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  1. The "My child has the right to do whatever they want!" mentality from parents has always pissed me off. I have recently moved into the first floor of a new property, and the people on the ground floor have this incredibly loud kid. This noisy wee shite from hell bangs and screams constantly starting from 6am to 12pm through the day. There are times I can hear my living room vibrating from the loud bangs he loves to make. I can put up with the kid screaming, since you can barley hear it from this floor. The banging on the other hand is incredibly frustrating, and it can easily destract you whenever you're playing a game, watching a film, or even playing guitar. The first night I moved in here, the bloke from the floor above told me that he recently told them to try and discipline their kid for making so much noise. They have obviously not listened, since it has gradually been getting worst since I moved in last month. Parents like that love to put their kid on a pedestal, and they get really offended when someone rightly tells them to be more respectful to the neighbours. If the shoe was on the other foot, I bet they would soon get pissed off with that much noise, and they would probably be the first to tell the kid's parent's to keep the noise down.
  2. Mega Man X1 - Spark Mandrill The first 3 MMX games have class OST's to be fair.
  3. I can't stand Ricky Gervais. He has always stuck me of as a bully who would pick on the disabled kid at school. His Golden Globes shite has always been hypocritical as f**k to me. How can someone go on about celebrities being too preachy, when he himself constantly talks about his Atheism and Political shit constantly. He was funny back when The Office was around nearly 20 years ago. It is like he has aged backwards into an insufferable edgelord who will say any stupid thing only if it stops them from being PC.
  4. The people who type "haha" in Limmy's Twitch chat when he just breathes or pulls a face need dragged out the back of a dark alley with a dog lead and shot.
  5. 262 hours of The Smiths? Christ! I need prescribed some Citalopram.
  6. Refused to get interviewed with the rest of the leaders because he would rightly of been exposed. Hides in a fridge on national TV to dodge questions. Brings out a manifesto that has no policies to help the vulnerable in our society. Still wins the election, even though it was obvious that he was scared to be put on the hot seat. He played a cunning and easy game, and it sadly fooled the British public. Fucking disgraceful.
  7. Sigma


    1. Slack Wyrm (The Garfield of Dragons) 2. Spyro (90's gaming icon) 3. Draco (Sean Connery + Dragon = A mix made in heaven) 4. Puff (There is a live version of the song on YouTube that is amazing) 5. Bowser (He is a Turtle/Dragon hybrid, which is pretty neat in itself.)
  8. The shop assistant was sorting out the cases of the stuff the moment I walked into Kinross Sainsburys at 8:45. My heart was filled with joy when I looked at the mountain of 200 odd bottles stacked in front of me. Bought 5 bottles, and I am happy to see that it tastes amazing.
  9. Sigma


    1. Heineken (Draught) 2. Peroni (Draught) 3. Cobra (Bottles) 4. Corona (Bottles) 5. San Miguel (Bottles)
  10. An update. I have been doing this for two months now. And I am pleased to say that I have lost 3/4 quarters of a stone, can cycle around a 13 Mile Loch daily, and my stamina has improved greatly. However, the thing I am most grateful for, is some of the amazing views I have experienced while cycling around Loch Leven. There is something so peaceful mentally about witnessing these views after a good cycle. It does your mental health wonders to get through long cycles, and keep a history of the trails you have cycled on a GPS map app (I use MapMyWalk). Getting a bike was the best decision I have ever made. And I plead to anyone who is on the fence on buying one to get themselves one immediately. Your mental and physical health will thank you for it. It is greatly satisfying to see yourself progress from struggling to cycle 10KM a day, to cycling 20KM a day easily. Here are a handful of pictures I took over the past few months.
  11. Harry Styles I would post a picture, but I can only look at that smug face for so many times in my life.
  12. I must of had this false idea of being one of these people that didn't get affected as much by the sun as others, because I could skate hot days without any sun cream in my youth. These days must of not nearly as been hot as I remember, because the sunburn I have suffered has defnitley left it's mark.
  13. I kind of like the new energy one. Not had Irn Bru 32 since 2005, but it still does taste how I remember that tasting.
  14. That place looks beautiful. Was down at Loch Leven on Monday after the skate session with my best mate. Would of took some more pictures if the big dark cloud didn't catch up with us.
  15. I got sunburn from skating shirtless in the hot sun on Monday. I had it in my mind that since I have skated many days in the hot sun without sun cream in the past, I should get a brown tan at the most. Oh, how fucking wrong I was. The upper part of my back is all red, and my forehead is pretty bad too. It was a little uncomfortable to sleep on Monday night, but I soon managed to fall asleep. For the last few days I have had it in my mind that it is just a little sunburn, and that it will pass in no time with no worries. Again, how fucking wrong I was. I just went through one of the most uncomfortable and horrible experiences of my life. It all started when I finished having a cold shower to cool myself down from the humid weather we have been having. When I was drying myself off, I started experiencing a slight itch on my upper back. I was thinking that it will soon pass in a few minutes, but it only got more and more severe. It felt like something was crawling in my skin, and I couldn't do anything to make the heavy itching sensation go away. I was near crying for an hour because of how insufferable it was. It has gradually gotten less bad, but I'm just glad that it is manageable now, and I can at least relax with it in the background. I never thought that my sun burn would cause me to go through something so untamable and chaotic. I have defnitley learned my lesson, and will be heading down the local Loyds faster than a bullet for some sun cream when the weather turns out like that again.
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