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  1. Oh sorry 5 minutes on the underground train. 30 mins. You do realise Ayrshire is pretty much a Glasgow overspill so Celtic and Rangers are supported because of families who moved years ago, that’s how football works for me. Passed from your Grandfather and Dad. Sorry my Da didn’t let me support the old firm because it was toxic. Up the bigotry[emoji123]
  2. Travel hours? It takes me 25 minutes to get to Glasgow from Kilwinning mate. You know exactly what I meant. Those fans should support the pars then shouldn’t they?
  3. Says the Hearts fan. How many supporter clubs outside Edinburgh? Loads of your fans come from places like Dunfermline and Livingston and further afield. Are these fans glory hunters?
  4. This is exactly what I meant regarding Kilmarnock fans. “If yer from Ayrshire you must support Kilmarnock”[emoji30]
  5. I was brought up as a Celtic fan due to my Glaswegian family, surely supporting my Dads team is logical
  6. Don’t care. Kilmarnock do loads in East Ayrshire and ignore the other councils. St Mirren don’t do much in Paisley so I don’t expect them to do it elsewhere.
  7. Must be recent stuff? I remember they use to hand out tickets in the Ardrossan and Saltcoats schools years ago and they were doing stuff for other parts of Ayrshire. I see they do a food bank run yet it’s only for East but in my experience most Killie fans actually come and stay in North Ayrshire... I’ve seen more community stuff done by the old firm in Ayrshire.
  8. Maybe he wouldn’t walk straight in but I thought he’d be a good addition to our squad. Potentially our best midfielder in a few years if he was to hit the ground running.
  9. Also a support that does nothing in the other Ayrshire communities. Some supporters only care about the town and nothing outside it. Goes to show why nobody goes near it - I read Kilmarnock were potentially going to train in Pennyburn and a quick look on the Killie forum and people were saying “can’t they do it in East Ayrshire” absolute joke of a support.
  10. My life is decent mate, how’s yours? I listen to it at night by the way. I like listening to the phone ins. Kilmarnock have been discussed loads on it all season. Just like to say to the Killie faithful on here. I’m from North Ayrshire originally and glad I class my local team as St Mirren. Brought up a 15 minute train ride to Paisley. I’ve worked with Killie and yer a bunch of arrogant moaning b*****ds who look down on others who don’t support Kilmarnock being from Ayrshire not realising different parts of Ayrshire are actually closer to Paisley, Greenock etc.
  11. The thing about Turnbull he could’ve walked in our midfield. This is a boy that scored 16 goals from the middle of the park last season and isn’t far behind the strikers. This is what Celtic needed, a bit of freshness from somebody that can run with the ball and make something happen like Rogic. Problem with Rogic he’s always injured.
  12. Ok. The caller was from Rothesay which I found weird. Kilmarnock fan from Bute? I’m really not bothered if you don’t believe me. I listen to the show every night and yes I do agree the Old Firm is discussed more but can you find a show that isn’t? I listen to them all, Off The Ball, Football Daft by Grado and Ewen Cameron who’s a Hearts fan yet Rangers and Celtic is mostly discussed. I think we know why.
  13. Love this. I’m due supporting Motherwell so I can buy this🤣
  14. Nobody is. It’s not all about money to players, people need to remember the Championship in England is a really good level. It’s a good competitive league, bigger clubs have more respect for players performing in the English league. We can provide European experience but recent campaigns nobody is getting the thumbs up so nobody is taking note of our players. Also, Norwich aren’t a bigger club than Celtic. No where near the size of Celtic but why would Turnbull choose them over us? The league and the potential to play at the top is the obvious reasons to me. Celtic can win you trophies and get a few European games under your belt but until the board have more ambition this is how things are going to go in my opinion. It wasn’t long ago Celtic Park was a fortress and not long ago we were in a UEFA Cup final.
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