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  1. The jury's still out on Caldwell for me and I'm willing to give him more time. Once he got his own players in in January the run we had was relatively good in comparison to the rest of the league. Looking at the games this season we were the better team against Ayr even with 10 men but no team could hold out with nine men for 40 minutes. The Dundee Utd game could have gone either way and a draw away to Alloa isn't bad in the wider scheme of things. The first half against Arbroath was woeful but we were the better side in the second half. It was the opposite against Morton. I believe the results will come but it needs everyone pulling in the same direction. My only concern is the constant rumours of un-rest with some of the players but I can only hope these are minor and once we get a couple of wins then everyone starts to believe too.
  2. I think it's because, with the exception of the Ross County game, whenever a team starts to come back against us the players sit deeper and deeper instead of taking it to them. That doesn't suit our set up, we're better on the front foot.
  3. My understanding is that Coin Weir is a Thistle supporter, not a Barnsley supporter. Why should he fund a feeder club for Barnsley? I hope the Chien Lee takeover doesn't go ahead.
  4. testing,testing, 1...8, 7, 6
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