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  1. Hearing talk of Strathaven leaving as well
  2. Any upsets or teams raising eyebrows so far?
  3. Any upsets or teams raising eyebrows so far?
  4. Lesmahagow game abandoned ?
  5. Sounds like there old team Larkhall thistle
  6. Early in the season but Lesmahagow don’t seem the be firing at the moment with their results, look like they’ve lost a few players or maybe just injuries/holidays this time of year, Watched them last season and caught a friendly at Glasgow green they looked very impressive. Boys filling in maybe not cutting it atm. For the sake of the league I hope they get back to being their best!
  7. Craig Beattie playing in 1b next season with stedfast, what’s the thoughts on that?
  8. What’s our predictions for the leagues this season then ?
  9. This seems a lot more logical. Ended up with 2 Scottish Cup finalist (although Sunday football is different) and a strong Oban team into an already good bunch just seems like it could end really good or really bad. Especially for the weaker teams in the set up
  10. Looking forward to the season starting will be some tasty fixtures!!
  11. You’d think that there would be more thought to it than just picking teams at random but it doesn’t look that way, a few teams will feel hard done by. Possible new entry’s hoping they would go up in the first season now not so plain sailing
  12. Craigshill banned from Scottish this year Why?
  13. Looks like most will be keeping an eye on 1b this season! Saints seem to be looking like favourites will be interesting to see if lesmahagow live up to the hype and castlemilks old boys can handle the intensity of Saturday football
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