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  1. I reckon if Israel stopped its illegal land grab of Palestine, a lot of these anti Semitic acts/comments would cease. Palestine is a very emotive subject & people, understandably yet unwisely, get angry over it. Are the disgraceful acts of vandalism against Jewish graves the manifestation of this anger, or are they truly based on anti Semitic views?
  2. Political affiliations aside, we are witnessing an hatchet job on JC by the established status quo. The unholy alliance of the vast majority of the UK media, the Tory party, the Jewish Lobby & worst of all the 5th column blairites within his own party. Add to that the memos within the civil service of a policy to hinder JC if he were to be elected. Democracy my arse!
  3. I think Celtic have a superb scouting team. its paid for itself many times over. The present day Celtic team as a decent crop of players who are potentially going to move on to teams with bigger budgets. Scouts abound at Celtic Park from interested parties I would wager, & Celtic are seen as a great testIng ground for up & comers. if we keep our noses in front in Scotland, & can make the CL groups once out of every three years, lawell will probably be very happy. depriving the Gers of a shot at the CL money is imperative. Keep them in their place!
  4. So, The Labour Party whose last leader was Jewish is now anti Semitic? Even for Corbyn, that’s some f*****g turnaround!
  5. Is Boris so anti Scot he’d like them eradicated? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/boris-johnson-said-scottish-people-should-not-be-allowed-to-be-prime-minister/ar-AAD0QRf
  6. I know. It’s sick we’re arming & training the Saudis to kill innocent Yemenis whilst at the same time UNICEF is running adverts in this country to save them from one of the worst humanitarian crisis ever. politicians are just c***s.
  7. It appears to me to be a bit coincidentally like a false flag attack. it is after all the worlds favourite way of starting wars. From the Nazi invasion of Poland to Vietnam. the two ships attacked, one belonged to the Norwegian shipping magnate John Fredriksen who was an Iranian saviour during the Iran/Iraq war. He kept his ships transporting their oil when no one else would. It’s just inconceivable that they would hit his tankers.
  8. I’ve got nothing against Jews. I just hate any country that sees nothing wrong in killing innocent children whilst bulldozing their ancestral lands. I detested the South African apartheid govt & I detest the Israeli apartheid government.
  9. Liked this bit - The United States’ Declaration of Independence enshrines the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Unless of course you happen to be Cuban, Afghani, Iraqi, Iranian, Yemeni, Mexican, Vietnamese, Nicaraguan, etc. etc . . . . .
  10. I wasn’t aware rock songs need grace & subtlety in their repertoire to be good. Ceiling Dion, maybe, rock . . . . .MMmmmmm . . . . .
  11. 1 : I left school with no qualifications after being expelled. 2 : Whilst in prison my 1Q was tested at 149. 3 : I have been paid for sex. (by the opposite sex!) 4 : I retired at 46 5 : Tried most hallucenegenic drugs, to explore inner space.
  12. 1 : Beatles 2 : Oasis 3 : Captain Beefheart 4 : Coldplay 5 : Joy Division
  13. The paradox is that the very thing that is pushing these so called ‘rogue’ states to arm themselves with nuclear warheads is the very thing that the U.S. uses to try to prevent it - threats. Pushing an enemy into a corner with no wriggle room is what the U.S. is good at. The media is dictated to & follows the agenda. Remember Rumsfeld plan of Bin Ladens James Bond type cave? Laughable if it wasn’t for the fact U.S. media believed it & ran it. Saudi Arabia once offered to pay for an invasion from the U.S. maybe Trump is getting ready to cash that cheque.
  14. Hahaaa. edited for accuracy.
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