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  1. was scouting about youtube for the morton highlights but don't think I should bother. Sounded a horsing.
  2. Sound. I'm pretty sure the other 299 will sell like hotcakes to the Quebecois.
  3. I was actually looking about online to see if I could get a hold of Dumbarton Jersey. I assume from these posts this season isn't released. When is it scheduled to come out? Obviously I'm not a fan but like collecting jerseys and memorabilia and don't mind supporting the cause.
  4. Was listening to Duffy on Clyde 1 and was hearing the news of the slim squad. Hope to hear of a few bodies coming in. Any idea if any of the league cup games are on the telly? BBC alba or something.
  5. Cheers mate but annoyingly the BBC has got fly to VPN. I always used to watch sportscene and MOTD but can't anymore.
  6. Never see any streams for games under Premier league in Scotland
  7. I always felt that to break old firm dominance of Scottish football it would be Hibs to do so. The only way Celtic will be challenged is due to one of the other clubs in Scotland receiving outside investment or commercial sponsorship such as a name change to Red Bull or such. Hibernian are a capital city club. Their stadium is attractive to potential investors. Edinburgh has multiple big "new money" businesses such as Skyscanner and Fan Duel. I thought a company like Fan Duel becoming involved to sponsor and invest in the team would be possible. If not, then American or Chinese interest. You could basically buy a club in the Scottish top flight for the cost of a bang average EPL player. You could probably put a squad of free transfers together on reasonable wages with a good coach that would have a run at the title in Scotland. Hope it works out for HIbbies and this isn't another dodgy dealer.
  8. Cheers mate. I'll take a look at that wee guys youtube. Never seen that. I'll have a listen to the podcast.
  9. I've spent most of my day in my office watching the Stirling Albion youtube page. I'm honestly blown away with the quality of the footage and highlight package. Really professional stuff. Tried watching Stenhousemuir's youtube a while back and it's absolutely unwatchable. Fair play to whoever is doing that youtube. great page and plenty of stuff there. I heard it was a guy from Lithgy rose that done a good job and went there? Not sure if that is true. Anyway I'm not that into FB but will take a look. I'm really into podcasts so if there was a fan podcast or that point me in the right direction. Or Fanzine for that matter.
  10. Alright troops. A few of you might of seen my posts on the other sections of Pie and Bovril. I'm basically a Scottish Ex-pat living in Montreal that hates modern fitbaw and is totally disillusioned with the money of the modern game. I loved watching Scottish football and have made the decision to follow a couple of the local teams I watched as a kid online rather than turn on the telly and watch the English league or MLS. Obviously this isn't easy in the lower divisions. Used to enjoy going to see Stirling Albion as a kid and like the fact (correct me if I'm wrong) they are fan owned. Obviously opening myself up for a right slagging here. But as Albion fans where would you point me to find some fan media and a ways to follow along with the upcoming season? I'm subscribed to the youtube page and have seen the facebook. I see the fanpage seems to be down? Any fanzines, fan media, blogs or books point me in the direction. Cheers and all the best.
  11. Jesus wept man. Absolute weapons the lot of them. Thanks for the sons archive website. Looks good. Any other fan media out there? Just so I don't look two face (or 3 faced as it would be). I'm doing the same for a club in the championship and in league two. So If you see me looking around for Stirling Albion highlights you'll know my story.
  12. Cheers guys for the responses. I'll be honest with the whole thing. I've seen Dumbarton a few times as a kid (my Dad is from Dumbarton). My first ever football match was East Stirlingshire vs Dumbarton which I can remember hee haw of. I live over in Montreal now and absolutely hate the MLS and the English league. I'm totally disillusioned with football and would rather pick a few Scottish clubs to keep an eye on through the next season and watch the highlights of and hopefully interact online with the fanbase on forums etc. I wanted to pick a team in each division and basically picked Dumbarton due to my old man and myself once having an epic Dumbarton team on Championship manager. I also love the badge and the stadium due to the rock. So I'm about a plastic as a fan as it gets. But I'd rather buy a scarf and a jersey of a team in Scotland to keep money in the Scottish game than put a penny into MLS which is what I'm stuck with here. Obviously I'm opening myself up here for a right slagging but my intentions are good enough. I've always loved the Scottish game and the pish that goes around it. Fanzines, boozers and the buses etc. If anyone had any advice on brushing up on all things Dumbarton please let us know. On the look out for fanzines, forums, podcasts (dunno if there is one) or any other fan related stuff regards the club.
  13. Quick Question regards SonsTV. How soon after games do they get the highlights up? Also, do they always give the result away in the blurb beside the video? I might try and follow Dumbarton remotely this year. Trying to pic a team in each league to follow.
  14. Arbroath's match highlights at 36 Nil TV on youtube are normally about 14/15 minutes a game That's pretty good. LInlithgow Rose in the Juniors usually have a good enough length too. I'll take at look at that Abroath youtube.
  15. Cheers mate. Aye I've seen some of the goals. But to get a good vibe of the league and that i need to find extended highlights. Weird thing is I'll probably end up subscribing to a teams paid content for a team I don't actually support! Suppose it will give me a horse in the race tho.
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