeit I am angry at her approach I wouldn’t have thought another rovers fan would tel me to wind my neck in. It’s my opinion and I stand by it. Perhaps you should stand by the club more and be more vocal about the stramash that she has caused rather than have a cheap pop at me
  3. Last thing we want to do is spend our Bowie money going through courts due to Ann Budge trying to bully/intimidate smaller clubs like us - she is the laughing stock of scottish football now.
  4. I hope you chancers get a points reduction for all your antics Women should be nowhere near the top of a football club she has embarrassed your team across Scotland and beyond Word has it that we will be charging you 30pound per ticket at starks park when the season starts to recoup some of that wasted money
  5. Ann Budge what a belter of a women Hearts win 4 games all season and she is going to court to try and keep you up. Absolute bellend of a women
  6. Great doing business with you to secure Brian Graham back at the Rovers. I’m sure you guys have other strikers on the horizon but I would say Declan McManus is a great league 1 player. Thanks again guys and good luck for next season
  7. The thing about cream is it always rises to the top
  8. Shafted ? I think you better speak to Barry Smith aka goofball as he cost you the league. Budget through the roof and he still fluffed it!
  9. Go and f**k your self I’ve been sick and tired seeing your stupid post for days ya Cretan
  10. So many bitter Falkirk inbreds on here. You had your chance and blew it
  11. You are a complete and utter p***k - I would love to meet you face to face
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